Basic Biographical Details

Name: Andrew Scobie
Born: 1847 or 1848
Died: 5 February 1924
Bio Notes: Andrew Scobie was born in 1847 or 1848 and apprenticed to Robert Hay of Dunfermline. In 1863 he received honourable mention in the Geometrical Drawings competition run by the Architectural Institute of Scotland. Thereafter he worked in an unidentified office in Glasgow for experience. He returned to Dunfermline when Hay died in 1870 and took over his practice. He was Provost of Dunfermline 1897-1903.

Scobie's son James T Scobie later became a partner. The elder Scobie died on 5 February 1924 and was buried in Dunfermline Cemetery.

Private and Business Addresses

The following private or business addresses are associated with this :
 AddressTypeDate fromDate toNotes
Item 1 of 2Canmore Street, Dunfermline, Fife, ScotlandBusiness   
Item 2 of 25, Douglas Street, Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland 1909After 1911 

Employment and Training


The following individuals or organisations employed or trained this (click on an item to view details):
 NameDate fromDate toPositionNotes
Item 1 of 2Robert HayBefore 1863(?)1867Apprentice 
Item 2 of 2Scobie & SonBefore 1906 Partner 

Employees or Pupils

The following individuals were employed or trained by this (click on an item to view details):
 NameDate fromDate toPositionNotes
Item 1 of 6Robert Lockhart McCowat1880Before 1881Assistant 
Item 2 of 6James Thomas Alexander Taylor18881894Apprentice 
Item 3 of 6George Alexander KerrMarch 1889August 1889Assistant 
Item 4 of 6James Stedmanc. 1891c. 1895Apprentice 
Item 5 of 6James Morris25 September 1895October 1899Apprentice 
Item 6 of 6James Stedmanc. 1895c. 1899Assistant 

Buildings and Designs

This was involved with the following buildings or structures from the date specified (click on an item to view details):
 Date startedBuilding nameTown, district or villageIslandCity or countyCountryNotes
Item 1 of 1481866Drill Hall, Bruce StreetDunfermline FifeScotland 
Item 2 of 1481873Keavil HouseDunfermline FifeScotlandAlterations
Item 3 of 1481873Lethans Colliery, workmen's housesLethans FifeScotland 
Item 4 of 1481874Ballingry SchoolBallingry FifeScotland 
Item 5 of 1481874Inverkeithing SchoolInverkeithing FifeScotlandPlain Tudor building to north - Junior Primary school
Item 6 of 1481874Lassodie SchoolLassodie FifeScotland 
Item 7 of 1481874Milesmark School, RumblingwellDunfermline FifeScotland 
Item 8 of 1481874Pittencrieff School and schoolmaster's houseDunfermline FifeScotland 
Item 9 of 1481874Public School, Broad StreetCowdenbeath FifeScotland 
Item 10 of 1481874Townhill Mission HallDunfermline FifeScotland 
Item 11 of 1481875Carnegie BathsDunfermline FifeScotland 
Item 12 of 1481875Comely Park and Park Avenue, street layout and villasDunfermline FifeScotland 
Item 13 of 1481875Dalgety Parish SchoolDalgety FifeScotlandAdditions
Item 14 of 1481875Mossgreen School and schoolmaster's houseFordell FifeScotland 
Item 15 of 1481875Pitfirrane Castle  FifeScotlandAddition of bay window
Item 16 of 1481875SchoolCrossford FifeScotlandClassroom and additional school buildings
Item 17 of 1481876Branch Store premises of Dunfermline Co-operative Society, TownhillDunfermline FifeScotland 
Item 18 of 1481876Gillespie UP Church ManseDunfermline FifeScotland 
Item 19 of 1481876Lassodie Free Church ManseLassodie FifeScotland 
Item 20 of 1481876Property for Robert Taylor, with saloon and workshops at rearDunfermline FifeScotland 
Item 21 of 1481877Appin Crescent, feu planDunfermline FifeScotlandFeuing plan - lots advertised for sale
Item 22 of 1481877Commercial SchoolDunfermline FifeScotland 
Item 23 of 1481877Feuing of lands of South Bellyeoman, skirting public road to TownhillDunfermline FifeScotlandFeuing plan
Item 24 of 1481877Feuing plan of lands at Milton Green, Lady's Mill TollDunfermline FifeScotland 
Item 25 of 1481877Public School, Broad StreetCowdenbeath FifeScotlandAddition
Item 26 of 1481877Villa, North QueensferryNorth Queensferry FifeScotland 
Item 27 of 1481878North Queensferry Free ChurchNorth Queensferry FifeScotland 
Item 28 of 1481878Tenement, stables and offices for the Dunfermline Co-operative SocietyDunfermline FifeScotlandStables, cart sheds etc
Item 29 of 1481879Shops, lofts, cellarage and addition to bakehouse for Dunfermline Co-operative SocietyDunfermline FifeScotland 
Item 30 of 1481879Tenement, stables and offices for the Dunfermline Co-operative SocietyDunfermline FifeScotlandTenement
Item 31 of 1481880Lochgelly Free ChurchLochgelly FifeScotlandExtension to session hall
Item 32 of 148c. 1880Glasgow Municipal Buildings  GlasgowScotlandCompetition design entered under the pseudonym Nitos
Item 33 of 1481881Torryburn ManseTorryburn FifeScotlandRepairs and alterations
Item 34 of 1481881Torryburn Parish ChurchTorryburn FifeScotlandAdditions and alterations
Item 35 of 1481882Castlandhill, steading and dwelling houseNorth Queensferry FifeScotland 
Item 36 of 1481883Engine House and work and store rooms for the Dunfermline Co-operative SocietyDunfermline FifeScotland 
Item 37 of 1481883Inverkeithing Parish ChurchInverkeithing FifeScotlandAdded gabled dormers with clock faces to spire
Item 38 of 1481884Balram, farm buildingsAberdour FifeScotlandAdditions and alterations
Item 39 of 1481884Dalachy, farm buildingsAberdour FifeScotlandAdditions and alterations
Item 40 of 1481884Feuing of Transy PlaceDunfermline FifeScotlandFeus offered for sale
Item 41 of 1481884Stenhouse, farmhouseAberdour FifeScotland 
Item 42 of 1481885Baking and other business premises for the Dunfermline Co-operative SocietyDunfermline FifeScotland 
Item 43 of 1481885Business premises for James Arnot, merchantInverkeithing FifeScotland 
Item 44 of 1481885Double tenement for Mr Thomson, Post OfficeCowdenbeath FifeScotland 
Item 45 of 1481886Ferrybarns, steadingNorth Queensferry FifeScotland 
Item 46 of 1481886Four blocks of workmen's housesLassodie FifeScotland 
Item 47 of 1481887Dunfermline Co-operative Society branch premisesCrossgates FifeScotlandAlterations and improvements
Item 48 of 1481887Saloons, workshops and butcher's shopDunfermline FifeScotlandConversion of old bakehouse and flour loft premises
Item 49 of 1481887Slaughterhouse and stable offices for Kelty Co-operative SocietyKelty FifeScotland 
Item 50 of 1481888Commercial building with shopfronts, Douglas StreetDunfermline FifeScotlandAlterations
Item 51 of 1481888Foundry for Robert ChalmersCrossgates FifeScotland 
Item 52 of 1481888Mossgreen ManseDalgety FifeScotlandAdditions and alterations
Item 53 of 1481888TenementCowdenbeath FifeScotland 
Item 54 of 1481888Tenement, stables and offices for the Dunfermline Co-operative SocietyDunfermline FifeScotlandStable offices
Item 55 of 1481889Dressmaking, millinery and tailoring departments of the Dunfermline Co-operative SocietyDunfermline FifeScotlandAlterations
Item 56 of 1481889Established ManseInverkeithing FifeScotlandPrepared plans for new manse
Item 57 of 1481890sHotelInverkeithing FifeScotland 
Item 58 of 1481890sSchoolInverkeithing FifeScotland 
Item 59 of 1481890sSchoolNorth Queensferry FifeScotland 
Item 60 of 1481890Tenement of shops and dwelling houseLochgelly FifeScotland 
Item 61 of 1481890Three tenements of dwelling houses and shopsBuckhaven FifeScotland 
Item 62 of 1481891Charlestown School, teacher's houseCharlestown FifeScotland 
Item 63 of 1481891Cowdenbeath Co-operative Society premises, High StreetCowdenbeath FifeScotlandNew premises
Item 64 of 1481891Cowdenbeath Free ChurchCowdenbeath FifeScotland 
Item 65 of 1481891Drill HallLochgelly FifeScotland 
Item 66 of 1481891Formation of Woodhead Street- Maitland StreetDunfermline FifeScotland 
Item 67 of 1481891Tenement for A ThomsonCowdenbeath FifeScotland 
Item 68 of 1481892Branch premises of the Dunfermline Co-operative Society, RumblingwellDunfermline FifeScotland 
Item 69 of 1481892Crossgates Public SchoolCrossgates FifeScotlandCloset, offices and playground walls etc
Item 70 of 1481892Five blocks of dwelling houses and six blocks of dwelling housesLassodie FifeScotland 
Item 71 of 1481892Royal Bank of Scotland and manager's houseBuckhaven FifeScotland 
Item 72 of 1481893Baking and other business premises for the Dunfermline Co-operative SocietyDunfermline FifeScotlandDouble oven added to bakery
Item 73 of 1481893Carnock SchoolCarnock FifeScotland 
Item 74 of 1481893Established ManseInverkeithing FifeScotlandAlterations and additions to Marchmont to be executed
Item 75 of 1481893Formation of Church StreetCowdenbeath FifeScotland 
Item 76 of 1481893Formation of Park Avenue and Park StreetCowdenbeath FifeScotland 
Item 77 of 1481895Inverkeithing SchoolInverkeithing FifeScotlandAlterations and additions
Item 78 of 1481896Branch business premises for the Dunfermline Co-operative SocietyInverkeithing FifeScotland 
Item 79 of 1481896Business premises and dwelling houses for Townhill Industrial Co-operative SocietyDunfermline FifeScotland 
Item 80 of 1481896Dwelling houses and business premises for the Dunfermline Co-operative SocietyDunfermline FifeScotland 
Item 81 of 1481896McLean School, BaldbridgeburnDunfermline FifeScotland 
Item 82 of 1481897Sands Mansion HouseKincardine FifeScotlandExtensive additions and alterations
Item 83 of 1481898Branch premises and dwelling houses for the Dunfermline Co-operative SocietyDunfermline FifeScotland 
Item 84 of 1481898Carnock Free ChurchCarnock FifeScotland 
Item 85 of 1481898Lassodie SchoolLassodie FifeScotlandAdditions
Item 86 of 1481898Public SlaughterhouseCowdenbeath FifeScotland 
Item 87 of 1481898West Baptist ChurchDunfermline FifeScotland 
Item 88 of 1481899Townhill Bowling ClubDunfermline FifeScotland 
Item 89 of 1481900Cairneyhill SchoolCarnock FifeScotlandAdditions and alterations
Item 90 of 1481900Dick's Co-operative Institution, High StreetCowdenbeath FifeScotland 
Item 91 of 1481900Dwelling houses and business premises, BaldridgeburnDunfermline FifeScotland 
Item 92 of 1481900Four dwelling houses, KingseathillDunfermline FifeScotland 
Item 93 of 1481901Broomhall Estate, dwelling houseDunfermline FifeScotland 
Item 94 of 1481901Business premises for the Dunfermline Co-operative SocietyDunfermline FifeScotland 
Item 95 of 1481901Commercial premises with shops, 66 High StreetDunfermline FifeScotland 
Item 96 of 1481901Dunfermline Co-operative Society branch premisesCrossgates FifeScotland 
Item 97 of 1481901Dunfermline Co-operative Society premisesDunfermline FifeScotland 
Item 98 of 1481901Dwelling houses for the Dunfermline Co-operative SocietyDunfermline FifeScotland 
Item 99 of 1481901Furniture warehouse for Dunfermline Co-operative SocietyDunfermline FifeScotland 
Item 100 of 1481901Kelty Bowling Green, pavilionKelty FifeScotland 
Item 101 of 1481901Licensed propertyCowdenbeath FifeScotlandAdditions and reconstructions
Item 102 of 1481901Two dwelling houses, KingseathillDunfermline FifeScotland 
Item 103 of 1483 September 1901Dunfermline AbbeyDunfermline FifeScotlandHeritors approve report by Scobie on state of roof of north aisle
Item 104 of 1481902Donibristle SchoolDalgety FifeScotlandAlterations and additions
Item 105 of 1481902Hall for Thomas LawCowdenbeath FifeScotland 
Item 106 of 1481902Premises for R NicolDunfermline FifeScotland 
Item 107 of 1481902Tenement for William Penman, TownhillDunfermline FifeScotland 
Item 108 of 1481902Tenement, Lower OakfieldKelty FifeScotland 
Item 109 of 1481903Additional business premises for the Kelty Public House SocietyKelty FifeScotland 
Item 110 of 1481903Formation of Cameron StreetDunfermline FifeScotland 
Item 111 of 1481903Lassodie SchoolLassodie FifeScotlandManual training room
Item 112 of 1481903Torryburn Parish ChurchTorryburn FifeScotlandRepairs and alterations
Item 113 of 1481904Business premises and dwelling house for Bowhill Public House SocietyBowhill, Auchterderran FifeScotland 
Item 114 of 1481904Business premises for the Dunfermline Co-operative SocietyComrie FifeScotland 
Item 115 of 1481904Dunfermline Co-operative Society tenement and shopDunfermline FifeScotland 
Item 116 of 1481904ShopsLimekilns FifeScotland 
Item 117 of 1481905Butcher's shop for the Dunfermline Co-operative SocietyDunfermline FifeScotland 
Item 118 of 1481906Bakery for the Lochgelly Co-operative SocietyLochgelly FifeScotland 
Item 119 of 1481906Branch premises for the Lochgelly Co-operative SocietyLochore FifeScotland 
Item 120 of 1481906Queen's Arms HotelLochgelly FifeScotlandAdditions and alterations
Item 121 of 1481907Business premises for John McIntyre, auctioneerDunfermline FifeScotland 
Item 122 of 1481907Culross Town HallCulross FifeScotlandImprovement
Item 123 of 1481907Kelty Public House Society's No 1 premises, OakfieldKelty FifeScotlandExtension
Item 124 of 1481907Skating pondKelty FifeScotland 
Item 125 of 1481908Ballingry SchoolBallingry FifeScotland 
Item 126 of 1481908Business premises and dwelling house premisesNewmills FifeScotland 
Item 127 of 1481908Equitable Co-operative Society premisesLochgelly FifeScotland 
Item 128 of 1481908Gothenburg premisesLochore FifeScotland 
Item 129 of 1481908LaundryLochgelly FifeScotland 
Item 130 of 1481908Lochore SchoolBallingry FifeScotland 
Item 131 of 1481908Property for Robert Philip, ironmongerLochgelly FifeScotlandAlterations and additions
Item 132 of 1481908Semi-detached cottages for William ReekieLochgelly FifeScotland 
Item 133 of 1481909Board SchoolLochgelly FifeScotland 
Item 134 of 1481909Gothenburg Hall, OakfieldKelty FifeScotland 
Item 135 of 1481909South SchoolLochgelly FifeScotland 
Item 136 of 1481909Tenement for James Lomond, Milton GreenDunfermline FifeScotland 
Item 137 of 1481909Villa on Glebe landsAuchterderran FifeScotland 
Item 138 of 1481910Branch premises for the Dunfermline Co-operative SocietyLow Torry FifeScotland 
Item 139 of 1481910Crosshill Primary SchoolBallingry FifeScotlandExtension
Item 140 of 1481911Lochore SchoolBallingry FifeScotlandJanitor's house
Item 141 of 1481912Bank of ScotlandDunfermline FifeScotland 
Item 142 of 1481912Primary SchoolNorth Queensferry FifeScotland 
Item 143 of 1481913Commercial building with shopfronts, Douglas StreetDunfermline FifeScotlandAlterations
Item 144 of 1481913McLean School, BaldbridgeburnDunfermline FifeScotlandExtension to north - infant department
Item 145 of 1481913Small dwelling house for the Dunfermline Co-operative SocietyDunfermline FifeScotland 
Item 146 of 1481914Branch premises for the Dunfermline Co-operative SocietyLow Torry FifeScotlandButcher's shop and dwelling house; stable and van shed
Item 147 of 1481914Butcher's Shop premises of the Dunfermline Co-operative Society, RumblingwellDunfermline FifeScotland 
Item 148 of 1481919Brucefield Housing SchemeDunfermline FifeScotlandTo design 14 five-apartment houses


Bibliographic References

The following books contain references to this :
Item 1 of 3Johnston, W T2003Artists of Scotland Officina Publications CDROM 
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Periodical References

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 Periodical NameDateEditionPublisherNotes
Item 1 of 1Builder28 March 1863  p227