Basic Biographical Details

Name: Sir Basil Spence, Glover & Ferguson
Born: 1964
Died: 1992
Bio Notes: Sir Basil Spence, Glover & Ferguson was the name of Basil Spence's Edinburgh practice from early 1964. Until just prior to that time, Spence's Edinburgh and London offices had worked under the same title of Basil Spence & Partners. Between 1961 and 1964 Spence restructured his practice into three separate partnerships: in London, Sir Basil Spence, Bonnington & Collins, and Sir Basil Spence OM RA; and in Edinburgh, the practice continued as Basil Spence & Partners until 1964 when it was renamed Sir Basil Spence, Glover & Ferguson (see separate entries for earlier and London practice histories). Throughout its existence, it was based in offices at 40 Moray Place, which the firm had held since 1946.

John Hardie Glover and Peter Scott Ferguson had both been taken into partnership by Spence in 1956, although not fully recognised in the practice title until now. An associate, James ('Jimmy') Beveridge, was taken into partnership in May 1968. It was also in 1968 that the practice suffered a great loss when Ferguson was taken seriously ill, dying on 1 February 1969.

Major work carried out by the practice under Spence's directorship included projects as diverse as the Hutchesontown C redevelopment in the Gorbals (1965) and Abbotsinch Airport (1966) in Glasgow, Hyde Park Cavalry Barracks in London (1970), and the Chancery of the British Embassy in Rome (1971). By the early 1970s Spence was withdrawing from everyday involvement with the three architectural practices of which he was the head. He retired in 1972, although he continued to act as a consultant to the firm. In his last years he retreated to his holiday villas on Malta and Majorca, stung by a reaction against his work which was in sharp contrast to his previous popularity, but he nevertheless remained a prolific designer with a number of foreign commissions. He died at Yaxley Hall, near Eye, Suffolk, on 19 November 1976.

Spence's retirement in 1972 left Glover as Senior Partner. Andrew Merrylees was taken into partnership in the same year, and John M Legge in 1973.

Glover retired from practice in 1980, but remained as a consultant to the firm. He died at home on 6 April 1994.

Glover's retirement left Jimmy Beveridge as senior partner, a position he still held in 1992 when he closed the office. Merrylees had left the firm in 1985 to set up his own practice, and Legge went on to practise on his own account on closure of the Spence firm.

(See separate entries for full biographies of partners and for earlier practice history.)

Private and Business Addresses

The following private or business addresses are associated with this :
 AddressTypeDate fromDate toNotes
Item 1 of 140, Moray Place, Edinburgh, ScotlandBusiness19641992 

Employment and Training

Employees or Pupils

The following individuals were employed or trained by this (click on an item to view details):
 NameDate fromDate toPositionNotes
Item 1 of 80Tony (Antony) Finlay   Role and dates unknown; probably mid-1960s?
Item 2 of 80Philip Samuel Black  AssistantDates not yet known. This information needs to be checked.
Item 3 of 80Norman Cuay  Architect 
Item 4 of 80David Cram  Architect 
Item 5 of 80Russ Durrell  Architect 
Item 6 of 80Helen Gilchrist  Architect 
Item 7 of 80Helen Giblin  Architect 
Item 8 of 80Robert Haldane  Architect 
Item 9 of 80Stewart Hutchison  Architect 
Item 10 of 80Jeanette Paul (Philips)  ArchitectDate as yet uncertain
Item 11 of 80Douglas Reid  ArchitectDate not yet known.
Item 12 of 80Graeme Reid  Architect 
Item 13 of 80Nigel Somner  Architect 
Item 14 of 80John Stephen  Architect 
Item 15 of 80Robin Watson  Architect 
Item 16 of 80William ('Bill') Pirrie or Pirnie  Assistant 
Item 17 of 80Colin David Milne1960s * Associate 
Item 18 of 80C M Parks1960s *  Working on Newcastle City Library
Item 19 of 80A Pilcher1960s ArchitectPrecise dates not known
Item 20 of 80William ('Bill') Whyte1960s  Role and precise dates unknown
Item 21 of 80H Atkins1960s Assistant 
Item 22 of 80Geoffrey Charles Bettison1960s Architect 
Item 23 of 80Anthony (Tony) Pritchard1960s(?) Architect 
Item 24 of 80Norman Grant Raitt1960s(?) Architect 
Item 25 of 80Thomas Andrew Moran1960s1970sAssociateRole and precise dates unclear; in charge of temporary Dublin office in the 1960s/70s plus at Newcastle, and he was an Associate by 1976, if not before
Item 26 of 80Alexander John Dawson1960s *After 1970 Role and precise dates unclear
Item 27 of 80Peter Smith1964 * Apprentice 
Item 28 of 80William Norman Hunter19641964Architect 
Item 29 of 80Anne Parker (Mrs Finlay)19641966Assistant(?) 
Item 30 of 80Peter Scott Ferguson19641968Partner 
Item 31 of 80James Beveridge19641968Associate 
Item 32 of 80Coila Christine Clyne (Miss) 1964After 1968Architect 
Item 33 of 80Thomas Maxwell Gray1964c. 1968Architect 
Item 34 of 80James Ian Haig Marshall1964c. 1970Associate 
Item 35 of 80(Sir) Basil Urwin Spence19641972PartnerRetired in 1972, but continued to act as a consultant to the firm until his death in 1976.
Item 36 of 80John Hardie Glover19641972Partner 
Item 37 of 80Andrzej Bitsztyga1964After 1972 Role unclear
Item 38 of 80Humphrey 'Humph' Sharpe1964Mid 1970sSenior Assistant 
Item 39 of 80Richard Ross Forbes Cassidy19641980Associate 
Item 40 of 80John 'Archie' Dewar19641983  
Item 41 of 80Angus ('Gus') Allen James StarlingAugust 1964August 1970Assistant 
Item 42 of 80Victor Robert Savi1964 or 1965 or 19661966 or 1967 or 1968 for two to three years; role uncertain
Item 43 of 80Douglas Hutton1967 *1976AssistantRole and precise dates unclear
Item 44 of 80Keith Charles Day19671983 Role unknown
Item 45 of 80Andrew Merrylees19681972Associate 
Item 46 of 80James Beveridge19681992PartnerBeveridge was the senior partner when the office was closed in 1992.
Item 47 of 80John Marnoch LeggeJanuary 19691973Associate 
Item 48 of 80Alexander HewardEarly 1960s Architect 
Item 49 of 80Alexander HewardMid 1960s(?) Principal Architect 
Item 50 of 80William ('Bill') Moncrief1970s  Role and precise dates unknown
Item 51 of 80David John Beaver1970s(?) Architect 
Item 52 of 80D___ Edwards1970s Architect 
Item 53 of 80Norman Wagstaff Gray1970s(?) Architect 
Item 54 of 80Martin Ivor Glynn1970s(?) Architect 
Item 55 of 80Ronald W Kidd1970s(?) Architect 
Item 56 of 80Alan Joseph Jeffrey1970s Assistant 
Item 57 of 80Alistair F McLaren19701973Assistant 
Item 58 of 80Alastair Cunningham19701975Draughtsman 
Item 59 of 80Ian B Herdc. 1970 Assistant(?) 
Item 60 of 80Norman Gibb Arthur19711981Architect 
Item 61 of 80Marion Coats Donald (née McClure)19721973Architect(?) 
Item 62 of 80John Hardie Glover19721980Senior PartnerGlover retired in 1980, but remained as consultant to the firm thereafter.
Item 63 of 80Andrew Merrylees19721985Partner 
Item 64 of 80Andrew P K Wright19731978 Role unknown
Item 65 of 80Derek Patience19731983Assistant 
Item 66 of 80John Marnoch Legge19731992Partner 
Item 67 of 80David Harper19771978Architect 
Item 68 of 80John Andrew Lester19771979Architect 
Item 69 of 80Malcolm Alexander Hay1978(?) *1979AssistantRole and precise dates not certain - though 1978-79 is recorded in the Basil's Bairns exhibition.
Item 70 of 80Michael J Towers19791983Assistant 
Item 71 of 80Jamie MacFarlane19791985Assistant 
Item 72 of 80Kenneth LawsonBefore 1979After 1984Architect 
Item 73 of 80Alastair Shepherd MathisonEarly 1970s Architect 
Item 74 of 80Douglas Turnbull ReadEarly 1970s(?) Architect 
Item 75 of 80Guy Maxwell19801982Architect 
Item 76 of 80Bengt Ericsson19811987ArchitectProject Architect
Item 77 of 80Stephen Cox MurrayBefore 1984 Architect 
Item 78 of 80Bengt Ericsson19871992AssociateAssociate Partner
Item 79 of 80William ('Bill') DicksonBefore 198(?)1980s Role unknown.
Item 80 of 80Paul GriersonEarly 1980s1985 Role unclear

* earliest date known from documented sources.

Buildings and Designs

This was involved with the following buildings or structures from the date specified (click on an item to view details):
 Date startedBuilding nameTown, district or villageIslandCity or countyCountryNotes
Item 1 of 471960sDurham University, St Aidan's CollegeDurham Co. DurhamEngland 
Item 2 of 471960sEdinburgh University Library  EdinburghScotland 
Item 3 of 471960sGlasgow Royal Infirmary  GlasgowScotlandRedevelopment
Item 4 of 471960sICI Silicones FactoryArdeer AyrshireScotland 
Item 5 of 471960sKing's College, University of Durham, Physics Department  Newcastle-upon-TyneEngland 
Item 6 of 471960sNewcastle Central Library and Laing Art Gallery  Newcastle-upon-TyneEnglandin association with city architect George Kenyon
Item 7 of 471960sProcter & Gamble computer building     
Item 8 of 471960sSecondary SchoolDinnington SheffieldEngland 
Item 9 of 471960sUniversity College Dublin library  DublinEire 
Item 10 of 47196465-71 and 97-103 Canongate and 1-3 Brown's Close  EdinburghScotlandBegun in 1961 under practice title of Basil Spence & Partners; completed under this practice title.
Item 11 of 471964Crookfur Old People's Homes, Crookfur RoadNewton Mearns RenfrewshireScotland 
Item 12 of 471964Glasgow (Abbotsinch) Airportnr Paisley RenfrewshireScotland£2m terminal building (begun in 1961 under practice title of Basil Spence & Partners)
Item 13 of 471964Hutchesontown / Gorbals Area C Housing RedevelopmentHutchesontown/Gorbals GlasgowScotlandlatter stages of project (begun under Basil Spence & Partners)
Item 14 of 471964Mortonhall Crematorium  EdinburghScotland 
Item 15 of 471964University of Glasgow, Department of Genetics  GlasgowScotlandBegun under practice name of Basil Spence & Partners, continued under this title.
Item 16 of 47c. 1964Glasgow University, Institute of Virology Department building  GlasgowScotlandCompletion when practice operated under this name.
Item 17 of 471966Glasgow University, Natural Philosophy Buildings  GlasgowScotlandFurther additions
Item 18 of 471966University of Edinburgh, James Clerk Maxwell BuildingThe King's Buildings EdinburghScotland 
Item 19 of 471966University of Edinburgh, Regional Computing Centre and Lecture Theatre Wing  EdinburghScotland 
Item 20 of 471966Western General Hospital, laundry and boiler house  EdinburghScotland 
Item 21 of 471968Bar and Buffet Extension at Glasgow (Abbotsinch) AirportAbbotsinch GlasgowScotland 
Item 22 of 471970sAston University Library  BirminghamEngland 
Item 23 of 471970sEdinburgh Centre for Rural Economy, Bush Estate  EdinburghScotland 
Item 24 of 471970sHarry Younger Hall  EdinburghScotland 
Item 25 of 471970sMiners Welfare ClubBlantyre LanarkshireScotland 
Item 26 of 471970sUniversity College Dublin library  DublinEireAlterations
Item 27 of 471970sWestern General Hospital, Sisters' Quarters  EdinburghScotlandAlterations?
Item 28 of 47c. 1970Burrell Collection  GlasgowScotlandCompetition design
Item 29 of 471971University of Strathclyde, Queen Elizabeth Building  GlasgowScotland 
Item 30 of 471972Heriot-Watt University, libraryRiccarton MidlothianScotland 
Item 31 of 471972Scottish Widows Fund and Life Assurance Head Office  EdinburghScotland 
Item 32 of 471974Automobile Association HeadquartersErskine RenfrewshireScotland 
Item 33 of 47Before 1975Sydney Jones Library, University of Liverpool  LiverpoolEngland 
Item 34 of 471976National Bank of Scotland, Edinburgh West End  EdinburghScotlandNew bank encapsulating old building.
Item 35 of 47c. 1978University of Edinburgh, James Clerk Maxwell BuildingThe King's Buildings EdinburghScotlandExtension
Item 36 of 47After 1979BBC StudiosCalton Hill EdinburghScotland 
Item 37 of 47After 1979Medical Library     
Item 38 of 47Early 1970sHadrian's Wall Gallery  Newcastle-upon-TyneEngland 
Item 39 of 471980Kirkcaldy Burgh Infectious Diseases HospitalKirkcaldy FifeScotlandNew block to north of Hayfield Road
Item 40 of 471980Post office letter sorting office  EdinburghScotland 
Item 41 of 47Before 1981Aston University, management centre  BirminghamEngland 
Item 42 of 47Before 1981Project for oil refineryInvergordon Ross & CromartyScotland 
Item 43 of 47Before 1981University of Newcastle, Departments of Mining and Geology  Newcastle-upon-TyneEngland 
Item 44 of 471984National Library of Scotland, Causewayside Building  EdinburghScotlandBegun
Item 45 of 471984St James Centre and Government Offices  EdinburghScotlandProposal to extend the building
Item 46 of 471985Eastern District College of Nursing  GlasgowScotland 
Item 47 of 47Late 1980sGlasgow (Abbotsinch) Airportnr Paisley RenfrewshireScotlandDesign of airport extension and refurbishment, with John Mamoch Legge as architect [The Scotsman, 15 June 1992].


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Periodical References

The following periodicals contain references to this :
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Archive References

The following archives hold material relating to this :
 SourceArchive NameSource Catalogue No.Notes
Item 1 of 1Sent to DSA by emailInformation from AHRC/RCAHMS Spence project per David W Walker and Clive Fenton Clive Fenton's research notes (sent July 2010)