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Name: London County Council Architects' Department (LCC Architects' Department)
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Private and Business Addresses

The following private or business addresses are associated with this :
 AddressTypeDate fromDate toNotes
Item 1 of 2Gloucester House/8, 10, 19, Charing Cross Road, London, EnglandBusinessBefore 1906After 1911 
Item 2 of 2County Hall, Spring Gardens, Westminster, London, EnglandBusiness1943 *  

* earliest date known from documented sources.

Employment and Training

Employees or Pupils

The following individuals were employed or trained by this (click on an item to view details):
 NameDate fromDate toPositionNotes
Item 1 of 101Henry Albert Saul1890Before 1896Assistant 
Item 2 of 101Alexander Hunter CrawfordEarly 1891Before August 1891Assistant 
Item 3 of 101(Sir) Thomas Duncan Rhind18921892 or 1893Assistant 
Item 4 of 101Robert Robertson18921901Assistant 
Item 5 of 101James Greenwood Stephenson1894 Assistantin Housing Section
Item 6 of 101Ernest Hadden Parkes1894   
Item 7 of 101George Gilbert Alexander Andrew Irvine18941894 or 1895Assistant 
Item 8 of 101William Thomas Sadler1897Before 1938Assistant 
Item 9 of 101William Thomas SadlerAfter 18971938Assistant ChiefAssistant Chief Architect
Item 10 of 101William Edward Riley18991919Chief Architect 
Item 11 of 101Edwin Paul Wheeler18991935Assistant(?) 
Item 12 of 101James Herbert BelfrageAfter 1899Before 1902Assistant 
Item 13 of 101William Fleming Wilkie19001901AssistantWorking under William Edward Riley and Owen Fleming
Item 14 of 101Robert Ernest Stewardson19001901AssistantWorking under William Edward Riley
Item 15 of 101Alexander Symon1900Before 1912  
Item 16 of 101Percy Erskine Nobbs19011902AssistantFire Brigade Branch
Item 17 of 101Robert Robertson1901After 1911AssistantAssistant Architect in charge of Housing the Working Classes (Buildings) Section
Item 18 of 101Harry Edward EastMay 1901October 1903AssistantUnder William Edward Riley
Item 19 of 101Archibald Stuart Soutar9 September 19011912AssistantWorking under William Edward Riley
Item 20 of 101John Carrick Stuart Soutar9 September 19011912AssistantWorking under William Edward Riley
Item 21 of 101David Mitchell1902 Assistant 
Item 22 of 101William James Nash1902(?) * AssistantWorking under William Edward Riley
Item 23 of 101Edwin George Goodson Bax1902 Architect 
Item 24 of 101Leo Sylvester Sullivan19021902 or 1903Assistant 
Item 25 of 101Thomas Anderson Moodie19021903Assistant 
Item 26 of 101David Smith1902Early 1903Draughtsman 
Item 27 of 101Francis Henry Fitzgerald1902After 1906Assistant 
Item 28 of 101David Milne1902Before 1908Assistant 
Item 29 of 101Arthur Alfred Carder1902After 1911Assistant 
Item 30 of 101Walter Stephen Tucker19021935AssistantIn the Housing Section and later the Dangerous Structures Section
Item 31 of 101Frederick Robert Hiorns19021941  
Item 32 of 101James William Hepburn1902After 1942AssistantAssistant Architect in charge of Housing from 1934
Item 33 of 101Frederick Arthur WalkerAfter 1902Before 1913AssistantIn Schools Division
Item 34 of 101Thomas Kerr1903After 1911AssistantWorking under William Edward Riley
Item 35 of 101James Maxwell Scott1903c. 1945Assistant 
Item 36 of 101Louis David Blancc. October 1903After March 1911Assistantunder supervision of William Edward Riley
Item 37 of 101William Robert Davidge1904 *   
Item 38 of 101John McNee Jeffrey19041907AssistantIn the Highway's Section
Item 39 of 101John Elmsly Inglis1904After 1910Assistant 
Item 40 of 101Arthur Williamson1904After 1910AssistantIn the Schools Division, working under William Edward Riley
Item 41 of 101Francis Runcie Chalmers1904After 1912AssistantUnder the supervision of William Edward Riley
Item 42 of 101John Black Hector19041913Assistant 
Item 43 of 101James Macrae19041931(?)Assistant 
Item 44 of 101George Thow Smith4 January 1904After 1911Assistant 
Item 45 of 101Norman Toller Myers1906 Assistant 
Item 46 of 101Reginald Buchanan UrquhartJanuary 19061945Assistant 
Item 47 of 101Charles Black Gordon1907 Assistant 
Item 48 of 101Charles Kydd BlythJanuary 1911After 1918DraughtsmanIn Schools Division, Spring Gardens, London SW
Item 49 of 101Robert RobertsonAfter 19111919ArchitectChief Divisional Architect (Schools)
Item 50 of 101John Duncan Grant19121914Assistant 
Item 51 of 101John Mailler Scott19121919DraughtsmanIn Schools Department; absent for war service 1914-19
Item 52 of 101A V Sutherland Graeme19121953Architect 
Item 53 of 101David John ChisholmJanuary 1912August 1912Assistant(?) 
Item 54 of 101Charles Alfred HardingAfter 19121914Assistant(?) 
Item 55 of 101Robert Robertson1919After 1930ArchitectChief Assistant Architect
Item 56 of 101Thomas Francis Armstrong19241932AssistantTechnical assistant
Item 57 of 101Robert Scott SkillingApril 1924After 1930Assistant 
Item 58 of 101James Milner Fraser19251926Assistantin Housing Department
Item 59 of 101Charles Fell Duncan19281932Assistant'Technical assistant'
Item 60 of 101James Harrison Ball1930 * Assistant 
Item 61 of 101Hamish Noble Paterson19301932AssistantIn the housing section
Item 62 of 101Stephen SutherlandNovember 1930November 1931Assistant 
Item 63 of 101Norman Fotheringham McCall19311932Assistant 
Item 64 of 101Diarmad Ronald SteeleOctober 1933After 1934Assistant 
Item 65 of 101Stephen SutherlandNovember 1933After 1938Assistant 
Item 66 of 101Lionel Ethelbert KnightAfter 1933Before 1935Assistant 
Item 67 of 101John Douglas AdamAfter 1933After 1936Assistant 
Item 68 of 101Elizabeth Margaret Smeall1934After 1936Assistant 
Item 69 of 101John Howden Cook1934After 1942  
Item 70 of 101Charles Fell Duncan1934After 1947AssistantTechnical assistant
Item 71 of 101John Edward Annesley BrownriggApril 1934September 1934Assistant(?)temporary post while studying
Item 72 of 101Jessie Elizabeth Kennedy (Mrs Bassett)September 1934 Assistant 
Item 73 of 101James Boyd Raeside8 November 1934 AssistantTemporary Technical Assistant in housing section
Item 74 of 101Hector John Watt Stirling19351936Assistant 
Item 75 of 101George Thomson19351936Assistant 
Item 76 of 101Edwin Paul Wheeler19351939Chief Architect 
Item 77 of 101Horace Athelstone Woulfe KnightMarch 1935After 1944AssistantIn Housing Department, Westminster
Item 78 of 101Stella Marcia Scott (Miss)1936After 1937Assistant 
Item 79 of 101Alan (or Allan?) MacKenzie1936After 1943 Role unclear
Item 80 of 101Edwin WilliamsBefore 1936(?)After 1945(?) Appears to have worked in the LCC as he proposed other employees for RIBA membership
Item 81 of 101Douglas William McNair Calder19371938Assistant 
Item 82 of 101George Haslehurst Lawrence (sometimes misspelt George Hazelhurst Lawrence)19381939 In Town Planning Department
Item 83 of 101Herbert Ramage1938After 1943Assistant 
Item 84 of 101Ernest Ogilvie ThomsonJanuary 1938After November 1942AssistantTemporary technical assistant (Housing)
Item 85 of 101John Henry Forshaw1943 * Chief Architect 
Item 86 of 101Robert Hogg MatthewAfter 19431953Chief Architect 
Item 87 of 101(Sir) John Leslie Martin (known as Sir Leslie Martin)19481953Depute DirectorDeputy Chief Architect, under Robert Matthew
Item 88 of 101Roy Hunterc. 1948c. 1952  
Item 89 of 101Harold Ernest ButeuxLate 1940s ArchitectUnder Sir Leslie Martin.
Item 90 of 101James Daniel ShearerAfter 19501962(?)  
Item 91 of 101Derek Alfred Walter Lovejoy19511952ArchitectArchitect and planner
Item 92 of 101(Sir) John Leslie Martin (known as Sir Leslie Martin)19531956Chief Architect 
Item 93 of 101(Miss) Margaret McLaurin Little (Mrs McDiarmid)Before 1953(?) ArchitectNot certain if this is the correct department.
Item 94 of 101Hubert Bennett19561970Chief Architect 
Item 95 of 101Richard Lionel Martin19571963  
Item 96 of 101Josef (or Joseph) ('Joe') Berger1958 *  in housing division
Item 97 of 101Douglas ('Doug') StonelakeEarly 1958Early 1960(?) in housing division
Item 98 of 101John Wingate Davidson19591965Architect 
Item 99 of 101Stan MendelsohnLate 1950s *   
Item 100 of 101George Drummond Rankin19611965Architect 
Item 101 of 101Andrew GilmourBefore 1961(?) Architect 

* earliest date known from documented sources.

Buildings and Designs

This was involved with the following buildings or structures from the date specified (click on an item to view details):
 Date startedBuilding nameTown, district or villageIslandCity or countyCountryNotes
Item 1 of 41936New County Offices  LondonEngland 
Item 2 of 41958Housing, Wade Street(?)Poplar LondonEnglandJoe Berger responsible
Item 3 of 4Late 1950sHousing estateAbbey Wood LondonEnglandStan Mendelsohn responsible for design
Item 4 of 4c. 1960Four-storey maisonettesLewisham LondonEnglandDoug Stonelake responsible for design (but left before construction)


Currently, there are no references for this . The information has been derived from: the British Architectural Library / RIBA Directory of British Architects 1834-1914; Post Office Directories; and/or any sources listed under this individual's works.