Basic Biographical Details

Name: A & W Reid
Born: 1843 or 1844
Died: 1893
Bio Notes: Alexander Reid, born 1816 or 1817, and William Reid, born 1825, were nephews and pupils of William Robertson of Elgin and inherited his practice following his death on 12 June 1841. The practice was at first in Alexander's name only as William was only sixteen, but the latter became a partner in 1843 or 1844. A third brother, Charles, born 1828, was presumably articled to his brothers in or about 1842 and at some point left them to gain wider experience. He became chief draughtsman with Brown & Wardrop in Edinburgh, and after Thomas Brown retired or died in 1872 or 1873 he was taken into partnership.

In the mid-1840s the Reids moved their practice to Inverness, their address there being 6 Academy Street (and 39 Union Street) in the earlier 1860s when they were in partnership with an unidentified Mackenzie. By 1868 they had moved to 141 High Street and the brothers were on their own again. In late 1874 or 1875 George Melven was taken into partnership as A & W Reid & Melven, but by 1878 the practice was again A & W Reid. By the mid-1880s they had returned to Elgin with an office at Post Office Buildings, Commerce Street, their main clients being the Cawdor and Moray estates.

William Reid died in 1893 and Alexander took their chief assistant John Wittet into partnership. Wittet was born on 5 February 1868 at Bridge of Earn and articled to David Smart of Perth from 1882 to 1888. In the latter year he moved to the office of Hippolyte Jean Blanc in Edinburgh which enabled him to study at Heriot-Watt College and Edinburgh School of Art. By 1892 he had moved briefly to Glasgow to work for Clarke & Bell before joining the Reids as chief assistant in the same year. When he joined the partnership in the following year, the practice title changed to A & W Reid & Wittet.

Private and Business Addresses

The following private or business addresses are associated with this :
 AddressTypeDate fromDate toNotes
Item 1 of 6Market Green, West End, Elgin, Morayshire, ScotlandPrivate/business(?)1844 1844 Elgin Directory
Item 2 of 66, Academy Street, Inverness, Inverness-shire, ScotlandBusinessc. 1845Before 1868 
Item 3 of 639, Union Street, Inverness, Inverness-shire, ScotlandBusinessc. 18451873 
Item 4 of 6141, High Street, Inverness, Inverness-shire, ScotlandBusinessBefore 1868Before 1880 
Item 5 of 6175, High Street, Elgin, Morayshire, ScotlandBusinessBefore 1880Before 1885 
Item 6 of 6Post Office Buildings, Commerce Street, Elgin, Morayshire, ScotlandBusinessBefore 1885  

Employment and Training

Employees or Pupils

The following individuals were employed or trained by this (click on an item to view details):
 NameDate fromDate toPositionNotes
Item 1 of 11Charles Reidc. 1843(?)c. 1849(?)Apprentice 
Item 2 of 11Alexander Reid1843 or 18441893Partner 
Item 3 of 11William Reid1843 or 18441893Partner 
Item 4 of 11William James AudsleyAfter 1847Before 1863Apprentice(?) 
Item 5 of 11William James AudsleyAfter 1850(?)1863(?)Assistant(?) 
Item 6 of 11George Ashdown Audsleyc. 18521856Apprentice(?) 
Item 7 of 11James Rhind1863 * Apprentice 
Item 8 of 11James Ledingham18641870Apprentice 
Item 9 of 11William CowieFebruary 18831888Apprentice 
Item 10 of 11William Charles Reidc. 1890(?)1893(?)ApprenticeWilliam C Reid probably trained and assisted in the firm before being taken into partnership, but this is not certain.
Item 11 of 11John WittetSeptember 18921893Chief Assistant 

* earliest date known from documented sources.

Buildings and Designs

This was involved with the following buildings or structures from the date specified (click on an item to view details):
 Date startedBuilding nameTown, district or villageIslandCity or countyCountryNotes
Item 1 of 2851844Burghead Free ChurchBurghead MorayshireScotland 
Item 2 of 2851844Free ChurchUrquhart MorayshireScotland 
Item 3 of 2851844Lochbroom Parish ChurchLochbroom Ross and CromartyScotland 
Item 4 of 2851844Old School HouseRafford MorayshireScotland 
Item 5 of 2851845Banff Free ManseBanff BanffshireScotland 
Item 6 of 2851845Banff Free SchoolBanff BanffshireScotland 
Item 7 of 2851845Bogside FarmhouseEden AberdeenshireScotland 
Item 8 of 2851845Caledonian BankElgin MorayshireScotland 
Item 9 of 2851845Cullen PrisonCullen BanffshireScotland 
Item 10 of 2851845Drummuir House and gatelodgeDalmuir BanffshireScotlandPorter's lodge and kennels
Item 11 of 2851845Free ChurchGarmouth MorayshireScotland 
Item 12 of 2851845Free Church ManseElgin MorayshireScotland 
Item 13 of 2851845House at west end of ForresForres MorayshireScotland 
Item 14 of 2851845Keith Free ChurchKeith BanffshireScotland 
Item 15 of 2851845Keith Free SchoolKeith BanffshireScotland 
Item 16 of 2851845Linganbo FarmhouseEden AberdeenshireScotland 
Item 17 of 2851845MillbankElgin MorayshireScotland 
Item 18 of 2851845Secession Church ManseLossiemouth MorayshireScotland 
Item 19 of 2851845St Andrews LhanbrydeLhanbryde (near Elgin) MorayshireScotlandAlterations
Item 20 of 2851845Tullich Cottage and offices (steading)Kininvie (near Dufftown) BanffshireScotland 
Item 21 of 2851845Villa, BishopmillElgin MorayshireScotland 
Item 22 of 285c. 1845Kinrara and MoraybankElgin MorayshireScotland 
Item 23 of 285c. 1845Moray BankElgin MorayshireScotland 
Item 24 of 285c. 1845Panton HouseTurriff AberdeenshireScotland 
Item 25 of 2851846Free Church ManseFordyce AberdeenshireScotland'Style of' (HS)
Item 26 of 2851846Friars Park, Institution RoadElgin MorayshireScotland 
Item 27 of 2851846Greenskairs Cottage (or House)Gamrie BanffshireScotland 
Item 28 of 2851846Greenskares, Cottage FarmGamrie AberdeenshireScotland 
Item 29 of 2851846Houses, St Anne's HillBanff BanffshireScotlandRemodelled
Item 30 of 2851846SchoolhouseUrquhart MorayshireScotland 
Item 31 of 2851846St Ann's ChurchBanff BanffshireScotlandReconstruction
Item 32 of 2851846Two cottages at Drynie EstateKilmuir Ross and CromartyScotland 
Item 33 of 2851847Aulthash FarmFochabers MorayshireScotland 
Item 34 of 2851847Market Green   Scotland 
Item 35 of 2851848Alves Parish ChurchAlves MorayshireScotlandRepairs and alterations
Item 36 of 2851848Birkenhills of TowieTurriff (by) AberdeenshireScotland 
Item 37 of 2851848Buildings near Elgin CathedralElgin MorayshireScotlandDwellinghouse, stables, walls and bellhanger work 'near Cathedral'
Item 38 of 2851848Cottage, CulishKilmuir (near) Ross and CromartyScotland 
Item 39 of 2851848Farmhouses, CullieshanganKeith BanffshireScotland 
Item 40 of 2851848House at ForresForres MorayshireScotland 
Item 41 of 2851848Inn of MoybegMoybeg Inverness-shireScotlandAdditional building
Item 42 of 2851848King Edward ChurchGlencairn AberdeenshireScotland 
Item 43 of 2851848Parish ChurchKing Edward AberdeenshireScotland 
Item 44 of 2851848Redcastle Free ChurchRedcastle Ross and CromartyScotland 
Item 45 of 2851849Buckie Free ChurchBuckie BanffshireScotland 
Item 46 of 2851849Drumderfit, large steading and servants' housesMunlochy (near) Ross and CromartyScotland 
Item 47 of 2851849Free Church ManseLossiemouth MorayshireScotland 
Item 48 of 2851849Grant LodgeElgin MorayshireScotlandAdditions
Item 49 of 2851849Keith Free ManseKeith BanffshireScotland 
Item 50 of 2851849King Edward Parish SchoolhouseKing Edward AberdeenshireScotland 
Item 51 of 2851850Balmacaan HouseGlenurquhart Inverness-shireScotlandAddition.
Item 52 of 2851850Balnakyle Farm officesMunlochy (near) Ross and CromartyScotland 
Item 53 of 2851850BlackfriarshaughElgin MorayshireScotland 
Item 54 of 2851850Eden House, North Lodge  AberdeenshireScotland 
Item 55 of 2851850Eden House, South Lodge  AberdeenshireScotland 
Item 56 of 2851850Eden House, with coachhouse and stablesKing Edward AberdeenshireScotlandStables, laundry and other estate buildings including former estate school, now called Bell Cottage, Home Farm and doocot
Item 57 of 2851850Elgin Pauper Lunatic Asylum, BilbohallElgin MorayshireScotlandAdditions: raised from two to three storeys
Item 58 of 2851850Ivy BankBishopmill, Elgin MorayshireScotland 
Item 59 of 2851850King Edward Old Parish Church and Grant Duff MausoleumKing Edward AberdeenshireScotlandAlterations to accommodate mausoleum and mausoleum itself
Item 60 of 2851850Maryburgh ManseMaryburgh Ross and CromartyScotland 
Item 61 of 2851850Rathven ChurchRathven BanffshireScotlandRepairs
Item 62 of 285c. 1850Delgaty CastleTurriff AberdeenshireScotland'Perhaps' (HS) - south porch and ballroom bay (or oriel) window
Item 63 of 285c. 1850Eden Home Farm, farmhouse and farmbuildingsKing Edward AberdeenshireScotlandFarmhouse - 'probably' (HS)
Item 64 of 285c. 1850Eden, Bell CottageKing Edward AberdeenshireScotland'Probably' (HS)
Item 65 of 285c. 1850Eden, Home Farm, MillKing Edward AberdeenshireScotlandHS attribution - because of contemporary work on main house
Item 66 of 285c. 1850Forglen, North Lodge, Eastside Lodge, KennelsForglen AberdeenshireScotland'Possibly'(HS) Kennels
Item 67 of 2851851'Buckie Cathedral', St Peter's RC Church and PresbyteryNether Buckie BanffshireScotlandWith Rt Rev James Kyle
Item 68 of 2851851Craigdhu, Duff StreetMacduff BanffshireScotland 
Item 69 of 2851851Houses in Hythe Hill (East High Street and West High Street)Elgin MorayshireScotland 
Item 70 of 2851851Knockando House  MorayshireScotlandAdditions
Item 71 of 2851851New Byth ChurchNew Byth / Newbyth AberdeenshireScotland 
Item 72 of 2851851Old High ChurchInverness Inverness-shireScotlandRepairs
Item 73 of 2851852Cottage, Kessock  Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 74 of 2851852Eden Home Farm, farmhouse and farmbuildingsKing Edward AberdeenshireScotlandDovecote and poultryhouse
Item 75 of 2851852Forres UP ChurchForres MorayshireScotlandRepairs
Item 76 of 2851852House, Drynie EstateKilmuir Ross and CromartyScotland 
Item 77 of 2851852RC Church of the Immaculate ConceptionInverurie AberdeenshireScotlandWith Rev James Kyle
Item 78 of 2851852South Free ChurchElgin MorayshireScotland 
Item 79 of 285185383-95 High StreetElgin MorayshireScotlandNumber 95
Item 80 of 2851853Auldtown of NetherdaleNetherdale BanffshireScotland 
Item 81 of 2851853Banff ParsonageBanff BanffshireScotland 
Item 82 of 2851853Drainie Old Manse and steading with gighouseKineddar MorayshireScotland 
Item 83 of 2851853Keith Parish ChurchKeith BanffshireScotlandAlterations and additions
Item 84 of 2851853Kineddar Cross and Kineddar Burial Ground walls  MorayshireScotland 
Item 85 of 2851853Munlochy Parish SchoolhouseMunlochy Ross and CromartyScotlandAlterations and additions
Item 86 of 2851853Ness Islands Lodge and wooden bridgeInverness Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 87 of 2851853St Andrew's Episcopal RectoryBanff BanffshireScotland 
Item 88 of 2851853Station Hotel and railway refreshment roomLossiemouth MorayshireScotland 
Item 89 of 2851854Aberlour House, stablesAberlour BanffshireScotlandAlterations and additions
Item 90 of 2851854Carrick HouseElgin MorayshireScotland 
Item 91 of 2851854Craggan Free Manse and steadingCraggan MorayshireScotland 
Item 92 of 2851854Delgaty Castle, Greengate Lodge  AberdeenshireScotland 
Item 93 of 2851854General Assembly Schools and SchoolhouseLossiemouth MorayshireScotland 
Item 94 of 2851854MoraystonPetty Inverne-shireScotlandAlterations and additions
Item 95 of 2851855Aberlour HouseAberlour BanffshireScotlandAlterations and entrance (HS- probably)
Item 96 of 2851855AllanmoreGlenurquhart Inverness-shireScotlandAdditions to farm offices
Item 97 of 2851855(?)Cobairdy HouseForgue AberdeenshireScotland 
Item 98 of 2851855Dunphail watermillDunphail MorayshireScotland 
Item 99 of 2851855Guisachan Estate, Gate LodgeTomich Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 100 of 2851855Newton CottageLossiemouth MorayshireScotland 
Item 101 of 2851855Newtown CottageLossiemouth MorayshireScotland 
Item 102 of 2851855Shop for Whyte, draperNairn NairnshireScotland 
Item 103 of 2851855Tore mansionhouse and farm offices  Ross and CromartyAberdeenshireScotlandAlterations
Item 104 of 285October 1855Drumbuie House   ScotlandAlterations
Item 105 of 285185676-80 High StreetElgin MorayshireScotland 
Item 106 of 2851856Aberlour HouseAberlour BanffshireScotlandWest Lodge
Item 107 of 2851856Balmacaan HouseGlenurquhart Inverness-shireScotlandAlterations and additions to offices
Item 108 of 2851856BarnhillForres MorayshireScotlandCourt of offices
Item 109 of 2851856Coulmony HouseArdclach NairnshireScotland 
Item 110 of 2851856Easter Elchies House  MorayshireScotlandExtensions
Item 111 of 2851856Glenrinnes ManseDufftown BanffshireScotlandAlterations and additions
Item 112 of 2851856Granaries and storesInverness Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 113 of 2851856House for WatsonLlanbryde MorayshireScotland 
Item 114 of 2851856House in Telford StreetInverness Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 115 of 2851856Moss Street UP ChurchElgin MorayshireScotland 
Item 116 of 2851856North of Scotland BankElgin MorayshireScotland 
Item 117 of 2851856Royal Bank of ScotlandElgin MorayshireScotland 
Item 118 of 285c. 1856House, High StreetElgin MorayshireScotland 
Item 119 of 2851857Aberlour HouseAberlour BanffshireScotlandPorte cochere added 1857. North gate to walled garden 1858.
Item 120 of 2851857Balmacaan, gardener's houseGlenurquhart Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 121 of 2851857Beauly gasworksBeauly Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 122 of 2851857NetherdaleNetherdale Estate AberdeenshireScotlandAddition
Item 123 of 285185883-95 High StreetElgin MorayshireScotlandNumber 83
Item 124 of 2851858Drummuir House and gatelodgeDalmuir BanffshireScotlandAdditions
Item 125 of 2851858Duffus House  MorayshireScotlandWest extension
Item 126 of 2851858House, Flowerburn estate  Ross and CromartyScotland 
Item 127 of 2851859Aberlour Burial GroundAberlour BanffshireScotlandMacpherson Grant Mausoleum
Item 128 of 2851859CorskiebankMacduff BanffshireScotlandProbably by the Reids
Item 129 of 2851859Guisachan Estate, East Lodge  Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 130 of 2851859Guisachan, StablesTomish Inverness-shireScotlandAlterations and additions
Item 131 of 285c. 185Ordiquhill SchoolOrdiquhill BanffshireScotlandSchoolhouse perhaps by Reids
Item 132 of 285186014 Ness Bank, stables and coachhouseInverness Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 133 of 2851860Balmacaan, cottageGlenurquhart Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 134 of 2851860Earlsmill House  MorayshireScotland 
Item 135 of 2851860Greyfriars HouseElgin MorayshireScotland 
Item 136 of 2851860Nairn Parish ChurchNairn NairnshireScotlandRepairs
Item 137 of 2851860Newbyth SchoolNew Byth / Newbyth AberdeenshireScotland 
Item 138 of 285c. 1860Friars HouseElgin MorayshireScotland 
Item 139 of 285c. 1860Guisachan Estate buildings  Inverness-shireScotlandPlodda Cottage and probably Guisachan Cottage
Item 140 of 285c. 1860Guisachan Estate, Mealbane CottageTomich Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 141 of 285c. 1860House for Arthur Duff, sheriff clerk of ElginElgin MorayshireScotland 
Item 142 of 285c. 1860(?)Morayshire Union PoorhouseElgin MorayshireScotlandUncertain attribution
Item 143 of 285c. 1860Mountblairy Estate, mausoleum  AberdeenshireScotland 
Item 144 of 2851861Logie HouseForres MorayshireScotlandAlterations and additions
Item 145 of 2851862Auldearn Free ChurchDalmore NairnshireScotlandAlterations
Item 146 of 2851862Forglen MausoleumForglen BanffshireScotland 
Item 147 of 2851863Auchterless ManseAuchterless AberdeenshireScotland 
Item 148 of 2851863Banff District Asylum, Troup/LadysbridgeBanff BanffshireScotlandWon (invited) competition and carried out project
Item 149 of 2851863Bishopmill PoorhouseElgin MorayshireScotland 
Item 150 of 2851863Elgin Pauper Lunatic Asylum, BilbohallElgin MorayshireScotlandRadical reconstruction and enlargement
Item 151 of 2851863Kinloss Parish ChurchKinloss MorayshireScotlandAlterations and additions and remodelling on interior. Also 3 stage tower to the east.
Item 152 of 2851863Retirement cottages for Guisachan Estate workersTomich Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 153 of 2851863Westhall House  AberdeenshireScotland 
Item 154 of 2851864DalehapleElgin MorayshireScotland 
Item 155 of 2851864Elgin Court HouseElgin MorayshireScotland 
Item 156 of 2851864Hatton Estate, Knockleith House  AberdeenshireScotland 
Item 157 of 2851864Inverugie HouseHopeman MorayshireScotland 
Item 158 of 2851865AcademyElgin MorayshireScotlandRenovation
Item 159 of 2851865Drummuir House and gatelodgeDalmuir BanffshireScotlandAdditions including service range
Item 160 of 2851865Forglen, North Lodge, Eastside Lodge, KennelsForglen AberdeenshireScotland'Possibly'(HS) Lodges
Item 161 of 2851865Free Church ManseUrquhart MorayshireScotlandAlterations
Item 162 of 2851865Granary and storeBurghead MorayshireScotland 
Item 163 of 2851865Ordiquhill Parish ManseCornhill BanffshireScotland 
Item 164 of 2851865Rosehaugh home farm  Ross and CromartyScotlandRe-roofing and extensive repairs
Item 165 of 2851865Rosehaugh reservoir  Ross and CromartyScotland 
Item 166 of 2851865Tomich, GatehouseTomich Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 167 of 2851866Maryhill HouseElgin MorayshireScotlandExtensive alterations and enlargements and garden walls
Item 168 of 2851866Newton, Forteath Mausoleum and York TowerAlves MorayshireScotlandHS gives 'probably' Mackenzie for mausoleum but this is incorrect
Item 169 of 285c. 1866Altyre House, East Lodge  MorayshireScotland 
Item 170 of 2851867Agricultural Hall and corn exchangeForres MorayshireScotland 
Item 171 of 2851867Coxton Tower House, Forrester's Lodge  MorayshireScotland 
Item 172 of 2851867Marnoch Parish ManseMarnoch BanffshireScotlandAdditions and alterations, including rear wing.
Item 173 of 285c. 1867Clothier's ShopElgin MorayshireScotland 
Item 174 of 2851868Falconer's MuseumForres MorayshireScotland 
Item 175 of 2851868ManseKnockando MorayshireScotland 
Item 176 of 2851868SeaparkKinloss MorayshireScotlandStable and carriage house complex
Item 177 of 2851868Town and County Buildings and prisonNairn NairnshireScotlandSpire removed and replaced by bellcote with lucarned clock faces
Item 178 of 285c. 1868Forglen Estate, monument  BanffshireScotland 
Item 179 of 2851869Aberlour Burial GroundAberlour BanffshireScotlandWalls at east, west and south
Item 180 of 2851869Cawdor Castle  NairnshireScotlandFresh designs for postern gate and remodelling of the causeway leading to the drawbridge.
Item 181 of 2851869Cullen House policies, Marywell Cottage, garden houseRathven BanffshireScotland'Possibly'(HS)
Item 182 of 2851869Elgin Free ChurchElgin MorayshireScotlandVestry added
Item 183 of 2851869Glenferness House  NairnshireScotlandRebuilding
Item 184 of 2851869New Duffus ChurchNew Duffus MorayshireScotland 
Item 185 of 2851869New MarketForres MorayshireScotland 
Item 186 of 2851869The Elgin ClubElgin MorayshireScotland 
Item 187 of 285c. 1869Caledonian BankFortrose Ross and CromartyScotland 
Item 188 of 2851870Blackhills HouseLlanbryde MorayshireScotlandAdditions and remodelling
Item 189 of 2851870Boys' and Girls' school and teacher's dwellingTomich Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 190 of 2851870Cullen House policies, Marywell Cottage, garden houseRathven BanffshireScotland'Possibly'(HS)
Item 191 of 2851870Inchgower Distillery and associated housesBuckie BanffshireScotland 
Item 192 of 2851870Parish ManseKing Edward AberdeenshireScotlandMajor alterations 'probably' by Reid - also probably executed repairs 1882-83 and 1894
Item 193 of 2851870Rothes Parish ChurchRothes MorayshireScotland 
Item 194 of 285c. 1870Kirkhill HouseLhanbryde MorayshireScotlandLarge additions
Item 195 of 2851871CooperhillDarnaway MorayshireScotland 
Item 196 of 2851871Glen Affric Lodge  Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 197 of 2851872Cawdor Castle  NairnshireScotlandRemodelling of upper levels of N Wing, addition of carved dormers and corbelled tower at the east end
Item 198 of 2851872Dallas Parish ChurchDallas MorayshireScotlandAlterations
Item 199 of 2851872Dounduff Farmhouse and steading  MorayshireScotlandNW kitchen extension to house and new (?) steading
Item 200 of 2851872House of BuchrombDufftown (near) BanffshireScotland 
Item 201 of 2851872Inchbroom HouseLossiemouth MorayshireScotlandAddition - rear canted bay window
Item 202 of 2851872 or 1881Milltown of Rothiemay Parish ChurchMilltown of Rothiemay MorayshireScotlandInternal remodelling and refitting
Item 203 of 2851873Advie Parish ChurchAdvie MorayshireScotland 
Item 204 of 2851873Alves School and former infant schoolAlves MorayshireScotland 
Item 205 of 2851873Brackley Farmstead  Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 206 of 2851873Darnaway estate cottages  MorayshireScotland 
Item 207 of 2851873Dounduff Lodge  MorayshireScotland 
Item 208 of 2851873Elchies ChurchElchies MorayshireScotland 
Item 209 of 2851873Fernilea steading  MorayshireScotland 
Item 210 of 2851873Mains of Cobnagem  Inverness-shireScotlandAdditions
Item 211 of 2851873Mains of Connage Farmstead  Inverness-shireScotlandAlterations
Item 212 of 2851873Sluie LodgeEdinkillie MorayshireScotland'Probably' (HS)
Item 213 of 2851874Easter Manbeen Farmhouse  MorayshireScotland 
Item 214 of 2851874Petty Scottack, double cottage  Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 215 of 2851874SchoolGarmouth MorayshireScotland 
Item 216 of 2851874WestwoodInverness Inverness-shireScotlandAlterations
Item 217 of 2851874Whitemire CottagesWhitemire MorayshireScotland 
Item 218 of 2851875Aberlour House, West LodgeCharlestown MorayshireScotland 
Item 219 of 2851875Duffus House  MorayshireScotlandWest Lodge
Item 220 of 2851875SchoolKellas MorayshireScotland 
Item 221 of 285c. 1875Ballindalloch HouseInveravon BanffshireScotlandSouth wing added
Item 222 of 285c. 1875Guisachan Farm, pair of cottagesBy Tomich Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 223 of 285c. 1875Guisachan SteadingTomich Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 224 of 2851876Banff Free ChurchBanff BanffshireScotlandAlterations and additions - according to HS listed buildings
Item 225 of 2851876Bank of ScotlandCromarty Ross and CromartyScotland 
Item 226 of 2851876Guisachan Estate buildings  Inverness-shireScotlandDairy and factor's house
Item 227 of 2851876School, Academy StreetInverness Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 228 of 285c. 1876DullanbraeDufftown BanffshireScotlandExtension
Item 229 of 2851877Drainie Old Manse and steading with gighouseKineddar MorayshireScotlandAdditions
Item 230 of 2851877Old High ChurchInverness Inverness-shireScotlandPews
Item 231 of 2851878Darnaway Castle  MorayshireScotlandKeeper's house and kennels
Item 232 of 2851878Villa in KeithKeith BanffshireScotland 
Item 233 of 2851879Balmachrie, steading  MorayshireScotland 
Item 234 of 2851879Braco  MorayshireScotlandAddition
Item 235 of 2851879Laggan House  MorayshireScotlandAdditions including sw flank and rear service wing.
Item 236 of 2851880187 High StreetElgin MorayshireScotland 
Item 237 of 285188083-95 High StreetElgin MorayshireScotlandNumbers 85-93
Item 238 of 2851880Free ChurchFordyce AberdeenshireScotlandRepairs and alterations
Item 239 of 2851880Mr Hay's buildingsElgin MorayshireScotland 
Item 240 of 2851880Treeton Farmhouse and SteadingArdersier Inverness-shireScotlandNew steading
Item 241 of 2851880Wards of Alves Farmstead  MorayshireScotlandAddition
Item 242 of 2851881Earlsmill House  MorayshireScotland'Writing offices'
Item 243 of 2851881Inverkeithny Parish ChurchInverkeithny BanffshireScotland 
Item 244 of 2851881Memorial CottagesCawdor NairnshireScotland 
Item 245 of 2851881Milton of Braicklaich Farmhouse and steading  Inverness-shireScotlandAdditions to steading
Item 246 of 2851881St Andrew'sCraigellachie BanffshireScotland 
Item 247 of 2851883Glass Parish ChurchGlass AberdeenshireScotlandRenovation
Item 248 of 2851883Glen Grant DistilleryRothes MorayshireScotlandAlterations
Item 249 of 2851883House and shopElgin MorayshrieScotland 
Item 250 of 2851883Milton of Braicklaich Farmhouse and steading  Inverness-shireScotlandNew farmhouse
Item 251 of 2851883Treeton Farmhouse and SteadingArdersier Inverness-shireScotlandAddition to farmhouse
Item 252 of 2851883Wester Pittendreich Steading  MorayshireScotland 
Item 253 of 2851884Cardow DistilleryKnockando MorayshireScotlandWarehouse added
Item 254 of 2851884VillaAberlour BanffshireScotland 
Item 255 of 2851885Carsewell Steading  MorayshireScotlandAddition
Item 256 of 2851885Elgin AcademyElgin MorayshireScotland 
Item 257 of 2851885Free ChurchRafford MorayshireScotland 
Item 258 of 2851885North CollegeElgin MorayshireScotland 
Item 259 of 2851885Printing WorksElgin MorayshireScotland 
Item 260 of 285c. 1885Primary SchoolMilltown of Rothiemay MorayshireScotland 
Item 261 of 2851886Earnside Farmhouse  MorayshireScotlandAddition
Item 262 of 2851886Easter Pittendreich Farmhouse  MorayshireScotlandAdditions
Item 263 of 2851886Friars Park, Institution RoadElgin MorayshireScotlandAdditions
Item 264 of 2851886Mains of Alves Farmhouse and Steading  MorayshireScotland 
Item 265 of 2851886SchoolBurghead MorayshireScotland 
Item 266 of 2851887Gray's HospitalElgin MorayshireScotlandLodge - probably used a design by their uncle, William Robertson
Item 267 of 2851887Netherbogside farmhouse and steading  MorayshireScotlandAdditions
Item 268 of 2851887West End SchoolElgin MorayshireScotlandInfants' department
Item 269 of 2851888Cloddach Steading  MorayshireScotland 
Item 270 of 2851888Gordon Arms HotelElgin MorayshireScotlandAddition of 3 bays to right
Item 271 of 2851888Grange Parish ChurchGrange MorayshireScotland2 storey porch added
Item 272 of 2851888House at CraigroyKnockando MorayshireScotland 
Item 273 of 2851889Dufftown Cottage HospitalDufftown BanffshireScotland 
Item 274 of 2851889Fleming HallAberlour BanffshireScotland 
Item 275 of 2851889Moray Golf Club, ClubhouseLossiemouth MorayshireScotland 
Item 276 of 2851889Wester Pittendreich Farmhouse  MorayshireScotland 
Item 277 of 2851890Fleming InstituteElgin MorayshireScotland 
Item 278 of 2851891Elgin Baptist ChurchElgin MorayshireScotland 
Item 279 of 2851892Altyre House  MorayshireScotlandAdditions - perhaps executing Kinross's work
Item 280 of 2851892Old Parish ChurchArdclach NairnshireScotland 
Item 281 of 2851892Parish OfficesElgin MorayshireScotland 
Item 282 of 2851893MarketForres MorayshireScotlandAlterations
Item 283 of 285Late 1800sCowhythe Farmhouse  AberdeenshireScotland'Probably' (HS)
Item 284 of 285Mid 1800sGuisachan CottageTomich Inverness-shireScotland'Probably' (HS)
Item 285 of 285Mid 1800sSheriffston  MorayshireScotland'Probably' (HS)


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