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Dictionary of
Scottish Architects

Portrait of J Honeyman Portrait of D MacGibbon Portrait of Sir R R Anderson 

Welcome to our new publications section

Coming Soon

While much has been written about Scotlandís most famous architects less is known about the many hundreds of architects who also made an enormous contribution to our built heritage up and down the country.

Join us as we explore the lives and works of our local architects in a new series of online booklets. Drawing on the architectural biographies on this website, these publications contain new research and never-before-published archive material, such as photographs, plans and drawings.

We delve into the influences and styles which shaped the work of these lesser-known architects and discover surviving hidden gems. These architects have much to tell us about Scotlandís history and culture.

Check back for the first booklet in the series about the Elgin architect John Wittet which will be launched later this year.

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