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Basic Biographical Details

Name: John Dick Peddie
Designation: Architect
Born: 24 February 1824
Died: 12 March 1891
Bio Notes: John Dick Peddie and his twin brother William were born in Edinburgh on 24 February 1824, the second and third sons of James Peddie WS and his wife Margaret Dick. Both the Peddies and the Dicks were prominent families within the United Associate Synod which became the United Presbyterian Church in 1848, Peddie's grandfather the Rev Dr James Peddie of Bristo Church, Edinburgh having been Moderator of the Burgher Synod from 1789. He presided over the split between the Rev Dr John Brown's 'Old Light' Burghers and his own 'New Light' Burghers in 1799. The Rev Dr James Peddie married twice, his first marriage being to Margaret Coventry, which brought a link by marriage with the civil and railway engineers Benjamin Hall Blyth and Edward Lawrence Blyth which was to be important later. His second marriage to Barbara Smith, daughter of Lord Provost Donald Smith of the private bank Donald Smith & Company, brought a significant range of business connections.

Like his twin brother William, John Dick Peddie was originally intended for a legal career, their eldest brother James having become a civil engineer. John and William attended Edinburgh University from 1839 but in 1842 their careers diverged when John was allowed to become an architect and was articled to David Rhind. While there he entered the competition for the National Bank buildings in Queen Street, Glasgow, in 1844 and, although he probably did not know it at the time, his design reached the final selection, that ultimately chosen being by Charles Barry's assistant John Gibson. In 1845 he established his own independent practice at his father's house at 36 Albany Street and was successful at once, deservedly winning the competition for the Synod Hall (although the influence of his father and his uncle by marriage Professor the Rev Dr James Harper must have helped) and that for the proposed Gilmorehill Cemetery in Glasgow which was not built.

In 1848 Peddie moved his practice to 1 George Street, the office of his uncle, Donald Smith Peddie, a chartered accountant, and from there he won the first of several poorhouse competitions, that for South Leith, and was involved in the design of the Caledonian Station through his Blyth cousins, then senior assistants with Grainger & Miller, probably following the railway's dispute with Sir William Tite over non-payment of fees.

In 1849 the Peddie family bought Lauriston Park, commencing Peddie's long-running involvement with Chalmers Street and Chalmers Hospital, and in the same year he made a feuing plan for Laverock Bank, where his grandmother and his uncle Donald Smith Peddie had their house, an area he was to develop speculatively for villas. He then seems to have taken a short career break, leaving an assistant, David Jamieson, in charge of the office: in the autumn of 1850, or just possibly rather earlier, c.1844-45, he made an extensive continental tour which embraced Constantinople, Prague, Munich and Regensburg. His visits there were mentioned in his lecture 'On the Architectural Features of Edinburgh' given on 12 February 1851 to the Architectural Institute of Scotland of which he had been one of the founder members in 1850. This tour brought about a lifelong interest in contemporary German architecture and theology which was to lead to his sons being educated at Elberfeld.

On 21 July 1851 Peddie married Euphemia Lockhart More, the daughter of James Stephen More and a descendant of the Rev George More of South Shields, co-founder with the Rev Dr James Peddie of the Friendly Society of Dissenting Ministers, a pension fund which helped finance some of Peddie's early property investments. They set up house and office at 10 Nelson Street, which was rented. Through his father-in-law Peddie secured the business of the Royal Bank of Scotland which established a branch network between 1854 and 1857, nearly all of the buildings being designed by Peddie. All were built in a stylish eye-catching palazzo form, and monogrammed, bringing the practice a nationwide reputation. It became UK-wide when he added a new telling room to the head office in 1857, a project reported and illustrated in 'The Builder' on 21 May 1859.

Concurrently with these developments at the Royal Bank Peddie and his civil engineer brother James promoted the Edinburgh High Street and Railway Access Company's proposals for the formation of Cockburn Street, first mooted in 1851, and made more feasible by the Limited Liability Act of 1855. For this the Improvement Act of 1827 had set the precedent of 'Old Scots or Flemish' for Old Town developments. That and over-commitment on Royal Bank business induced him to take a partner skilled in 'Old Scots' who also had some capital to inject into the rapidly expanding practice.

Peddie's choice fell on Charles George Hood Kinnear, born at Kinloch, Fife on 30 May 1830, the second son of Charles Kinnear of Kinnear and Kinloch and a member of the banking family Thomas Kinnear & Company. His mother was Christian Jane Greenshields, only child of the wealthy Edinburgh advocate John Boyd Greenshields who had married Jane Boyd, heiress to the small Dunbartonshire estate of Drum and adopted her name as an additional surname. Charles Kinnear was educated privately with his elder brother, the London advocate, politician and radical journalist John Boyd Kinnear whom he followed to Edinburgh University prior to being articled to David Bryce, than of Burn & Bryce in 1849; his home address was then his Greenshields grandmother's house at 125 Princes Street. Peddie appears to have recruited him on a part-time basis late in 1853 or early in 1854 when his handwriting appears on the detail sheets for the Sir Michael Street Church in Greenock, but by that date he was already undertaking study tours, sketches still in the possession of the family showing that he was in Palermo on 9 March 1853 and Pisa on 13 December 1854. Shortly after returning home from the second tour he set up his own household at 17 Alva Street and commenced an independent practice which seems to have consisted only of improvements on the Kinnear and Kinloch estates. After less than two years as Peddie's assistant he was made a partner, apparently on 1 January 1856 although his RIBA nomination form gives 1855, probably the date of the partnership agreement. Thereafter Kinnear appears to have taken charge of the drawing office, Burn & Bryce drawing office methods being consistently adopted with nearly all the drawings signed in Kinnear's handwriting.

By the time the partnership had been formed, Kinnear had become deeply interested in photography, perhaps through his former master David Bryce, who was also a pioneer photographer. Together with the architect David MacGibbon and Sir David Brewster, Bryce and Kinnear co-founded the Photographic Society of Scotland in 1856, Brewster being president and Kinnear secretary. In the same year Kinnear made a photographic study tour which embraced Milan; and in the following year, 1857, he invented the first bellows camera, which was made for him by a Mr Bell of Potterrow. He took it on a study tour of northern France, followed by another in Germany.

Kinnear was able to make these study tours through inheritance. When he came of age in 1852 he fell heir to a large number of Edinburgh properties from his Greenshields grandfather, and on the death of his grandmother in 1856 he also came into full possession of 125 Princes Street and the estate of Drum. One of these houses, 12 Howe Street, provided the larger premises the partnership required. Family connections were reinforced by volunteer connections from 1859 onwards when he joined the First Midlothian County (Midlothian Coast) Artillery Volunteer Brigade. He was commissioned as a lieutenant in July 1860 and quickly rose to become captain of the Portobello battery, then second major, and as senior major one of the three officers who financed the building of the regimental headquarters in Grindlay Street in 1866.

From the very beginning the partnership was hugely successful as commissions for major public buildings and churches flowed in: Dublin Street Baptist Church in Edinburgh in 1856; the Scottish Provident Institute in Edinburgh, where Donald Smith Peddie was on the board, in 1858; Morrison's Academy in Crieff in 1859; and Morgan's Hospital in Dundee in 1860. They also had considerable success in competitions, winning that for Sydney Place UP Church in Glasgow in 1857 and coming second for the Wallace Monument and St Mary's Free Church, Edinburgh in 1858, the design for the latter being realised at Pilrig Free Church in the same city in 1860. In the following year, 1861, they won that for Aberdeen Sheriff Court, which grew into the much larger municipal buildings project in the following year. The single major disappointment was the reconstruction and enlargement of the Bank of Scotland Head Office in Edinburgh, commissioned by the Treasurer Alexander Blair in the autumn of 1859 but retrieved by David Bryce from his successors after Kinnear was instructed to seek his opinion on their designs. Peddie & Kinnear were, however, given all of the bank's provincial branch business, and after initially building some relatively simple Italianate structures, Kinnear followed David MacGibbon's lead in adopting a Scots vernacular idiom as the bank's house style for new construction. This greatly increased volume of business required a larger office, 3 South Charlotte Street being bought for the purpose in 1866. It also led to a marked increase in Peddie's social standing, expressed first in a large terrace house at 21 Claremont Crescent, built in 1860 and then in a much grander one at 33 Buckingham Terrace, built along with number 34 in 1866. Not long thereafter he also rented from the Countess of Seafield the estate of Muckrach in Inverness-shire, primarily for the fishing. Election as ARSA followed in 1868, and full academician and treasurer only two years later. The Academy was to become a showcase for his ambitious proposals for Princes Street, an interest which seems to have stemmed from his North British Station and Waverley Market competition designs of 1866 and the unbuilt Caledonian Hotel scheme of 1868, the biggest disappointment of Peddie's career.

To keep their office continuously employed, Peddie & Kinnear began building speculatively in Edinburgh from the mid-1860s, taking over the Grosvenor Crescent section of Robert Matheson's West Coates development and extending it into Palmerston Place. This sold well and with a relative dearth of commissions for public buildings, now increasingly determined by open competition, the partners set about creating new business through property, hydropathic and hotel companies in which they and a select circle of business associates were the major shareholders, a tactic made less hazardous by the Limited Liability Act of 1855 and the Companies Act of 1862. The first of these were the Heritable Securities Association and the Scottish Lands and Buildings Company, founded in 1862 and 1864 respectively, followed by the Craiglockhart Estates Company in 1873 and a number of smaller companies. Nearly all of these were managed by the Edinburgh chartered accountant Alexander Thomas Niven. Their authorised capital was not fully paid up, the balance being met by advertising for funds on deposit at interest rates of 3 ½ to 4 ½ %. Initially these companies were primarily concerned with housing developments, but when the Caledonian Railway moved the site of its proposed Central Station to the eastern side of Hope Street, the Blythswoodholm Building Company, backed by the Scottish Lands and Buildings Company, took over the original site on the west side for a major hotel and shopping arcade development. In this project Peddie realised some of the ideas in the unbuilt schemes for St Enoch Station in Glasgow and the North British and Caledonian Hotels in Edinburgh, but with Alexander Thomson-based elevations. By 1877 the Scottish Lands and Buildings Company had become overstretched as costs escalated and disposed of its interest to the Scottish Heritable Securities Company. Further capital was raised but in 1878 the City of Glasgow Bank crashed. This provoked a prolonged recession and in 1879 the Caledonian Railway decided to convert its offices into an hotel, bringing about the liquidation of the Blythswood Building Company and of the Scottish Heritable Securities Company in 1882 when a £70,000 bond was called in. Kinnear's Scottish Lands and Buildings Company also went into liquidation, but it was a voluntary one and it somehow managed to remain solvent. Peddie & Kinnear's other property companies fared no better as a result of the recession and the withdrawal of loan capital: calls for capital from companies which no longer had a value were to plague both partners to the end of their lives.

The partners similarly incurred heavy losses in their two large hydropathic developments: Dunblane, where the company was formed in 1874, and Craiglockhart, a by-product of the Craiglockhart Estates Company, formed in 1877. At Callander, where they acted as consultants to the Stirling architect and civil engineer Francis Mackison in 1878-80, they were careful to avoid subscribing any capital. All three hydropathics failed in 1884 and were sold to hoteliers: the only one to survive was Shandon where the capital cost had been kept low by buying the existing mansion by John Thomas Rochead for a fraction of its original cost.

In 1878 the Peddie & Kinnear practice briefly became Peddie, Kinnear & Peddie with the return to the office of John More Dick Peddie. Born in Edinburgh on 21 August 1853 and educated at the Edinburgh Academy from 1864 to 1868 followed by two years at the Real Schule Elberfeld, he entered the science faculty at Edinburgh University in 1870 while on a short articled apprenticeship with his father. He then obtained a place in the office of George Gilbert Scott, returning to the office in 1875 as an assistant after a grand tour which took him as far south as Sicily. After his return the practice's church work took on an English Gothic rather than the continental Romanesque which had characterised his father's. When John More Dick Peddie became a partner the practice was also joined by Peddie's fifth son Walter Lockhart Dick Peddie, born in Edinburgh on 7 November 1865 and educated at Fettes College. He may have been less academically minded than Peddie's other sons: he did not go to Elberfeld and of all Peddie's sons he was the only one not to go to university, signing drawings at the early age of fourteen.

In 1879 Peddie withdrew from the practice at the age of fifty-five. He did not become a retired Academician, thereby blocking the election of both Kinnear and his son, and retained his membership by exhibiting old projects. Although it has been stated that he retired to enter politics, it was at least as much to repair the family fortunes and provide for his unmarried sisters and daughters by becoming a fund manager. His sisters were a particular problem to him as his unmarried brother James had never had a particularly successful business and his father had somehow lost his money, probably through acting as a 'cautioner'. He had had to sell the house his son built for him in Lansdowne Crescent in 1867 and become his son's tenant and pensioner in Chalmers Street. Preparations for Peddie's change of career appear to have been made for more than a decade as he had been building up directorships since at least the mid-1860s, and in May 1875 he bought Veitch's Hotel at 122 George Street, Edinburgh in partnership with the solicitor William John Menzies, converting it into shops and offices to provide a steady income stream from rents. To achieve this they borrowed £12,000 from the Earl of Moray and £5,000 from the vendors, but after a very few years these bonds became a problem and after some re-mortgaging Peddie bought out Menzies's interest in 1884. Although several architectural practices took chambers in this building it is doubtful if it ever produced much of a net income after servicing the bonds.

Peddie secured the Liberal nomination for Kilmarnock burghs in 1878 and won the seat on the Disestablishment issue on 8 April 1880 despite the splitting of the vote by an unofficial pro-Establishment Liberal candidate. At Westminster he represented the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings' interests as well as the Disestablishment interest. On the first day of each parliamentary session he gave notice of his intention to introduce a resolution to implement disestablishment. Although initially unsuccessful he hired halls in every sizeable town in Scotland to whip up interest and on 23 June 1884 he eventually won a place in the ballot and exchanged his resolution for a private members' bill introduced on 24 October 1884.

The bill never came to a vote. Peddie's business interests had taken him on a voyage round the world. It must have been a welcome absence. The reputation and financial circumstances of the entire Peddie family had been compromised by Peddie's chartered accountant uncle Donald Smith Peddie and making money had become even more important than it had been. As a result of the divorce action by one of his clients his uncle had fled to the USA in November 1882 and was found to have liabilities of £75,000 and realisable assets of £4,565, chiefly represented by the house Peddie had built for him in Trinity. Peddie's £800 bond on that property was amongst those 'left out of view' and the Peddie family had to subscribe heavily towards the £25,940 missing from the accounts of the Friendly Society of Dissenting Ministers which he had been raiding since at least 1845.

Peddie's interest in overseas investment dated back to at least 1873. Together with Sir George Warrender, Edward Blyth, Thomas Nelson and others he was a founder of the Scottish American Trust of which James A Roosevelt was one of the American directors. Peddie's remit was to advise on property investment and Blyth's on railroads, and following the Trust's decision not to hold property directly, the Peddies formed the Scottish American Land Company in 1880, Peddie's third son William, born 27 March 1859, being sent out to Emmetsburg in 1883 to assist Alexander Peddie, who was an uncle already resident in Iowa. Peddie's other American interests included the United States Mortgage Company of Scotland and after he became an MP he bought a large shareholding in James L Lombard's American and General Mortgage and Investment Corporation Ltd, of which he became a director. Along with other members of the family he subscribed to the formation of the Scottish and New Zealand Company in 1877 and to the Colonial and Investment Company of New Zealand: he was a director of both of these and for a time chairman of one of them.

Peddie and his wife set off for Australia and New Zealand in the autumn of 1885 to inspect these operations, but a crisis of confidence amongst the American and Canadian shareholders led him to cut short his visit to Australasia and sail for the United States. Somewhere on the voyage Euphemia died and her body was brought home for burial in Dean Cemetery on 31 December. Early in the New Year he returned to Australia, in March he met Lombard to look at the operations in Kansas, and in April he returned home to report to his several boards.

Peddie's parliamentary seat was lost in his absence because of the split Liberal vote in November 1885. The Conservatives won by 293 votes and despite a request from Gladstone to stand again in July 1886 he declined: in his son Coventry's words, he had 'not the wherewithal' as a result of heavy borrowing to finance his New Worlds investments. The zenith of his business career came in July 1887 when he became first chairman of the hugely successful Scottish Investment Trust formed by his solicitor brother's firm Peddie & Ivory. But two years later he took one final gamble by investing in Pollok Patents and two related companies, the Grass Valley Gold Company in the USA and the Australian Gold Extracting Company, all three of which were linked to Peddie & Ivory's Scottish Investment Trust and Second Scottish Investment Trust. These briefly brought him a very large income in director's fees but the processes on which these companies were based proved uneconomic. He did not live to see their collapse in 1892-94 as he had become seriously ill in 1890 and had to resign all his directorships. An operation was carried out early in 1891 but he died on 12 March, leaving moveable assets of £26,432 2s 10d, liabilities of £10,002 13s 0d, his houses in Buckingham Terrace and Chalmers Street and the heavily mortgaged office building at 122 George Street. His net moveable estate was calculated at £16,429 9s 10d but because of bonds the net worth of his property interests is difficult to guess.

(See separate entry on Kinnear & Peddie for the continued history of the practice after Peddie's withdrawal.)

Private and Business Addresses

The following private or business addresses are associated with this architect:
 AddressTypeDate fromDate toNotes
Item 1 of 636, Albany Street, Edinburgh, ScotlandBusiness18451848 
Item 2 of 61, George Street, Edinburgh, ScotlandBusiness18481856(?) 
Item 3 of 612, Howe Street, Edinburgh, ScotlandBusiness18561866 
Item 4 of 621, Claremont Crescent, Edinburgh, ScotlandPrivate1860  
Item 5 of 633, Buckingham Terrace, Edinburgh, ScotlandPrivate1866  
Item 6 of 63, South Charlotte Street, Edinburgh, ScotlandBusiness18661879 

Employment and Training


The following individuals or organisations employed or trained this architect (click on an item to view details):
 NameDate fromDate toPositionNotes
Item 1 of 3David Rhind18421845Apprentice 
Item 2 of 3Peddie & Kinnear1 January 18561878Partner 
Item 3 of 3Peddie, Kinnear & Peddie18781879Partner 

Employees or Pupils

The following individuals were employed or trained by this architect (click on an item to view details):
 NameDate fromDate toPositionNotes
Item 1 of 4John James Laingc. 1846c. 1851Apprentice 
Item 2 of 4David Jamiesonc. 1850 * Assistant 
Item 3 of 4Edward Anderson1853 * Assistant 
Item 4 of 4Charles George Hood Kinnearc. 1853Early 1855AssistantPart-time assistant

* earliest date known from documented sources.

Buildings and Designs

This architect was involved with the following buildings or structures from the date specified (click on an item to view details):
 Date startedBuilding nameTown, district or villageIslandCity or countyCountryNotes
Item 1 of 4621843Catholic Apostolic Church  EdinburghScotlandAttribution
Item 2 of 4621844National Bank of Scotland and Square of Business ChambersShawlands GlasgowScotlandCompetition design - reached final selection but did not win
Item 3 of 4621844 or 1845Terrace of houses, Airlie Place  DundeeScotlandTook over development of estate for housing from William Scott - southern part only built, east side 1853 for David Baxter
Item 4 of 4621845Glasgow Western CemeteryHillhead GlasgowScotlandCompetition design for gates, lodges and catacombs - not built
Item 5 of 4621845UP Synod Hall  EdinburghScotlandWon competition and secured job
Item 6 of 4621845Warriston Cemetery, Edinburgh Granton railway bridgeWarriston EdinburghScotland 
Item 7 of 46215 August 1845Glasgow Western CemeteryHillhead GlasgowScotlandRevised competition design for gates and lodge - not built
Item 8 of 4621846Warriston Cemetery, James Peddie MonumentWarriston EdinburghScotland 
Item 9 of 4621848Boston UP ChurchCupar FifeScotland 
Item 10 of 4621848Caledonian Railway Station  EdinburghScotlandShortened scheme not built
Item 11 of 4621848Gilmore Hill Estate housing layout  GlasgowScotlandCompetition design - not successful
Item 12 of 4621848South Leith PoorhouseLeith EdinburghScotland 
Item 13 of 4621849Laverockbank Terrace developmentTrinity EdinburghScotlandFeuing plan and design of new terrace
Item 14 of 4621849Prestonville CottageCorstorphine EdinburghScotland 
Item 15 of 4621849Royal Arch, Dundee Docks  DundeeScotlandCompetition design - unplaced
Item 16 of 4621849Terrace of houses, Airlie Place  DundeeScotlandVarious plans and elevations for development of the street.
Item 17 of 462c. 1849Caledonian Railway Station  EdinburghScotlandFurther simplified scheme built
Item 18 of 4621850Anstruther UP ChurchAnstruther FifeScotland 
Item 19 of 4621850Ford UP ChurchFord MidlothianScotland 
Item 20 of 4621850MayvilleTrinity EdinburghScotlandNew wing, executed but without belvedere originally planned
Item 21 of 4621850Tor HouseMurrayfield EdinburghScotland 
Item 22 of 4621850Torquhan HouseStow MidlothianScotlandAlterations
Item 23 of 4621851Cockburn Street  EdinburghScotlandFirst proposals
Item 24 of 4621851Elmbank (Elibank)Corstorphine EdinburghScotland 
Item 25 of 4621851Montrose UP ChurchMontrose AngusScotland 
Item 26 of 4621851Richmond houseTrinity EdinburghScotland 
Item 27 of 4621851Somervail SchoolWest Linton PeeblesshireScotland 
Item 28 of 4621851 or 1857Somervail SchoolhouseWest Linton PeeblesshireScotlandReconstruction - almost wholly new
Item 29 of 4621852Hawkhill  EdinburghScotlandAlterations
Item 30 of 4621852Sir Michael Street UP ChurchGreenock RenfrewshireScotland 
Item 31 of 4621853Cauvin's Hospital, entrance lodgeDuddingston EdinburghScotland 
Item 32 of 4621853Inveresk Union PoorhouseInveresk MidlothianScotland 
Item 33 of 4621853Kinaldy HouseDunino FifeScotlandLarge addition
Item 34 of 4621853Lomond HouseTrinity EdinburghScotland 
Item 35 of 4621853Peebles Union PoorhousePeebles PeeblesshireScotlandSeveral schemes drawn up - not built
Item 36 of 4621853Property for Macfie  EdinburghScotland 
Item 37 of 4621853Proposed Buildings on Market Street for Bank of Scotland  EdinburghScotland 
Item 38 of 4621853RivalsgreenLinlithgow West LothianScotlandExtensive alterations and additions
Item 39 of 4621853South Leith School  EdinburghScotland 
Item 40 of 4621853Thornliebank UP Company ChurchThornliebank RenfrewshireScotland 
Item 41 of 462c. 1853House in Lennox RoadTrinity EdinburghScotland 
Item 42 of 4621854Chalmers Street  EdinburghScotlandThree schemes drawn up
Item 43 of 4621854Colonial Life Assurance Co  EdinburghScotlandAddition of porch
Item 44 of 4621854Edinburgh and Glasgow BankStirling StirlingshireScotland 
Item 45 of 4621854Kirkintilloch UP ChurchKirkintilloch DunbartonshireScotland 
Item 46 of 4621854Pollok Street UP Church  GlasgowScotlandOriginal buildilng
Item 47 of 4621854Unidentified Premises for Clapperton & Co   Scotland 
Item 48 of 4621855Chalmers Hospital  EdinburghScotland 
Item 49 of 4621855Findlater LodgeTrinity EdinburghScotland 
Item 50 of 4621855Howgate UP ChurchHowgate MidlothianScotland 
Item 51 of 4621855Laurel BankTrinity EdinburghScotland 
Item 52 of 4621855Life Association of Scotland, Head Office and Bedford Hotel  EdinburghScotlandProposed several schemes in conjunction with David Rhind, the architect for the project
Item 53 of 4621855Stirling Combination Poorhouse and Lunatic AsylumStirling StirlingshireScotland 
Item 54 of 4621855Sunnyside Cottages  East LothianScotland 
Item 55 of 4621855Sunnyside FarmhousePrestonkirk East LothianScotland 
Item 56 of 4621855Sunnyside HouseMontrose AngusScotlandAlterations
Item 57 of 4621855Sunnyside SteadingPrestonkirk East LothianScotland 
Item 58 of 4621856Dublin Street Baptist Church  EdinburghScotland 
Item 59 of 4621856Feuing of Sir James Colquhoun of Luss's propertyHelensburgh DunbartonshireScotland 
Item 60 of 4621856Houses on Argyle Place  EdinburghScotland 
Item 61 of 4621856Kippielaw CottagesKippilaw, St Boswells RoxburghshireScotland 
Item 62 of 4621856Latterpin Farmhouse   Scotland 
Item 63 of 4621856Property for Mrs Mein at 20 John Street  EdinburghScotland 
Item 64 of 4621856Royal Bank of ScotlandDumfries DumfriesshireScotland 
Item 65 of 4621856Royal Bank of ScotlandAyr AyrshireScotland 
Item 66 of 4621856Royal Bank of ScotlandHawick RoxburghshireScotland 
Item 67 of 4621856Royal Bank of ScotlandGirvan AyrshireScotland 
Item 68 of 4621856Royal Bank of ScotlandMaybole AyrshireScotland 
Item 69 of 4621856Sydney Place UP Church  GlasgowScotlandWon competition to secure job
Item 70 of 46218576, 7 Laverockbank TerraceTrinity EdinburghScotland 
Item 71 of 4621857Hartwoodhill HouseHartwoodhill Lanarkshire/Midlothian?Scotland 
Item 72 of 4621857Overhailes Cottages  East LothianScotland 
Item 73 of 4621857Royal Bank of ScotlandKilmarnock AyrshireScotland 
Item 74 of 4621857Royal Bank of ScotlandIrvine AyrshireScotland 
Item 75 of 4621857Royal Bank of ScotlandDuns BerwickshireScotland 
Item 76 of 4621857Royal Bank of Scotland Headquarters  EdinburghScotlandNew atrium and telling room
Item 77 of 4621857Tor AluinDunoon ArgyllScotland 
Item 78 of 4621857Valley CemeteryStirling StirlingshireScotlandWith William Drummond, seedsman and landscape gardener
Item 79 of 462c. 1857Bedford HouseAlloa ClackmannanshireScotland 
Item 80 of 4621858120-134 Trinity Road  EdinburghScotland 
Item 81 of 4621858Bank of Scotland Headquarters, The Mound  EdinburghScotlandSchemes for remodelling Reid & Crichton building. Bryce commissioned
Item 82 of 4621858Buildings in Warriston Close  EdinburghScotland 
Item 83 of 4621858Glengorm HouseMishnishMullArgyllScotland 
Item 84 of 4621858House in Lennox RoadTrinity EdinburghScotlandAdditions
Item 85 of 4621858Iver CottageTrinity EdinburghScotland 
Item 86 of 4621858Lismore LodgeDunoon ArgyllScotlandReconstruction
Item 87 of 4621858Monument to John Purvis of Kinaldy, St Cuthbert's Churchyard  EdinburghScotland 
Item 88 of 4621858North Leith UP ChurchLeith EdinburghScotlandAlterations
Item 89 of 4621858Oxford Terrace  EdinburghScotlandExecuted no 8
Item 90 of 4621858Portland Road UP ChurchKilmarnock AyrshireScotland 
Item 91 of 4621858Portree UP ChurchPortreeSkyeInverness-shireScotland 
Item 92 of 4621858Rentons, 10-15 Princes Street  EdinburghScotlandNew frontage for Crown Hotel. Also later in the same year scheme for addition of attic storey to building.
Item 93 of 4621858Royal Bank of ScotlandArbroath AngusScotland 
Item 94 of 4621858Scottish Provident Institution  EdinburghScotlandThree preliminary schemes and one executed scheme
Item 95 of 4621858St Mary's Free Church and Manse  EdinburghScotlandSecond place competition design
Item 96 of 4621858St Mary's MountPeebles PeeblesshireScotland 
Item 97 of 4621859Block A, 2-8 Cockburn Street  EdinburghScotland 
Item 98 of 4621859Block D, 31-37 Cockburn Street  EdinburghScotland 
Item 99 of 4621859Block E, 59-63 Cockburn Street  EdinburghScotland 
Item 100 of 4621859Block F, 32-48 Cockburn Street  EdinburghScotland 
Item 101 of 4621859Block H, 52-56 Cockburn Street  EdinburghScotland 
Item 102 of 4621859CraigruieBalquhidder PerthshireScotland 
Item 103 of 4621859Erskine Church, Erskine MonumentStirling StirlingshireScotlandErskine Monument
Item 104 of 4621859Galston UP ChurchGalston AyrshireScotland 
Item 105 of 4621859Inverness District AsylumInverness Inverness-shireScotland5 alternative schemes for competition - not successful
Item 106 of 4621859Kinloch HouseCollessie FifeScotlandRemodelling and rebuilding
Item 107 of 4621859Markland Farm Steading     
Item 108 of 4621859Morrison's AcademyCrieff PerthshireScotland 
Item 109 of 4621859North Trinity HouseTrinity EdinburghScotland 
Item 110 of 4621859Philp's Cockburn Hotel and other property, 1-29 Cockburn Street  EdinburghScotland 
Item 111 of 4621859Royal Bank of ScotlandDrymen StirlingshireScotland 
Item 112 of 4621859StentonDunkeld (near) PerthshireScotlandLarge addition
Item 113 of 4621859Wallace MonumentAbbey Craig StirlingshireScotlandCompetition design - placed second
Item 114 of 4621860'Cottage' for Mr Craigie   Scotland 
Item 115 of 462186035 St Andrew Square  EdinburghScotlandAddition of bedroom block--now demolished
Item 116 of 462186057 Dick PlaceGrange EdinburghScotland 
Item 117 of 4621860Anstruther UP ManseAnstruther FifeScotland 
Item 118 of 4621860Balavil HouseKingussie Inverness-shireScotlandSurvey
Item 119 of 4621860Bemersyde HouseBemersyde BerwickshireScotlandWest wing extended, heightened and remodelled
Item 120 of 4621860Block C, 18-24 Cockburn Street  EdinburghScotland 
Item 121 of 4621860Block G, 50 Cockburn Street  EdinburghScotland 
Item 122 of 4621860Block J, 65 Cockburn Street  EdinburghScotland 
Item 123 of 4621860Block K, Mrs Middleton's Temperance Hotel, 10-16 Cockburn Street  EdinburghScotland 
Item 124 of 4621860Busby House (for Crum)  LanarkshireScotlandAlterations and large addition
Item 125 of 4621860Haddington District Asylum, ancillary building and North LodgeHaddington East LothianScotlandProduced working drawings with alternatives - in association with William Lambie Moffat
Item 126 of 4621860Hermitage HouseTrinity EdinburghScotland 
Item 127 of 4621860Inveresk Union PoorhouseInveresk MidlothianScotland 
Item 128 of 4621860Leith Corn ExchangeLeith EdinburghScotlandWon in competition
Item 129 of 4621860Lodge for D A PearsonNorth Queensferry FifeScotland 
Item 130 of 4621860Morgan's Hospital  DundeeScotland 
Item 131 of 4621860Pilrig Free ChurchPilrig EdinburghScotland 
Item 132 of 4621860Scotsman Building, 26-30 Cockburn Street  EdinburghScotland 
Item 133 of 4621860Shop, 139 Princes Street  EdinburghScotland 
Item 134 of 462December 1860Lismore LodgeDunoon ArgyllScotlandFurther work
Item 135 of 462c. 18607-22 Claremont Crescent  EdinburghScotlandElevations to William Burn's design
Item 136 of 462c. 1860Hallyburton HouseCoupar Angus AngusScotlandUnbuilt designs
Item 137 of 462c. 1860Kinloch Estate, farm cottage to north of Kinloch FarmCollessie FifeScotland 
Item 138 of 462c. 1860Milton HouseTrinity EdinburghScotland 
Item 139 of 462c. 1860Phantassie CottagesPrestonkirk East LothianScotland 
Item 140 of 462c. 1860Trafalgar FarmhouseCollessie FifeScotland 
Item 141 of 46218611, 2,3 Melville Crescent  EdinburghScotlandElevation built to Robert Brown's design as modified by Lessels (Peddie & Kinnear designed part behind façade)
Item 142 of 462186112 Charlotte Street  EdinburghScotlandInternal alterations
Item 143 of 46218619, 10 Laverockbank TerraceTrinity EdinburghScotland 
Item 144 of 4621861Aldourie Castle  Inverness-shireScotlandScheme for remodelling the west end of the house, alternatice proposals for the entrance tower on the south front, the Midmar-like tower to be remodelled to a Castle Fraser like form or given a candelsnuffer roof.
Item 145 of 4621861Bank of ScotlandGreenock RenfrewshireScotlandAlterations
Item 146 of 4621861Brand's School and School HouseMilnathort Kinross-shireScotland 
Item 147 of 4621861Chester Street  EdinburghScotlandDesign of buildings behind façade
Item 148 of 4621861Glenforsa HouseGrulineMullArgyllScotland 
Item 149 of 4621861Hartwoodhill HouseHartwoodhill Lanarkshire/Midlothian?ScotlandEnlargement
Item 150 of 4621861House at PortobelloPortobello EdinburghScotland 
Item 151 of 4621861RivalsgreenLinlithgow West LothianScotlandAdditions
Item 152 of 4621861Starly HallBurntisland FifeScotland 
Item 153 of 4621861The GowsInvergowrie Perthshire/AngusScotland 
Item 154 of 4621861Tobermory Sheriff Court and PrisonTobermoryMullArgyllScotland 
Item 155 of 4621861Union BankDunoon ArgyllScotland 
Item 156 of 462186215 Saxe Coburg Place  EdinburghScotlandDesign of building behind James Milne's façade
Item 157 of 462186219-20 Buckingham Terrace  EdinburghScotlandElevation to John Chesser's designs - Peddie designed everything behind façade and perhaps had hand in elevation design
Item 158 of 46218624 Doune Terrace  EdinburghScotlandAlterations--by John Dick Peddie alone, not in name of firm
Item 159 of 4621862Aberdeen Municipal Buildings and Tolbooth  AberdeenScotlandWon in competition
Item 160 of 4621862Ayton House, stables  FifeScotland 
Item 161 of 4621862Bank of ScotlandStonehaven KincardineshireScotland 
Item 162 of 4621862Bank of ScotlandDumfries DumfriesshireScotlandMinor alterations (and survey)
Item 163 of 4621862Lower Craig View Row and Prince Albert Buildings, Terraces of TenementsDumbiedykes EdinburghScotland 
Item 164 of 4621862Murrayshall  PerthshireScotlandNew entrance, stair and tower
Item 165 of 4621862RivalsgreenLinlithgow West LothianScotlandAdditions
Item 166 of 4621862Royal Bank of ScotlandStirling StirlingshireScotland 
Item 167 of 4621862Salen InnSalenMullArgyllScotland 
Item 168 of 4621862Scottish National Albert Memorial  EdinburghScotlandCompetition design
Item 169 of 4621862Warriston CemeteryWarriston EdinburghScotlandExtension to catacombs
Item 170 of 462c. 1862Royal Bank of ScotlandStewarton AyrshireScotland 
Item 171 of 4621863125 Princes Street  EdinburghScotlandRebuilding
Item 172 of 46218637, 8, 9 Melville Crescent  EdinburghScotland 
Item 173 of 4621863Alloa West UP ChurchAlloa ClackmannanshireScotlandWon in competition
Item 174 of 4621863Bank of ScotlandGalashiels SelkirkshireScotland 
Item 175 of 4621863Bank of ScotlandCastle Douglas KirkcudbrightshireScotland 
Item 176 of 4621863Braeside HouseCramond Bridge EdinburghScotlandAddition
Item 177 of 4621863CrawfordtonMoniaive DumfriesshireScotland 
Item 178 of 4621863Fife and Kinross District AsylumSpringfield, Cupar FifeScotlandBuilt, including superintendent's house, lodge and gateway
Item 179 of 4621863Hartwoodhill HouseHartwoodhill Lanarkshire/Midlothian?ScotlandStables
Item 180 of 4621863Hope Park UP Church ManseSt Andrews FifeScotland 
Item 181 of 4621863North Richmond Street UP Church  EdinburghScotlandAlterations
Item 182 of 4621863Prestonkirk PoorhouseEast Linton East LothianScotland 
Item 183 of 4621863Restalrig Park  EdinburghScotland 
Item 184 of 4621863Royal Bank of ScotlandBrechin AngusScotland 
Item 185 of 4621863St Andrews UP Church, Hope ParkSt Andrews FifeScotland 
Item 186 of 462186413, 14 Laverockbank TerraceTrinity EdinburghScotland 
Item 187 of 462186423-25 Queen Street  EdinburghScotland 
Item 188 of 462186460 Great King Street  EdinburghScotlandInternal alterations
Item 189 of 4621864Adelaide LodgeAnstruther FifeScotland 
Item 190 of 4621864Ayrshire Lunatic AsylumAyr AyrshireScotlandCompetition design
Item 191 of 4621864Balavil HouseKingussie Inverness-shireScotlandWest lodge
Item 192 of 4621864Bristo UP Church  EdinburghScotlandInternal alterations
Item 193 of 4621864Corstorphine Convalescent HomeCorstorphine EdinburghScotland 
Item 194 of 4621864Greenock Courthouse, Prison and Governor's HouseGreenock RenfrewshireScotland 
Item 195 of 4621864Houses, 35-47 Manor Place  EdinburghScotlandIn consultation with John Lessels (but elevations probably to their own design)
Item 196 of 4621864Kilmaurs UP ChurchKilmaurs AyrshireScotland 
Item 197 of 4621864Kingussie ManseKingussie Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 198 of 4621864Kirkcudbright Railway StationKirkcudbright KirkcudbrightshireScotland 
Item 199 of 4621864LathallanColinsburgh FifeScotland 
Item 200 of 4621864Monteath MausoleumGersit Law, Ancrum RoxburghshireScotland 
Item 201 of 4621864Peterhead Court HousePeterhead AberdeenshireScotlandTwo unbuilt schemes
Item 202 of 4621864Royal Bank of ScotlandPortobello EdinburghScotland 
Item 203 of 4621864Royal Bank of ScotlandMontrose AngusScotland 
Item 204 of 4621864Royal Bank of ScotlandGrantown-on-Spey MorayshireScotland 
Item 205 of 4621864St Cuthbert's Churchyard, Monument to Sir James Gardiner Baird  EdinburghScotland 
Item 206 of 4621864Tenement, Montgomery Street  EdinburghScotlandElevation built to Playfair's design (two schemes drawn up - consent for first scheme departing from Playfair's design apparently refused)
Item 207 of 4621864Torwoodlee HouseGalashiels SelkirkshireScotlandAdditions: new two-storey porch and extensive replanning of interior
Item 208 of 4621864University Club  EdinburghScotland 
Item 209 of 4621864University of Edinburgh College Hall  EdinburghScotlandUnbuilt design
Item 210 of 4621864Villa for Mrs ScottHawick RoxburghshireScotland 
Item 211 of 4621864Warriston CemeteryWarriston EdinburghScotlandGate lodge (later demolished)
Item 212 of 462c. 1864Bank of ScotlandKirkcudbright KirkcudbrightshireScotland 
Item 213 of 462c. 1864St Enoch's Railway Station and Hotel and Office Block  GlasgowScotlandWith John Fowler and James Fairlie Blair
Item 214 of 462186513, 14 Moray Place  EdinburghScotlandAlterations
Item 215 of 462186532-34 Buckingham Terrace  EdinburghScotlandElevation to John Chesser's designs - Peddie designed everything behind façade amd perhaps had hand in elevation design
Item 216 of 462186566, 67 Queen Street  EdinburghScotlandAlterations and stables at rear
Item 217 of 4621865Allan Park UP ChurchStirling StirlingshireScotland 
Item 218 of 4621865Bank of ScotlandArbroath AngusScotland 
Item 219 of 4621865Bank of ScotlandAnnan DumfriesshireScotlandAlterations
Item 220 of 4621865Biggar United Presbyterian ChurchBiggar LanarkshireScotland 
Item 221 of 4621865Bonnygate UP ChurchCupar FifeScotland 
Item 222 of 4621865Cockenzie School and SchoolhouseCockenzie East LothianScotland 
Item 223 of 4621865Dalry Girls Reformatory  EdinburghScotlandadditions
Item 224 of 4621865Dysart UP Church, Normand RoadDysart FifeScotlandAppear to have been approached initially for a statement of fees in case they should be commissioned, but no designs are known to have been produced
Item 225 of 4621865EildonsideMelrose RoxburghshireScotlandSignificant alterations
Item 226 of 4621865House at Merchiston on feu lot  EdinburghScotland 
Item 227 of 4621865House in Whitehouse Terrace  EdinburghScotland 
Item 228 of 4621865Kinnettles  AngusScotlandHorse stables and lodge
Item 229 of 4621865Melrose UP ChurchMelrose RoxburghshireScotland 
Item 230 of 4621865Musselburgh Golf ClubMusselburgh MidlothianScotland 
Item 231 of 4621865TayparkWest Ferry DundeeScotland 
Item 232 of 4621865The BinnInverkeithing FifeScotland 
Item 233 of 4621865Waverley Bridge and Station approach  EdinburghScotlandDrawings signed only by Peddie
Item 234 of 4621865Windleston Hall, Chapel Tomb for Sir William Eden  County DurhamEngland 
Item 235 of 462c. 1865NewtonairdDumfries DumfriesshireScotlandOriginal house
Item 236 of 46218664 St Andrew Square  EdinburghScotlandAlterations
Item 237 of 462186645 Charlotte Square  EdinburghScotlandAlterations
Item 238 of 46218669 Abercromby Place  EdinburghScotlandAlterations
Item 239 of 4621866Bank of ScotlandBarrhead RenfrewshireScotland 
Item 240 of 4621866Bank of ScotlandGatehouse of Fleet KirkcudbrightshireScotlandAlterations
Item 241 of 4621866Crown Insurance Company Building  EdinburghScotland 
Item 242 of 4621866GlenmayneGalashiels SelkirkshireScotland 
Item 243 of 4621866Hope Park UP Church  EdinburghScotland 
Item 244 of 4621866Mayfield  DundeeScotlandSupervised by Alexander Johnston
Item 245 of 4621866Midlothian County Artillery Volunteers Property Drill Hall & adjoining tenement  EdinburghScotland 
Item 246 of 4621866MunchesDalbeattie KirkcudbrightshireScotlandOlder house absorbed into larger house
Item 247 of 4621866Royal Bank of ScotlandCumnock AyrshireScotland 
Item 248 of 4621866St Andrew Square, railings, gates and paths  EdinburghScotland 
Item 249 of 4621866St Cuthbert's PoorhouseCraigleith EdinburghScotlandOriginal building
Item 250 of 4621866Tayfield Estate, terrace of shopsNewport-on-Tay FifeScotland 
Item 251 of 4621866Two Villas, TayfieldNewport-on-Tay FifeScotland 
Item 252 of 4621866Waverley Station, hotel and market scheme  EdinburghScotlandCompetition proposal with unidentified engineer
Item 253 of 462186714-20 Lennox Street  EdinburghScotlandDesign of buildings behind façade
Item 254 of 462186724, 26 Lennox Street  EdinburghScotlandDesign of buildings behind façade
Item 255 of 46218676 St Colme Street  EdinburghScotlandAlterations
Item 256 of 46218679, 11 Lennox Street  EdinburghScotlandDesign of buildings behind façade
Item 257 of 4621867Bank of ScotlandMotherwell LanarkshireScotland 
Item 258 of 4621867Bank of Scotland, Union Street  AberdeenScotlandAlterations (2 lower floors of façade redesigned)
Item 259 of 4621867BowcliffSt Andrews FifeScotland 
Item 260 of 4621867Buchanan Street Railway Station  GlasgowScotlandReport probably with sketch scheme
Item 261 of 4621867Caledonian Railway Station and Hotel  EdinburghScotland 
Item 262 of 4621867Cowan's Close Mission School  EdinburghScotland 
Item 263 of 4621867Culross SchoolCulross FifeScotland 
Item 264 of 4621867EdradynateStrathtay PerthshireScotlandAlterations
Item 265 of 4621867Grantown-on-Spey CourthouseGrantown-on-Spey MorayshireScotlandUnbuilt design
Item 266 of 4621867House for John BroadMelrose RoxburghshireScotland 
Item 267 of 4621867House in Lansdowne Crescent  EdinburghScotlandDesign of house - elevation to Robert Matheson's design
Item 268 of 4621867Jordanhill House  GlasgowScotlandMinor alterations
Item 269 of 4621867Kelso WaterworksKelso RoxburghshireScotlandAlterations to water tower
Item 270 of 4621867Royal Bank of ScotlandLeith EdinburghScotland 
Item 271 of 4621867Royal Bank of ScotlandLockerbie DumfriesshireScotland 
Item 272 of 4621867Scotsman Building, 26-30 Cockburn Street  EdinburghScotlandEnlargement to rear
Item 273 of 4621867St Andrew's Free Church Mission Church  EdinburghScotlandPartial re-erection of Cousin church on new site; also possibly responsible for mission school, incorporated in scheme
Item 274 of 4621867St John's Episcopal Church  EdinburghScotlandMinor alterations and re-decoration with stencilled colour scheme
Item 275 of 4621867Trearne HouseBeith AyrshireScotland 
Item 276 of 462c. 1867The Anchorage and KotagiriMelrose RoxburghshireScotland 
Item 277 of 462186812 Osborne Terrace  EdinburghScotland 
Item 278 of 46218688 Rutland Square and 22 Rutland Street  EdinburghScotlandAlterations
Item 279 of 4621868Buildings in Warriston Close  EdinburghScotlandAnother building? Further work?
Item 280 of 4621868Grosvenor Crescent  EdinburghScotlandDesigned crescent; elevation only of 15-20 - interiors by Watherston
Item 281 of 4621868Morningside Parish ChurchMorningside EdinburghScotlandAdded transepts
Item 282 of 4621868Nether Hailes FarmhouseNether Hailes East LothianScotland 
Item 283 of 4621868Over Hessilhead Farm OfficesTrearne Estate AyrshireScotland 
Item 284 of 4621868Ratho HouseRatho MidlothianScotlandMinor alterations
Item 285 of 4621868RosehillBrechin AngusScotlandRemodelling
Item 286 of 4621868Seafield HouseBroughty Ferry DundeeScotlandScheme - not executed
Item 287 of 4621868Shop premises, 134 Princes Street  EdinburghScotland 
Item 288 of 4621868St James Episcopal School  EdinburghScotland 
Item 289 of 4621868St James Episcopal SchoolCramond EdinburghScotland 
Item 290 of 4621868Villa for William LaidlawGalashiels SelkirkshireScotland 
Item 291 of 4621868Westbourne   Scotland 
Item 292 of 462February 1868Eton Terrace Gardens  EdinburghScotland 
Item 293 of 462August 1868Chalmers Street  EdinburghScotlandFurther scheme - not built
Item 294 of 46218692-10 and 16-26 Palmerston Place  EdinburghScotland 
Item 295 of 4621869Bank of ScotlandFalkirk StirlingshireScotlandAlterations
Item 296 of 4621869Bank of Scotland, St Patrick Square  EdinburghScotlandAlterations
Item 297 of 4621869Brentham ParkLivilands StirlingshireScotland 
Item 298 of 4621869Caidmuir HousePeebles PeeblesshireScotland 
Item 299 of 4621869Edinburgh Gas Light Company Offices  EdinburghScotlandAlterations
Item 300 of 4621869Fife and Kinross District AsylumSpringfield, Cupar FifeScotlandFurther block
Item 301 of 4621869Heritable Security Investment Company, 76 George Street  Edinburgh?ScotlandAlterations
Item 302 of 4621869House for J B InnesNorth Berwick East LothianScotland 
Item 303 of 4621869Melrose District AsylumMelrose RoxburghshireScotlandCompetition designs?
Item 304 of 4621869Ross Fountain  EdinburghScotlandAssembly of pieces of fountain and construction of basin
Item 305 of 4621869Royal Bank of ScotlandLeven FifeScotland 
Item 306 of 4621869Shop, 17 Princes Street  EdinburghScotland 
Item 307 of 4621869St Martin's AbbeyBalbeggie PerthshireScotlandScheme for remodelling as Francois Ier chateau - not executed
Item 308 of 4621869The GroveShawhead DumfriesshireScotlandExtensive additions to house, addition of conservatory (Drawings dated)
Item 309 of 4621869West Princes Street Gardens, Winter Garden and fernery  EdinburghScotlandDesign drawn up but not executed
Item 310 of 4621869Winton ParkCockenzie East LothianScotlandWork unclear
Item 311 of 462Late 1860sChalmers Street  EdinburghScotlandNos 29-33 built to the original scheme
Item 312 of 4621870Bank of ScotlandOban ArgyllScotland 
Item 313 of 4621870Belmore HouseCupar FifeScotland 
Item 314 of 4621870Brand's School and School HouseMilnathort Kinross-shireScotlandAddition
Item 315 of 4621870Cargen House and stablesTroqueer KirkcudbrightshireScotland 
Item 316 of 4621870City of Glasgow Assurance Company Headquarters  GlasgowScotland 
Item 317 of 4621870Grosvenor Street  EdinburghScotlandDesign of house, following Matheson's design for façade
Item 318 of 4621870Lanark Parish ChurchLanark LanarkshireScotlandInternal alterations
Item 319 of 4621870Overhailes Farm Steading  East LothianScotland 
Item 320 of 4621870Royal Bank of ScotlandDalkeith MidlothianScotland 
Item 321 of 4621870Royal Bank of ScotlandSt Andrews FifeScotland 
Item 322 of 4621870St Ninian's ManseSt Ninians StirlingshireScotland 
Item 323 of 4621870StentonDunkeld (near) PerthshireScotlandProposed second phase
Item 324 of 4621870Tenements, Morrison Street and Torphichen Street  EdinburghScotland 
Item 325 of 4621870The FirsSelkirk SelkirkshireScotland 
Item 326 of 4621870Thornfield, house, stables and lodgeSelkirk SelkirkshireScotland 
Item 327 of 462c. 1870129 Princes Street  EdinburghScotlandShop
Item 328 of 462c. 1870Bellimore Farmhouse  Ayrshire?Scotland 
Item 329 of 462c. 1870Free Church ManseTrinity EdinburghScotlandAttribution by HS
Item 330 of 4621871Balquatstone HouseSlamannan StirlingshireScotlandAlterations and additions
Item 331 of 4621871Bank of ScotlandCumnock AyrshireScotland 
Item 332 of 4621871Clydesdale Bank Headquarters, St Vincent Place  GlasgowScotlandTwo competition schemes
Item 333 of 4621871CorysDumfries DumfriesshireScotlandSubstantial addition to small villa
Item 334 of 4621871Cottage, LaverockbankTrinity EdinburghScotlandAlterations
Item 335 of 4621871House for D MacLaurinPortpatrick WigtownshireScotland 
Item 336 of 4621871House for R G Baillie HamiltonDunblane PerthshireScotland 
Item 337 of 4621871Houses, 35-47 Manor Place  EdinburghScotlandIn consultation with John Lessels (but elevations probably to their own design)
Item 338 of 4621871Kippielaw Farm SteadingKippilaw, St Boswells RoxburghshireScotland 
Item 339 of 4621871Ratho Girls SchoolRatho MidlothianScotland 
Item 340 of 4621871RosebankRoslin/Rosslyn MidlothianScotlandAlterations or new build?
Item 341 of 4621871Royal Bank of ScotlandBlairgowrie PerthshireScotland 
Item 342 of 4621871Scottish Widows Fund and Life Assurance and Junior Conservative Club  GlasgowScotlandInternal recontruction
Item 343 of 4621871Threave HouseCastle Douglas KirkcudbrightshireScotland 
Item 344 of 4621871Traprain Steading, Hailes Estate  EdinburghScotlandExtensive additions, new entrance, etc.
Item 345 of 46218721-37 Drumsheugh Gardens  EdinburghScotlandRevised Lessels's elevations; designs executed by builders John Watherston & Sons
Item 346 of 462187222-43 Bruntsfield Place  EdinburghScotland 
Item 347 of 462187238-44 Drumsheugh Gardens  EdinburghScotland 
Item 348 of 46218727 Hope Street  EdinburghScotlandAddition
Item 349 of 4621872AuchmoreKillin PerthshireScotlandRemodelling and enlargement
Item 350 of 4621872Bandstand, West Princes Street Gardens  EdinburghScotland 
Item 351 of 4621872Bank of Scotland  DundeeScotlandAlterations
Item 352 of 4621872BolfracksAberfeldy (near) PerthshireScotlandExtensive alterations
Item 353 of 4621872Dick & Stevenson Building (Scottish Lands and Buildings Company)  GlasgowScotlandSuperseded Haig & Low
Item 354 of 4621872Myres CastleAuchtermuchty FifeScotlandAdvised about repairs (Walker seems to have secured job)
Item 355 of 4621872Palmerston Place UP Church  EdinburghScotlandOriginal church
Item 356 of 4621872Pear Tree House  EdinburghScotlandAlterations and additions
Item 357 of 4621872Penicuik HousePenicuik MidlothianScotlandLodge and gates
Item 358 of 4621872Polton House  MidlothianScotlandAlterations
Item 359 of 4621872Proposed Garden Square, Heriot's Trust Wester Coates Estate  EdinburghScotland 
Item 360 of 4621872Royal Bank of Scotland  GlasgowScotlandInternal reconstruction, and new telling room on Royal Exchange Square
Item 361 of 4621872Scottish Commercial Insurance Company, 53 George Street  EdinburghScotlandAlterations
Item 362 of 4621872St Mary's Episcopal Cathedral  EdinburghScotlandCompetition design
Item 363 of 4621872St Mirren StreetPaisley Renfrewshire  
Item 364 of 4621872Tenement, West Nicolson Street  EdinburghScotland 
Item 365 of 4621872Young Women's Christian Association, George Street  EdinburghScotlandAlterations
Item 366 of 4621873135 George Street  EdinburghScotlandAlterations
Item 367 of 4621873143-146 Princes Street  EdinburghScotlandShop at no 145
Item 368 of 4621873Bank of Scotland  EdinburghScotland 
Item 369 of 4621873Clifton Park, LintonKelso RoxburghshireScotland 
Item 370 of 4621873Commercial Bank BuildingStirling StirlingshireScotlandConversion and extension for former Commercial Bank to form infirmary
Item 371 of 4621873Greenhead Farm Steading   Scotland 
Item 372 of 4621873House for Dr MuirSelkirk SelkirkshireScotland 
Item 373 of 4621873Kilberry HouseSouth Knapdale ArgyllScotlandLarge addition
Item 374 of 4621873Liberton Free ChurchLiberton EdinburghScotlandSpire completed to their own design
Item 375 of 4621873Offices and shops, Gordon Street and West Nile Street  GlasgowScotland 
Item 376 of 4621873Pilrig Free ChurchPilrig EdinburghScotlandUnexecuted design for new halls
Item 377 of 4621873Royal Bank of ScotlandLochee DundeeScotland 
Item 378 of 4621873Royal Bank of ScotlandCatrine AyrshireScotland 
Item 379 of 46218741, 2 Rothesay Terrace  EdinburghScotland 
Item 380 of 46218744 Great Stuart Street  EdinburghScotlandAlterations
Item 381 of 4621874BendameerBurntisland FifeScotlandHS attribution on stylistic grounds - questionable according to DMW
Item 382 of 4621874Clarendon Hotel and Shopping Arcade  EdinburghScotlandPeddie & Kinnear plans drawn up and tenders received but not built. Commission went to W Hamilton Beattie
Item 383 of 4621874Clarendon Place  GlasgowScotlandFormation of shops within existing building
Item 384 of 4621874Courtil Rozel Guernsey Channel IslandsAlterations
Item 385 of 4621874Ladybank Free ChurchLadybank FifeScotlandOriginal church designed and built
Item 386 of 4621874NewparkAnnan DumfriesshireScotland 
Item 387 of 4621874Rossie CastleMontrose AngusScotlandPossible work
Item 388 of 4621874Royal Bank of ScotlandBridgeton GlasgowScotland 
Item 389 of 4621874Royal Bank of ScotlandMoffat DumfriesshireScotland 
Item 390 of 4621874South Bridge and Cowgate  EdinburghScotlandAlterations
Item 391 of 4621874Stables, 16 Church Lane (now Gloucester Street?)  EdinburghScotland 
Item 392 of 4621874Townhill CollieryDunfermline FifeScotlandAlterations to manager's house
Item 393 of 4621874University of Edinburgh, Medical School and McEwan Hall  EdinburghScotlandTwo competition schemes
Item 394 of 4621874Warehouse on Drury Street  GlasgowScotland 
Item 395 of 4621874Wemyss CastleEast Wemyss FifeScotlandNew gallery, parapets and other alterations
Item 396 of 4621874WoodhouseleeGlencorse MidlothianScotlandAlterations and additions
Item 397 of 4621875Auchnaba HousePort Ann ArgyllScotlandLarge addition
Item 398 of 4621875Bank of ScotlandPaisley RenfrewshireScotland 
Item 399 of 4621875Chalmers Street  EdinburghScotlandNew design for completion of street
Item 400 of 4621875Dalbeattie Established ChurchDalbeattie KirkcudbrightshireScotland 
Item 401 of 4621875Drumpark House   Scotland 
Item 402 of 4621875Dunblane Hydropathic InstitutionDunblane PerthshireScotland 
Item 403 of 4621875East UP ChurchPeebles PeeblesshireScotland 
Item 404 of 4621875Heatherlie HouseSelkirk SelkirkshireScotland 
Item 405 of 4621875Hill HouseKirknewton MidlothianScotlandAlterations
Item 406 of 4621875Musselburgh Golf ClubMusselburgh MidlothianScotlandComplete rebuilding
Item 407 of 4621875National Bank of Scotland, Paisley BranchPaisley RenfrewshireScotland 
Item 408 of 4621875Prior BankMelrose RoxburghshireScotlandReconstruction
Item 409 of 4621875Priorwood House, gardener's cottageMelrose RoxburghshireScotland 
Item 410 of 4621875Royal Bank of ScotlandElgin MorayshireScotland 
Item 411 of 4621875Royal Bank of ScotlandDalmellington AyrshireScotland 
Item 412 of 4621875Scottish Equitable Life Assurance Company office  EdinburghScotlandAlterations
Item 413 of 4621875St Cuthbert's Public SchoolGorgie EdinburghScotland 
Item 414 of 4621875West Campbell Street and West George Street corner  GlasgowScotlandReconstuction and extension as office block
Item 415 of 462c. 1875Taymouth CastleTaymouth PerthshireScotlandInternal alterations
Item 416 of 462c. 1875TayparkWest Ferry DundeeScotlandWest additions - in association with James MacLaren?
Item 417 of 462187688 George Street  EdinburghScotlandRemodelling and addition of saloon
Item 418 of 4621876Kinmonth House and lodgeRhynd PerthshireScotland 
Item 419 of 4621876Rothesay Place  EdinburghScotland 
Item 420 of 4621876Royal Bank of ScotlandLanark LanarkshireScotland 
Item 421 of 4621876Villa at Trinity, Lomond RoadTrinity EdinburghScotland 
Item 422 of 4621876Villa at Trinity, Lomond RoadTrinity EdinburghScotland 
Item 423 of 4621876Warehouse  GlasgowScotland 
Item 424 of 4621876Wauchope House  RoxburghshireScotlandDrawings by John More Dick Peddie working as assistant
Item 425 of 462187713 Ainslie Street  EdinburghScotland 
Item 426 of 462187733-34 Charlotte Square  EdinburghScotlandAlterations to no 34
Item 427 of 4621877Bank of Scotland Headquarters, The Mound  EdinburghScotlandRetaining wall
Item 428 of 4621877Blythswoodholm Hotel  GlasgowScotland 
Item 429 of 4621877Bruntsfield Crescent  EdinburghScotlandAlterations to number 1
Item 430 of 4621877Compstown House (or Cumstoun House)Twynholm KirkcudbrightshireScotlandAlterations
Item 431 of 4621877Craiglockhart Hydropathic InstitutionCraiglockhart EdinburghScotland 
Item 432 of 4621877Dundee Court House and Bridewell  DundeeScotlandAlterations to prison
Item 433 of 4621877Kirkcudbright Public Hall and MuseumKirkcudbright KirkcudbrightshireScotland 
Item 434 of 4621877National Bank of Scotland Head Office (Former)  EdinburghScotlandProposed alterations
Item 435 of 4621877The HawthornsGalashiels SelkirkshireScotland 
Item 436 of 4621877West Shandon House  DunbartonshireScotlandAdditions to West Shandon House to form hydropathic
Item 437 of 462187813, 14, 15, 16 Rothesay Place  EdinburghScotland 
Item 438 of 462187817 Lynedoch Place  EdinburghScotlandAlterations
Item 439 of 46218782-6 Rothesay Place  EdinburghScotlandProvided design
Item 440 of 462187826 St Andrew Square  EdinburghScotlandDeepened on plan at rear
Item 441 of 46218787, 8, 9, 10, 11 Rothesay Place  EdinburghScotland 
Item 442 of 4621878BalcurvieMarkinch FifeScotland 
Item 443 of 4621878Callander HydropathicCallander PerthshireScotlandWith Francis Mackison & Son
Item 444 of 4621878Coltbridge School  EdinburghScotlandAlterations
Item 445 of 4621878Longmore Hospital for IncurablesNewington EdinburghScotland 
Item 446 of 4621878Moffat Established Parish ChurchMoffat DumfriesshireScotlandProposed alterations
Item 447 of 462c. 1878Kirkcudbright ManseKirkcudbright KirkcudbrightshireScotlandAlterations?
Item 448 of 462187910 Great Stuart Street  EdinburghScotlandAlterations
Item 449 of 462187930, 32, 34 Palmerston Place  EdinburghScotland 
Item 450 of 4621879BlackyettEcclefechan DumfriesshireScotland 
Item 451 of 4621879Drum Mains SteadingNew Abbey KirkcudbrightshireScotland 
Item 452 of 4621879Fife and Kinross District AsylumSpringfield, Cupar FifeScotlandDetached block (cost: £7,000)
Item 453 of 4621879Linton Parish Churchyard, memorial to sixteenth Lord TrimlestownLinton, Morebattle RoxburghshireScotland 
Item 454 of 4621879Oakbank House   Scotland 
Item 455 of 4621879Royal Bank of ScotlandFalkirk StirlingshireScotland 
Item 456 of 4621879Senwick HouseBorgue KirkcudbrightshireScotlandPorch and attic dormers; lodge
Item 457 of 4621879Stanerigg House with stables, groom's house, kennels and courtyardColdstream BerwickshireScotlandReconstruction
Item 458 of 4621879Stonykirk Parish ChurchStonykirk WigtownshireScotland 
Item 459 of 4621879Tenement, 64-70 Great Junction StreetLeith EdinburghScotland 
Item 460 of 4621879Union ClubSt Andrews FifeScotlandAlterations - not carried out. John Milne commissioned
Item 461 of 4621885Aberlour HouseAberlour BanffshireScotlandAlterations including terrace in front of house
Item 462 of 4621888Tantallon Castle  East LothianScotlandAdvised on restoration with Basil Champneys. Probably the 'Mr Peddie' referred to in the Haddingtonshire Courier - acting for SPAB or it may be John More Dick Peddie.


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