Basic Biographical Details

Name: Thomas J Munro
Designation: Architect
Born: 1863
Died: 1930
Bio Notes: Thomas J Munro was born in Lower Arbol, Tain, Easter Ross in 1863. He served his articles with William Mackintosh (senior) in Inverness from about 1893 until April 1898 when he commenced independent practice in a temporary office at 39 Union Street after which he moved to 36 Acadmey Street (which was renumbered 62 in 1905) at which the practice still works. He soon built up an extensive business incorporating domestic, industrial, educational and ecclesiastical buildings. About 1905 he set up a branch office at Tower Gardens in Tain and his diary of 1898 records many site visits using trains, pony & trap as well as bicycle and steamships. He took a leading part in the restoration of the graves of the Highlanders and the memorials at Culloden battlefield. He died in Edinburgh in 1930.

His practice was taken over by his cousin John Munro who had previously practised in Tain, Ross & Cromarty. Subsequently Thomas Munro's son, Ian took over the practice assisted from 1948 to 1952 by his wife Joan who was also a qualified architect and town planner.

The practice passed in 1984 to Colin I Munro, the son of Ian and Joan Munro and grandson of Thomas J Munro.

Private and Business Addresses

The following private or business addresses are associated with this architect:
 AddressTypeDate fromDate toNotes
Item 1 of 2Edinburgh, ScotlandPrivate *1930 
Item 2 of 262, Academy Street, Inverness, Inverness-shire, ScotlandPrivate/businessBefore 1898After 1920This was number 36 Academy Street before re-numbering in 1905.

* earliest date known from documented sources.

Employment and Training


The following individuals or organisations employed or trained this architect (click on an item to view details):
 NameDate fromDate toPositionNotes
Item 1 of 1William Mackintosh (senior)18981907Assistant 

Employees or Pupils

The following individuals were employed or trained by this architect (click on an item to view details):
 NameDate fromDate toPositionNotes
Item 1 of 3David John Alexander Ross19151921ApprenticeWith the exception of 2 1/2 years' war service
Item 2 of 3Roderick Donald Fraser19221925Apprentice 
Item 3 of 3Charles Alexander Rose19241927Apprentice 

Buildings and Designs

This architect was involved with the following buildings or structures from the date specified (click on an item to view details):
 Date startedBuilding nameTown, district or villageIslandCity or countyCountryNotes
Item 1 of 901898Cameron BuildingsTain Ross and CromartyScotlandAdditions and alterations
Item 2 of 901898Crown RestaurantInverness Inverness-shireScotlandAdditions and alterations
Item 3 of 901898Four housesFort Augustus Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 4 of 901898House and shop, Telford RoadInverness Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 5 of 901898Pair of semi-detached houses, Rangemore RoadInverness Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 6 of 901898Villa, Abertarff RoadInverness Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 7 of 901899Bandstand, Victoria ParkInverness Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 8 of 901899House, Ardconnel Terrace EastInverness Inverness-shireScotlandAlterations and additions
Item 9 of 901899House, Glenurquhart RoadInverness Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 10 of 901899Pair of semi-detached villas, DamfieldInverness Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 11 of 901899Torbreck Estate, workmen's cottages  Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 12 of 901899Two semi-detached cottagesBeauly Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 13 of 901899Villa, DamfieldInverness Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 14 of 901900HouseFort Augustus Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 15 of 901900House, Harrowden RoadInverness Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 16 of 901900Villa near BalnahanInverness Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 17 of 901901Auction MartNairn NairnshireScotland 
Item 18 of 901901HouseFort Augustus Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 19 of 901901House and shop, High StreetInvergordon Ross and CromartyScotland 
Item 20 of 901901Pair of villas, Rangemore RoadInverness Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 21 of 901901Shop and houseArdersier Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 22 of 901901Stratton, steadingStratton Inverness-shireScotlandAdditions and alterations
Item 23 of 901901Villa on the site of Heath Cottage, near Holm MillsInverness Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 24 of 901902Block of shops and houses, Wells StreetInverness Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 25 of 901902Bona Free ChurchBona Inverness-shireScotlandRepairs and alterations
Item 26 of 901902Inverdruie HouseRothiemurchus Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 27 of 901902Pair of semi-detached houses, Harrowden RoadInverness Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 28 of 901902Pair of semi-detached villas, Tower GardensTain Ross and CromartyScotland 
Item 29 of 901902Pair of villas, Beaufort RoadInverness Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 30 of 901902Pair of villas, Broadstone RoadInverness Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 31 of 901902Photographic studioInverness Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 32 of 901902Shop and houseRosemarkie Ross and CromartyScotland 
Item 33 of 901902VillasTain Ross and CromartyScotland 
Item 34 of 901902Villas, Rangemore Road and Beaufort RoadInverness Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 35 of 901903Balcraig, Mission HallInverness (near) Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 36 of 901903Balrobert, (Leys estate), Farmhouse and Farm officesTorbreck Inverness-shireScotlandAlterations to farmhouse
Item 37 of 901903Cooperage and box factory, Harbour GroundsInverness Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 38 of 901903House, Lochalsh RoadInverness Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 39 of 901903Ness Castle estate, Farm manager's house  Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 40 of 901903Pair of villas, Rangemore RoadInverness Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 41 of 901903Steam laundry, near railway stationNairn NairnshireScotland 
Item 42 of 901903Three villasTomatin Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 43 of 901903Two housesFortrose Ross and CromartyScotland 
Item 44 of 901903Two semi-detached houses, Broadstone ParkInverness Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 45 of 901904Villa, Broadstone RoadInverness Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 46 of 901904Villa, Culduthel RoadInverness Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 47 of 901904Villa, RhindieLentran Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 48 of 901905HouseBeauly Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 49 of 901905Villa, Rangemore RoadInverness Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 50 of 901906Doctor's residence and surgeryBeauly Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 51 of 901906House, Glenurquhart RoadInverness Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 52 of 901906Kirkton (Bunchrew), Public SchoolBunchrew Inverness-shireScotlandAdditions and alterations
Item 53 of 901906School and schoolhouse, InchmoreLentran Station Inverness-shireScotlandAdditions and alterations to schoolhouse
Item 54 of 901906Tore, School and teacher's houseKillearnan Ross and CromartyScotlandAdditions and alterations
Item 55 of 901907Ballindoun, Farmhouse and steadingBallindoun Inverness-shireScotlandAdditions and improvements
Item 56 of 901907House, Fairfield RoadInverness Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 57 of 901907Urquhart Free ChurchUrquhart Ross and CromartyScotlandRenovation
Item 58 of 901908Balintraid, farmhouse, steading and servants' cottages and workmen's cottagesArdross Ross and CromartyScotlandTwo blocks of cottages, alterations to steading and improvements to farmhouse
Item 59 of 901908House, Kenneth StreetInverness Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 60 of 901908Villa, Bishop's RoadInverness Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 61 of 901909Alterations to HouseBonar Bridge SutherlandScotland 
Item 62 of 901909Dores Free ChurchDores Inverness-shireScotlandAdditions, alterations and improvements
Item 63 of 901909Dores Free ManseDores Inverness-shireScotlandAdditions, alterations and improvements
Item 64 of 901909Ferintosh UF ChurchFerintosh Ross and CromartyScotland 
Item 65 of 901909ResidencePitlochry PerthshireScotland 
Item 66 of 901909Villa, Abertarff RoadInverness Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 67 of 901910Balintraid, farmhouse, steading and servants' cottages and workmen's cottagesArdross Ross and CromartyScotlandWorkmen's cottages
Item 68 of 901910Craigton CottageNorth Kessock Ross and CromartyScotlandAdditions and alterations
Item 69 of 901910Drumnadrochit, shop, post office and dwelling houseDrumnadrochit Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 70 of 901910HouseBeauly Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 71 of 901911Garage for R Macrae & SonInverness Inverness-shireScotlandRoofing over of open yard of 'new garage'
Item 72 of 901911House, Hill StreetInverness Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 73 of 901911Pair of semi-detached houses, Dochfour DriveInverness Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 74 of 901911Royal HotelCromarty Ross and CromartyScotlandAdditions and alterations
Item 75 of 901912Dairy premises, stabling and covered yards, Waterloo PlaceInverness Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 76 of 901912Glenmazeran Shooting Lodge and estate buildingsGlenmazeran/Glen Mazeran Inverness-shireScotlandExtensive works to house and estate buildings
Item 77 of 901912Ness-side, workmen's houses and steading  Inverness-shireScotlandAdditions and alterations to workmen's houses and steading
Item 78 of 901912School and schoolhouse, KnockbainKnockbain Ross and CromartyScotlandAdditions and alterations to schoolhouse
Item 79 of 901912Tarradale, Public SchoolMuir of Ord Ross and CromartyScotland 
Item 80 of 901913Four detached blocks of workmen's housesInvergordon Ross and CromartyScotland 
Item 81 of 901913House, Drummond RoadInverness Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 82 of 901913House, East EndInvergordon Ross and CromartyScotland 
Item 83 of 901913Lynwilg HotelAviemore (near) Inverness-shireScotlandAlterations and addtions to stabling and garage etc
Item 84 of 901913Petty West Public School and schoolhousePetty Inverness-shireScotlandAdditions and alterations to teacher's house
Item 85 of 901913VillaKingussie Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 86 of 901914HouseInvergorson Ross and CromartyScotland 
Item 87 of 901914Meal Mill, near Canal BasinInverness Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 88 of 901914Petty East School and schoolhouse  Inverness-shireScotlandAdditions and alterations to teacher's house
Item 89 of 901914Victoria BarCromarty Ross and CromartyScotlandAlterations and additions
Item 90 of 901923Culloden memorials, cottages on the site and graves of HighlandersCulloden Inverness-shireScotlandRestoration


Periodical References

The following periodicals contain references to this architect:
 Periodical NameDateEditionPublisherNotes
Item 1 of 1Builder7 November 1930  p774 (misprinted as p779 in BAL directory)