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Dictionary of
Scottish Architects

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The Project

Sources Consulted

The large quantity of material collected by Professor David M Walker since the 1950s formed the starting point for the creation of the Dictionary of Scottish Architects. This is stored in the DMW Archive.

Bibliographic, periodical and archive references for each architect or practice and each building or design are listed under the relevant entries in the database. Some sources have been only partially consulted, but those listed below have been searched comprehensively (using indexes rather than page-by-page, unless stated otherwise), and all information relating to named architects in the period 1840-1940 has been entered into the database.

Books and Electronic Publications

Buildings of Scotland Series (London: Penguin Books until 2001; New Haven & London; Yale University Press thereafter):

  • Walker, Frank Arneil: Argyll and Bute (2000)
  • Cruft, Kitty, Dunbar, John and Fawcett, Richard: Borders (2006)
  • Gifford, John: Dumfries and Galloway (1996)
  • Gifford, John, McWilliam, Colin and Walker, David M: Edinburgh (1984)
  • Gifford, John: Fife (1988)
  • Williamson, Elizabeth, Riches, Anne and Higgs, Malcolm: Glasgow (1990)
  • Gifford, John: Highland and Islands (1992)
  • McWilliam, Colin: Lothian (1978)
  • Gifford, John and Walker, Frank Arneil: Stirling and Central Scotland (2002)

RIAS Illustrated Architectural Guides (Edinburgh: RIAS/Rutland Press/Landmark):

  • Close, Rob: Ayrshire & Arran (1992)
  • McKean, Charles: Banff & Buchan (1990)
  • Strang, Charles Alexander: Borders and Berwick (1994) (information for those areas which have always lain outside Scotland has been omitted),
  • Geddes, Jane: Deeside and the Mearns (2001)
  • Shepherd, Ian: Gordon (1984)
  • Peden, Allan: The Monklands (1992)
  • McKean, Charles: The District of Moray (1987)
  • Haynes, Nick: Perth & Kinross (2000)
  • Beaton, Elizabeth: Ross and Cromarty (1992)

Architect's, Engineer's and Building Trades' Directory (1868)

Arthur, Eric (revised Stephen A Otto): Toronto: No Mean City (Toronto, Buffalo & London: University of Toronto Press, enlarged edition, 2003)

Baile de Laperriere, Charles (ed): The Royal Scottish Academy Exhibitors 1826-1990: A Dictionary of Artists and their Work in the Annual Exhibitions of the Royal Scottish Academy (Calne, Wiltshire: Hilmarton Manor Press, 4 vols, 1991)

Billcliffe, Roger (ed): The Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts 1861-1989: A Dictionary of Exhibitors at the Annual Exhibitions of the Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts (Glasgow: The Woodend Press, 4 vols, 1990)

Calder, Alan: James MacLaren: Arts and Crafts Pioneer (Donington: Shaun Tyas, 2003)

Crawford, Alan: Charles Rennie Mackintosh (London: Thames and Hudson, 1995)

Davis, Michael C: The Castles and Mansions of Ayrshire (Ardrishaig, Argyll: privately published, 1991)

Edwards, Brian: Basil Spence, 1907-1976 (Edinburgh: Rutland Press, 1995)

The Fettes College Register: Centenary Edition, 1870 to 1970

Fiddes, Valerie, and Rowan, Alistair: David Bryce 1803-76 (Edinburgh: University of Edinburgh, 1976)

Hume, John R: Industrial Archaeology of Glasgow (Glasgow & London: Blackie, 1974)

Johnston, W T: Artists of Scotland: Architects (Officina Publications CD ROM, 2003)

Leith, Connie: Alexander Ellis: A Fine Victorian Architect (Aberdeen: privately published, 1999)

Luxton, Donald (ed): Building the West: the early architects of British Columbia (Vancouver: Talon Books, 2003) (information extracted only for architects with Scottish links; job lists not included in DSA)

McKinstry, Sam: Rowand Anderson, the Premier Architect of Scotland (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 1991)

Nuttgens, Patrick: Reginald Fairlie 1883-1952: A Scottish Architect (Edinburgh & London: Oliver & Boyd, 1959)

O'Donnell, Raymond: The life and work of James Salmon architect, 1873-1924 (Edinburgh: Rutland Press, 2003)

Peter, Bruce: 100 Years of Glasgow's Amazing Cinemas (Edinburgh: Polygon, 1996)

Peter, Bruce: Clyde Coast Picture Palaces (Ochiltree: Stenlake Publishing, 2000)

RCAHMS: Tolbooths and Town-Houses: Civic Architecture in Scotland to 1833 (London: The Stationery Office, 1996)

Richardson, Harriet: Scottish Hospitals Survey (unpublished, n.d. - copy in DMW Archive)

Rogerson, RWKC: Jack Coia: His Life and Work (Glasgow: privately published, 1986)

Savage, Peter: Lorimer and the Edinburgh Craft Designers (Edinburgh: Paul Harris Publishing, 1980; paperback edition, London & Edinburgh: Steve Savage, 2005)

Simpson, W Douglas: A Tribute Officered by the University of Aberdeen to the Memory of William Kelly LLD ARSA (Aberdeen: Aberdeen University Press, 1949)

Sloan, Audrey and Murray, Gordon: James Miller, 1860-1947 (Edinburgh: RIAS, 1993)

Stark, David: Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Co., 1854 to 2004 (Glasgow: Stenlake Publishing Ltd, 2004)

Watson, Donald and McKay, Judith: Queensland Architects of the 19th Century (Brisbane: Queensland Museum, 1994) (information extracted only for architects with Scottish links; job lists not included in DSA)

Watson, Mark: Jute and Flax Mills in Dundee (Tayport: Hutton Press, 1990)

Withey, Henry F and Withey, Elsie Rathburn: Biographical Dictionary of American Architects (Deceased) (Los Angeles: Hennessey & Ingalls, Inc, facsimile edition, 1970 (originally published in 1956)) (information extracted only for architects with Scottish links; job lists not included in DSA)

Wolffe, Antony C: James Barbour architect, civil engineer and archaeologist (Transactions of the Dumfriesshire and Galloway Natural History and Antiquarian Society, Vol LXX1, 1996)


Academy Architecture
Alexander Thomson Society Newsletter
The Bailie
Charles Rennie Mackintosh Society Newsletter
Dundee Year Books
In Memoriam (Aberdeen)
RIAS Quarterly (obituaries only)
RIBA Journal Vols 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 54, 55 and 56 have been checked comprehensively and selectively for obituaries in other volumes


Bank of Scotland Archives
Historic Scotland Lists
Oban Dean of Guild Records prior to 1939
Paisley Dean of Guild Records prior to 1918
Helensburgh Dean of Guild Records from 1875-1940 (using William McDonald’s handlist from the Argyll & Bute Council Library & Information Service and Argyll & Bute Archives)
RIBA Nomination Papers:
- Associates' and Fellows' papers prior to 1900 (searched by index)
- Fellows' papers (searched paper-by-paper)
- Licentiates' papers (searched paper-by-paper)
Royal Bank of Scotland Group Archives
RCAHMS Scottish Architects' Papers Preservation Project archives and Dick Peddie and McKay Collection

(Last updated 17th August 2008)