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Basic Biographical Details

Name: James Miller
Designation: Architect
Born: 1860
Died: 28 November 1947
Bio Notes: James Miller was born in 1860 in the parish of Auchtergaven where his father George Miller was a farmer. Very early in life his father moved to Little Cairnie, Forteviot, where his childhood was spent, his later school education being at Perth Academy. In 1877 he was articled to Andrew Heiton of Perth, soon to be joined in partnership with his nephew Andrew Heiton Granger (after 1894 Andrew Granger Heiton) who probably had some English experience (though probably not with Norman Shaw as stated by Sloan and Murray). At the end of his apprenticeship he spent some time with Hippolyte Jean Blanc before joining the Caledonian Railway engineering department initially at Perth under John Morrison Barr. He was transferred to the Glasgow office in 1888, where he designed a number of stations under the supervision of the engineer-in-chief, George Graham. These brought his work to the attention of the management and directors, and in 1890 an old school friend, Donald Alexander Matheson, a pupil of the Perth architect and civil engineer John Young, joined him in the office as resident engineer for the construction of the Glasgow Central Low Level lines.

During his period with the Caledonian Railway Miller made at least one study tour of France, Belgium and Germany and had established a small but up-market private practice. He set up full-time practice on his own account in 1892 on winning the competition for Belmont Church and rented an office at 223 West George Street, his house and office having previously been at 3 Windsor Street.

In 1894 his experience at railway work brought commissions for the stations on the West Highland Railway: Miller appears to have produced the standard design, but the actual construction and the design of some of the ancillary buildings were shared with John James Burnet and his assistant Robert Wemyss who set up practice on his own in Helensburgh in 1896. On Graham's death in 1899 Matheson took over as engineer-in-chief, and although limited competitions were to be held for some Caledonian projects, Matheson's influence ensured that all the major ones went to Miller.

In 1898 Miller won the competition for the Glasgow International Exhibition of 1901; in 1901 that for the Glasgow Royal Infirmary, although the assessor, Rowand Anderson, had recommended Henry Edward Clifford; in 1903 those for the Materia Medica and Physiology buildings and Natural Philosophy Buildings at the University; and in 1904 he secured the patronage of the Glasgow & South Western Railway for its hotel at Turnberry. In 1908 he won the competition for the museum in Bombay but the commission was given to the runner-up, George Wittet. Two years later he won the competition for the Institution of Civil Engineers in Westminster and secured that for the extension of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers to match it on the opposite side of Great George Street. Miller thus came near to eclipsing Burnet in London as well as in Glasgow, but his London office at 1 Victoria Street was not reopened after the First World War.

Although Miller's written memoranda as a Royal Fine Art Commissioner show him to have been extremely thoughtful in matters of design, Miller's twentieth century practice depended for its quality of detail on a series of supremely well-chosen assistants. In the earliest years of the century these included James Carruthers Walker from 1900 until at least 1911, and James Carrick, Alexander McInnes Gardner, Thomas Andrew Millar, George Arthur Boswell, Thomas Lumsden Taylor, Balfour Abercrombie and Charles Forsyth for shorter periods of two to four years.

American influence is first seen in Miller's Hispanic American exhibition buildings of 1898-1901, which like their American counterparts were built of a hard white plaster known at the time as 'staff'. It became even more marked after Matheson's fact-finding visit to the USA in 1902. Although the younger Carrick believed that Miller had gone as well, his daughter confirmed that he had not and that his knowledge of American architecture came from Matheson and contemporary journals. American influence made its first appearance in permanent form in 1903 at Olympia House in Queen Street, uncompromisingly rectangular in form like contemporary American steel frame buildings with the high-level giant colonnade that became a feature of taller American office buildings in the 1890s. Turnberry Hotel, begun in the following year, and Peebles Hydropathic, begun in 1905, were similarly reflections of American country hotels, as was his competition win for the design of the Caledonian Railway's Gleneagles, but completion of that project became wholly the responsibility of the railway's architect Matthew Adam after the First World War.

Nevertheless Miller's public and commercial architecture tended to remain an accomplished Glasgow neo-Baroque, with occasional experiments in faience to combat the Glasgow atmosphere from 1907 onwards. American and Canadian influence reappeared at Cranston's Cinema building in Renfield Street in 1914-15 and became even more marked after Richard M Gunn became chief assistant in 1918, most notably at the McLaren warehouse in George Square in 1922, its elevations similar to those of Warren & Wetmore's Canadian Northern Station of 1917-18 in Montreal, and at the Union Bank of Scotland in St Vincent Street won in competition in 1924 with a design inspired by York & Sawyer's 1913 Guaranty Trust Building and McKim Mead & White's National City Bank of 1903-10, both in New York. Both of these buildings had pure classical detail, but from 1930 the details became more an Egyptianised Art Deco classical with a marked preference for Portland stone as a more durable alternative to faience. A monumental English brick and stone idiom was developed in parallel from the late 1920s, the product of a commission for Cadbury's Bournville and a competition win for Wyggeston Grammar School at Leicester; and from 1929 Miller took over at Crittal's Silver End development, continuing the flat roofed modern idiom introduced there by Thomas Tait and Fred McManus. After Gunn died following a period of poor health in 1933, the main design responsibility seems to have been passed to James Carruthers Walker - who had returned - until Miller's son George Miller rejoined the office. George had been educated at Fettes College and at St John's College, Cambridge as well as in his father's office and at the Royal Technical College of Glasgow. Around 1932 he obtained a place in Sir Herbert Baker's office for experience, returning c.1936 to take a hand in the design work with Walker. The practice then became James Miller & Son. From about 1933 a symmetrical horizontally proportioned modern with oblong central pavilions was adopted in parallel with the brick modernised neo-Georgian of Gunn's last years.

Miller was conservative in politics and a member of both the Conservative Club and the Junior Conservative Club as well as the Glasgow Arts Club. In their RIAS Quarterly memoir of 1948 Manson and Walker described Miller as
'Very reserved by nature, he did not enter much into public life and was well content to let others talk architecture while he was doing the job. Quick tempered, he could also be very sympathetic and understanding when the occasion demanded. He was also a hard task-master, but few of the men who passed through his hands will deny that they benefited to a remarkable degree from being employed by Mr Miller, and many of them, now successful architects on their own account later wrote to him to this effect'

Perhaps not every Glasgow architect would have concurred with that description. The directors of the Railway companies were the most influential patrons in Glasgow. The degree to which Miller seemed to sweep up nearly every worth-while commission was resented by many while the matter of the Glasgow Royal Infirmary rankled with the assessor, Sir Rowand Anderson, and with the Glasgow architectural profession as a whole to the day he died. If, as has been remarked, he stayed out of the limelight at openings, it was because he knew his clients and knew not to step out of line. And although Miller lived relatively quietly at home, first at 19 Hillhead Street and later at Randolphfield, Stirling, which he bought in 1911, the circles in which he moved required him to entertain lavishly when the occasion demanded. His office, at 15 Blythswood Square from about 1900, was even smarter than Burnet's nearby in St Vincent Street. To their brief memoir Manson and Walker added a mysterious last paragraph: 'At one stage in his career, a famous architect made a tentative approach with a view to partnership, but after careful consideration Mr Miller decided to plough the lone furrow, and this he did most successfully to the end of his days.' The probability must be that the famous architect was John James Burnet when seeking a Glasgow partner after setting up his London office in 1904. The identity of the famous architect remained a well-kept secret as no one else who had been in their offices knew for certain to whom this referred.

Miller married Emelina Henrietta Crichton around 1898. George was the only son, but there were two daughters, Mabel (Mrs Harper) and Muriel. Of life at Randolphfield Mrs Harper recalled that Miller was a gardener, doing much of the maintenance himself. He taught the children to play tennis - he laid out a court for the purpose - and golf, and took them on fishing expeditions. Gleneagles was a favourite venue, despite his disappointment there, and he had motor cars appropriate to his clientele, a Delage and a Hispano-Suiza driven by a chauffeur with the somewhat improbable surname of Mustard. Like Lorimer he had classical tastes in music and was a good violinist.

Miller never troubled himself with the qualifying exam and was admitted FRIBA relatively late on 7 April 1902, his proposers being William Leiper, William Forrest Salmon, both of Glasgow, and John Slater of London. While still with the Caledonian Railway he began exhibiting at the Royal Scottish Academy as well as at the Royal Glasgow Fine Art Institute as early as 1890; but he did not begin exhibiting regularly until 1904, three years after his unsought election as ARSA in 1901. He was elected full academician in 1930, and throughout the following decade was an influential Royal Fine Art Commissioner, writing a particularly interesting report on the Office of Works designs for St Andrews House. It was a commission he did not get despite the best efforts of Lord Weir, but as a commissioner he gave Thomas Tait his full support. Miller was also one of the committee of seven for the Department of Health on matters relating to hosuing for the working classes.

George Miller died in 1940. His father thereafter saw no point in continuing to practise and retired in December at the age of eighty. The practice was continued by John Wellwood Manson from George A Boswell's office under the name of Miller & Manson, Walker remaining only briefly as he too was nearing retirement. Manson had studied at Glasgow School of Art and the Royal College of Technology. He assisted the Millers with the later stages of the Commercial Bank, the BBC Buildings and other projects, and completed the work in hand.

James Miller died at Randolphfield on 28 November 1947, leaving the very substantial sum of 47,931 8s 11d. Manson died on 11 October 1952. The practice was then taken over by Frank Burnet Bell & Partners who completed the few buildings then in progress.

NB James Miller's library was presented to NMRS in 2004, presumably a bequest from his daughter.

Private and Business Addresses

The following private or business addresses are associated with this architect:
 AddressTypeDate fromDate toNotes
Item 1 of 819, Hillhead Street, Glasgow, ScotlandPrivate 1911 
Item 2 of 83, Windsor Street, Glasgow, ScotlandPrivate/businessBefore 18891899(?) 
Item 3 of 8223, West George Street, Glasgow, ScotlandBusiness1892c. 1900 
Item 4 of 83, Hillhead Gardens, Glasgow, ScotlandPrivate1902 *  
Item 5 of 815, Blythswood Square, Glasgow, ScotlandBusiness19021939 or after 1940 
Item 6 of 8Randolphsfield, Stirling, Stirlingshire, ScotlandPrivate1911  
Item 7 of 839, Rain Street, Saltcoats, Ayrshire, ScotlandBusiness1911 * It is not clear which James Miller was at this address in 1911. May in fact not be this one.
Item 8 of 81, Victoria Street, Westminster, London, EnglandBusinessBefore 19121918 

* earliest date known from documented sources.

Employment and Training


The following individuals or organisations employed or trained this architect (click on an item to view details):
 NameDate fromDate toPositionNotes
Item 1 of 4Andrew Heiton (junior)July 1877c. 1881Apprentice 
Item 2 of 4Hippolyte Jean Blancc. 1881(?)Before 1888Assistant 
Item 3 of 4Caledonian Railway Company Architect's and Engineer's DepartmentBefore 18881892AssistantFirst at Perth under John Morrison Barr until 1888; thereafter at Glasgow under George Graham
Item 4 of 4James Miller & Sonc. 19361940Senior Partner 

Employees or Pupils

The following individuals were employed or trained by this architect (click on an item to view details):
 NameDate fromDate toPositionNotes
Item 1 of 50Alexander Wright18921893 or 1894 Worked as office boy.
Item 2 of 50George Nicholas Beattie18931900Assistant 
Item 3 of 50Thomas Melville Lunan18961901Apprentice 
Item 4 of 50Colvin Tyler Armstrong18981900Apprentice 
Item 5 of 50Alexander McInnes Gardner18991901Assistant 
Item 6 of 50Robert James Walker1899c. 1901Assistant(?) 
Item 7 of 50John Balfour Symington Abercrombie (or Balfour Abercrombie)6 January 18991904ApprenticeArticled to James Miller, 1899-1904 and remained as assistant 1904-1906.
Item 8 of 50James Carruthers Walker1900c. 1911(?)Chief Assistant 
Item 9 of 50James Carrick10 February 19003 November 1903Assistant 
Item 10 of 50David Cowper Frame19011902Apprentice 
Item 11 of 50Alexander Thomson Heathcote19021902Assistant 
Item 12 of 50Thomas Andrew Millar19021904Assistant 
Item 13 of 50George Arthur Boswellc. May 1902c. November 1905Assistant 
Item 14 of 50Alexander McInnes Gardner19031905Assistant 
Item 15 of 50David Bateman Hutton19031906Assistant 
Item 16 of 50Thomas Lumsden Taylor19041905Assistant 
Item 17 of 50Andrew Danskine Aitken19041906Assistant 
Item 18 of 50John Balfour Symington Abercrombie (or Balfour Abercrombie)19041906Assistant 
Item 19 of 50James Brodie19051906Draughtsman 
Item 20 of 50Thomas Charles HardyNovember 19051910Apprentice 
Item 21 of 50Charles ForsythMarch 1906May 1907Draughtsman 
Item 22 of 50James McNab (or Hamish McNab)19071911Apprentice 
Item 23 of 50William John Brockie Wright19081912Assistant 
Item 24 of 50Graham Conacher Young1909Before 1913Apprentice 
Item 25 of 50Thomas Charles Hardy1910September 1912Draughtsman 
Item 26 of 50Thomas Stewart PurdieMarch 1910After 1912AssistantIn London office
Item 27 of 50Richard McLeod Morrison Gunn1910 or 1911(?)c. 1916(?)Assistant 
Item 28 of 50(Colonel) Herbert Morgan Smail19121913Assistant 
Item 29 of 50Alexander Thomson Scott19121913AssistantSecond Assistant
Item 30 of 50David Arthur CarmichaelAfter 1912Before 1914Assistant 
Item 31 of 50William Gourlayc. 1912 Assistant 
Item 32 of 50Thomas Smith ShearerMarch 1913c. March 1913Assistant 
Item 33 of 50George James MillerAfter 1913Before 1932Apprentice 
Item 34 of 50Robert WilsonAfter 1915 Assistant 
Item 35 of 50Richard McLeod Morrison Gunn19181933Chief Assistant 
Item 36 of 50William McCrea19201922Assistant 
Item 37 of 50James WallaceAfter 1921Before 1927Assistant 
Item 38 of 50Patrick McNeilMay 1922January 1926Apprentice 
Item 39 of 50Samuel Lionel Lipson19231926Draughtsman 
Item 40 of 50John Basden WingateNovember 1925January 1930Apprentice 
Item 41 of 50Alexander Ernest Christian Lipp1926After 1928Assistant 
Item 42 of 50James Bell19271932Apprentice 
Item 43 of 50George Shaw Shand1928 * Assistant 
Item 44 of 50James Andrew Carrickc. 19281931 or 1932Apprentice 
Item 45 of 50Alexander Dunlop19291933Assistant 
Item 46 of 50Robert Anderson Collie1931 * Assistant 
Item 47 of 50John Wellwood Manson1931c. 1936Assistant 
Item 48 of 50James Bell19321934Assistant 
Item 49 of 50James Carruthers WalkerBefore 1933c. 1936Chief Assistant 
Item 50 of 50James Docherty19381939Assistant 

* earliest date known from documented sources.


RIBA Proposers

The following individuals proposed this architect for RIBA membership (click on an item to view details):
 NameDate proposedNotes
Item 1 of 3William Leiper7 April 1902for Fellowship
Item 2 of 3William Forrest Salmon7 April 1902for Fellowship
Item 3 of 3John Slater7 April 1902for Fellowship

RIBA Proposals

This architect proposed the following individuals for RIBA membership (click on an item to view details):
 NameDate proposedNotes
Item 1 of 29John Balfour Symington Abercrombie (or Balfour Abercrombie)4 July 1910for Licentiateship
Item 2 of 29Andrew Danskine Aitken5 March 1906for Associateship
Item 3 of 29David Andrew (junior)2 December 1907for Fellowship
Item 4 of 29James BellLate 1932for Associateship
Item 5 of 29James BrodieMid 1921for Associateship
Item 6 of 29David Arthur CarmichaelEarly 1915for Associateship
Item 7 of 29James Carrick19 December 1910for Licentiateship
Item 8 of 29Henry Edward Clifford11 June 1906for Fellowship
Item 9 of 29Robert Anderson CollieLate 1931for Associateship
Item 10 of 29Thomas Charles HardyLate 1920for Associateship
Item 11 of 29John George Drysdale Henderson9 January 1939for Associateship
Item 12 of 29David Bateman Hutton3 December 1906for Associateship
Item 13 of 29David Bateman HuttonEarly 1915for Fellowship
Item 14 of 29Alexander Ernest Christian Lipp4 June 1928For Associateship
Item 15 of 29Samuel Lionel Lipson29 March 1926for Associateship
Item 16 of 29Thomas Melville LunanLate 1920 or early 1921for Fellowship
Item 17 of 29John Wellwood Manson9 April 1946for Licentiateship
Item 18 of 29James McNab (or Hamish McNab)Mid 1933for Licentiateship
Item 19 of 29Patrick McNeil5 December 1927For Associateship
Item 20 of 29Thomas Stewart Purdie24 June 1912for Licentiateship
Item 21 of 29George Shaw ShandEarly 1931for Associateship
Item 22 of 29Thomas Lumsden Taylor1910for Licentiateship
Item 23 of 29Thomas Lumsden Taylor1915for Fellowship
Item 24 of 29John Thomson11 June 1906for Fellowship
Item 25 of 29John Watson2 December 1912for Fellowship
Item 26 of 29David Stark Reid WaughLate 1929for Associateship
Item 27 of 29William Brown Whitie2 March 1908for Fellowship
Item 28 of 29Robert WilsonLate 1919For Associateship
Item 29 of 29John Basden Wingate14 February 1945for Licentiateship

Buildings and Designs

This architect was involved with the following buildings or structures from the date specified (click on an item to view details):
 Date startedBuilding nameTown, district or villageIslandCity or countyCountryNotes
Item 1 of 323 22 Colquhoun DriveBearsden GlasgowScotlandAlterations - date unknown
Item 2 of 323 227 Nithsdale RoadPollokshields GlasgowScotlandAlterations - date unknown
Item 3 of 323 345 Albert DrivePollokshields GlasgowScotlandDate unknown
Item 4 of 323 349-351 Victoria Road  GlasgowScotlandAlterations for A de Felice - date unknown
Item 5 of 323 717 Great Western Road  GlasgowScotlandDate unknown
Item 6 of 323 Airthrey CroftBridge of Allan StirlingshireScotlandRole uncertain - possibly alterations; date unknown
Item 7 of 323 Allan Water HydropathicBridge of Allan StirlingshireScotlandDate unknown
Item 8 of 323 Barclay Curle Offices  GlasgowScotlandNew board room - date unknown
Item 9 of 323 BelleaireGreenock RenfrewshireScotlandRole uncertain - possibly alterations - date unknown
Item 10 of 323 Building on Eldon StreetGreenock RenfrewshireScotlandUnspecified building - date unknown
Item 11 of 323 Bungalow for RoemaneleKensington LondonEnglandDate unknown
Item 12 of 323 Cambusnethan PrioryWishaw LanarkshireScotlandMinor alterations - date unknown
Item 13 of 323 Dupplin Castle, West GateForteviot PerthshireScotlandWith Gunn as chief assistant
Item 14 of 323 Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Accident and Emergency Block  GlasgowScotland 
Item 15 of 323 Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Jubilee Block  GlasgowScotland 
Item 16 of 323 Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Lister Lecture Theatre  GlasgowScotland 
Item 17 of 323 Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Robert and James Dick Block  GlasgowScotland 
Item 18 of 323 Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Templeton Block  GlasgowScotland 
Item 19 of 323 GlencregganKintyre ArgyllScotlandDate unknown
Item 20 of 323 Harcarse Farm, CottagesDuns BerwickshireScotlandDate unknown
Item 21 of 323 House for A E McLeod, Southmains RoadMilngavie DunbartonshireScotlandDate unknown
Item 22 of 323 House for Alex TurnbullBearsden GlasgowScotlandDate unknown
Item 23 of 323 Housing Scheme for John Watson LtdRobroyston GlasgowScotlandDate unknown
Item 24 of 323 Mackerston HotelLargs AyrshireScotlandRole uncertain - possibly alterations - date unknown
Item 25 of 323 Mauldslie CastleCarluke LanarkshireScotlandAlterations - date unknown
Item 26 of 323 Meikle IttingtonArdrossan AyrshireScotlandDate unknown
Item 27 of 323 Premises for Farma Sales, 77 Dunlop Street  GlasgowScotlandDate unknown
Item 28 of 323 Premises for John Brown, 30 Clyde StreetClydebank DunbartonshireScotlandUnspecified work - date unknown
Item 29 of 323 Premises for John Glendinning & Sons, Waterloo Street  GlasgowScotlandDate unknown
Item 30 of 323 Premises for Monteiths, 12 Falfield Street  GlasgowScotlandDate unknown
Item 31 of 323 Premises for Wm Simons & Co Ltd, Meadowside StreetRenfrew RenfrewshireScotlandDate unknown
Item 32 of 323 Property for the Gosford Furnishing Co Ltd, Cotton Street  GlasgowScotlandDate unknown
Item 33 of 323 Proposed Factory for Wilson LtdLargs AyrshireScotlandDate unknown
Item 34 of 323 RosemountHelensburgh DunbartonshireScotlandAlterations for Dr W A Small - date unknown
Item 35 of 323 Royal Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons  GlasgowScotlandMinor alterations - date unknown
Item 36 of 323 TandlehillKilmacolm/Kilmalcolm RenfrewshireScotlandDate unknown
Item 37 of 323 Uppingham, BlackhallPaisley RenfrewshireScotlandDate unknown
Item 38 of 323 Villa, BroomfieldLargs AyrshireScotlandDate unknown
Item 39 of 3231889Bridge Street Station  GlasgowScotlandAs employee of Caledonian Railway with George Graham
Item 40 of 3231889DunloskinDumbreck GlasgowScotland 
Item 41 of 3231889Fort Matilda Railway StationGreenock RenfrewshireScotlandwith George Graham as employee of Caledonian Railway
Item 42 of 3231889Gourock Pier Railway StationGourock RenfrewshireScotlandWith George Graham as employe of Caledonian Railway
Item 43 of 3231890Cottages, Craighuchty TerraceAberfoyle PerthshireScotland 
Item 44 of 3231891Creag-an-Arnain Railway ViaductArrochar ArgyllScotland 
Item 45 of 3231891House at LindfieldLindfield SussexEnglandDesign exhibited
Item 46 of 3231892Belmont Parish ChurchHillhead GlasgowScotlandWon competition to secure job
Item 47 of 3231892House, 30 Sutherland AvenuePollokshields GlasgowScotland 
Item 48 of 3231892Troon Railway StationTroon AyrshireScotland 
Item 49 of 3231892 or 1893Ardtornish HousePollokshields GlasgowScotland 
Item 50 of 3231893Botanic Gardens Station and Entrance Lodges to Botanic GardensHillhead GlasgowScotland 
Item 51 of 3231893Clydebank Municipal BuildingsClydebank DunbartonshireScotlandWon in competition; William Leiper was assessor
Item 52 of 3231893Clydebank Union ChurchClydebank DunbartonshireScotlandSecond premiated competition design (20)
Item 53 of 3231893Falkirk Free ChurchFalkirk StirlingshireScotlandUnsuccessful competition design
Item 54 of 3231893St Mary's Episcopal ChurchAberfoyle PerthshireScotland 
Item 55 of 3231894Arrochar and Tarbet StationArrochar DunbartonshireScotlandWith Charles Forman, engineer. Ascribed to Miller but may be by Robert Wemyss
Item 56 of 3231894Bridge of Orchy StationBridge of Orchy ArgyllScotlandWith Charles Forman, engineer. Attributed to Miller
Item 57 of 3231894Craigendoran StationCraigendoran DunbartonshireScotlandWith Charles Forman, engineer
Item 58 of 3231894Crianlarich StationCrianlarich PerthshireScotlandWith Charles Forman, engineer
Item 59 of 3231894Garelochhead StationGarelochhead DunbartonshireScotlandWith Charles Forman, engineer
Item 60 of 3231894Inverlair StationBraes of Lochaber Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 61 of 3231894Kelvinbridge StationKelvinbridge GlasgowScotland 
Item 62 of 3231894Princes Pier, Pier and StationGreenock RenfrewshireScotlandWorked with 'Mr Melville' on pier and station
Item 63 of 3231894Railway Station with signal box etcSpean Bridge Inverness-shireScotlandMay have been responsible for design
Item 64 of 3231894Rannoch Railway StationRannoch PerthshireScotland 
Item 65 of 3231894Rhu StationRhu/Row DunbartonshireScotlandWith Charles Forman, engineer
Item 66 of 3231894Shandon StationShandon DunbartonshireScotlandWith Charles Forman, engineer
Item 67 of 3231894Upper Helensburgh StationHelensburgh DunbartonshireScotlandWith Charles Forman, engineer
Item 68 of 3231894Upper Tyndrum StationUpper Tyndrum StirlingshireScotlandWith Charles Forman, engineer
Item 69 of 3231894Whistlefield StationWhistlefield DunbartonshireScotlandWith Charles Forman, engineer
Item 70 of 323c. 1894Ardlui Railway Station Buildings and station master's houseArrochar DunbartonshireScotlandRobert Wemyss may be responsible (while working with Burnet)
Item 71 of 3231896Belfast Town Hall  BelfastNorthern IrelandThird premiated competition design
Item 72 of 3231896St Enoch's Underground Station  GlasgowScotland 
Item 73 of 3231897Terrace, 1-8 Caledonian MansionsKelvinbridge GlasgowScotland 
Item 74 of 32318982 Lancaster CrescentKelvinside GlasgowScotland 
Item 75 of 3231898Arduaine HouseArduaine ArgyllScotlandPlans for large house drawn up.
Item 76 of 3231898Glasgow International Exhibition of 1901Kelvingrove GlasgowScotlandWon competition (250 premium) and secured job
Item 77 of 3231898Hazelwood Hydropathic EstablishmentGrange over Sands LancashireEnglandAlterations
Item 78 of 3231898Shop, 265-267 Sauchiehall Street  GlasgowScotlandAlterations
Item 79 of 3231898St Columba's Episcopal ChurchBridgeton GlasgowScotland 
Item 80 of 3231898Tenement, Bridge Street and Norfolk StreetGorbals GlasgowScotland 
Item 81 of 323189910 Windsor Terrace  GlasgowScotlandAlterations and additions
Item 82 of 3231899Clydebank BathsClydebank DunbartonshireScotland 
Item 83 of 3231899Glasgow Central Station  GlasgowScotlandExtension
Item 84 of 3231899Linthouse United Free ChurchGovan GlasgowScotland 
Item 85 of 3231899Lintwhite SchoolBridge of Weir RenfrewshireScotlandWon competition and secured job
Item 86 of 3231899Shop, 140 Douglas Street  GlasgowScotlandAlterations
Item 87 of 32319005 Devonshire GardensKelvinside GlasgowScotlandAlterations and additions
Item 88 of 3231900Adelphi Hairworks Central Buildings  GlasgowScotlandAlterations and additions
Item 89 of 3231900Clydebank Fire StationClydebank DunbartonshireScotland 
Item 90 of 3231900Glasgow International Exhibition of 1901, Sunlight CottagesKelvingrove Park GlasgowScotland 
Item 91 of 3231900Glasgow Royal Infirmary  GlasgowScotlandReceived commission despite not winning competition
Item 92 of 3231900Performing Animals Shelter  GlasgowScotland 
Item 93 of 3231900West Kilbride Railway StationWest Kilbride AyrshireScotland 
Item 94 of 323c. 190010 Lowther TerraceKelvinside GlasgowScotland 
Item 95 of 323c. 1900AuchenflowerBallantrae AyrshireScotlandAdditions
Item 96 of 323c. 1900Coupar Grange House; also gardens and model cottages  PerthshireScotland 
Item 97 of 323c. 1900RowallanTroon AyrshireScotland 
Item 98 of 323Late 1900 or early 1901Glasgow and West of Scotland Technical College  GlasgowScotlandCompetition design submitted after invitation - unsuccessful
Item 99 of 3231901Caledonian Chambers  GlasgowScotland 
Item 100 of 3231901Central Station Hotel  GlasgowScotlandExtension; P & W Anderson, Douglas Street, Contractors
Item 101 of 3231901Drumchapel SchoolDrumchapel GlasgowScotlandAttribution in B of S - apparently erroneous as building appears to be by Alan George MacNaughtan (as per 'Builder' reference); Miller may have produced designs that were rejected
Item 102 of 3231901Glasgow International Exhibition of 1901, Canadian PavilionKelvingrove GlasgowScotland 
Item 103 of 3231901Glenfinnan Railway StationMoidart ArgyllScotlandAttribution
Item 104 of 3231901Mallaig Railway StationMallaig Inverness-shireScotlandAttribution
Item 105 of 3231901Office and Warehouse, 26-30 Jamaica Street  GlasgowScotlandAlterations
Item 106 of 3231901Ranfurly HotelBridge of Weir RenfrewshireScotlandExtension
Item 107 of 3231901RockcliffeBridge of Weir RenfrewshireScotlandAlterations and additions
Item 108 of 3231901Shop, 116 and 120 Union Street  GlasgowScotlandAdditions and alterations
Item 109 of 3231901Sir John Neilson Cuthbertson SchoolPollokshields GlasgowScotland 
Item 110 of 3231901Theatre Royal  GlasgowScotlandAlterations
Item 111 of 3231901Warehouse, Miller Street  GlasgowScotlandAlterations, mainly internal
Item 112 of 3231902Christie Park Lodge and GatesAlexandria DunbartonshireScotland 
Item 113 of 3231902Hampden Park Football GroundMount Florida GlasgowScotlandSouth Stand - in collaboration with Glasgow engineer Alexander Blair
Item 114 of 3231902Kentallen StationNorth Appin ArgyllScotlandMay be by Robert Wemyss
Item 115 of 3231902Macgregor Memorial ChurchGovan GlasgowScotland 
Item 116 of 3231902Villa, Tullylumb TerracePerth PerthshireScotland 
Item 117 of 323After 1902(?)Mansion Houses of Lord Inverclyde   ScotlandReconstruction
Item 118 of 32319038 Lowther TerraceKelvinside GlasgowScotland 
Item 119 of 3231903Glasgow University, Materia Medica and Physiology Buildings  GlasgowScotland 
Item 120 of 3231903Glasgow University, Natural Philosophy Buildings  GlasgowScotland 
Item 121 of 3231903HousesPerth PerthshireScotland 
Item 122 of 3231903Houses, RedlandsKelvinside GlasgowScotland 
Item 123 of 3231903Shops, 218-220 Sauchiehall Street  GlasgowScotlandAlterations
Item 124 of 3231903St Andrew's East Church  GlasgowScotland 
Item 125 of 3231903StationBallachulish ArgyllScotlandor perhaps Robert Wemyss
Item 126 of 3231903Turnberry Hotel and Railway StationTurnberry AyrshireScotland 
Item 127 of 3231903Warehouse and Offices, George Square and Queen Street  GlasgowScotland 
Item 128 of 3231903Wemyss Bay Railway StationWemyss Bay RenfrewshireScotland 
Item 129 of 3231903(?)Wemyss Bay Railway Station, Station Master's HouseWemyss Bay RenfrewshireScotlandCaledonian Railway Company Architect. Assumed to be by Miller or one of his assistants.
Item 130 of 323c. 1903Alexandra Public ParkDennistoun GlasgowScotlandLodge
Item 131 of 323c. 1903Duror StationNorth Appin ArgyllScotlandPerhaps by Robert Wemyss
Item 132 of 323c. 1903Nodesdale HouseLargs (near) AyrshireScotland 
Item 133 of 323190410 Lowther TerraceKelvinside GlasgowScotlandAddition of conservatory
Item 134 of 3231904Brampton HouseMount Florida GlasgowScotlandAlterations and additions
Item 135 of 3231904GlentressPeebles PeeblesshireScotland 
Item 136 of 3231904Jordanhill Parish ChurchJordanhill GlasgowScotland 
Item 137 of 3231905Anchor Line Buildings  GlasgowScotland 
Item 138 of 3231905Garden City, Dalmuir and KilbowieDalmuir and Kilbowie Dunbartonshire?Scotland 
Item 139 of 3231905Peebles HydropathicPeebles PeeblesshireScotlandNew building after fire - rebuilt as hotel
Item 140 of 3231905(?)SS Lusitania, ship interior    In Miller's name
Item 141 of 3231906Partick Fire StationPartick GlasgowScotland 
Item 142 of 3231907Automobile Owners Ltd  GlasgowScotlandExtension
Item 143 of 3231907Craiglure Lodge  AyrshireScotlandAddition
Item 144 of 3231907Newark Castle  AyrshireScotlandAdditions
Item 145 of 3231908Fullerton Public SchoolTroon AyrshireScotlandAddition
Item 146 of 3231908Gask HouseGask PerthshireScotlandAlterations
Item 147 of 3231908North British Locomotive Company OfficesSpringburn GlasgowScotland 
Item 148 of 3231908Prince of Wales Museum of Western India  BombayIndiaDesign selected in competition but George Wittet was appointed
Item 149 of 3231908Skeldon HouseDalrymple AyrshireScotlandAlterations and additions
Item 150 of 323190910 Lowther TerraceKelvinside GlasgowScotlandAddition of billiard room
Item 151 of 3231909DunholmePollokshields GlasgowScotland 
Item 152 of 3231909Glasgow Infirmary Block G Pathological  GlasgowScotland 
Item 153 of 3231909Glasgow Royal Infirmary Block F Special Diseases  GlasgowScotland 
Item 154 of 3231910Ailsa Shipbuilding Yard and associated buildingsTroon AyrshireScotland2-storey gabled block
Item 155 of 3231910Institution of Civil EngineersWestminster LondonEnglandSecured job after competition. Buildings at this date covered numbers 2-7 Great George Street. Number 1 was in the original design but not constructed until the 1930s.
Item 156 of 3231910Institution of Mechanical EngineersWestminster LondonEnglandMajor addition to match Institution of Civil Engineers across Storey's Gate
Item 157 of 3231910Monktonhead HouseMonkton AyrshireScotland 
Item 158 of 3231910Panorama  GlasgowScotlandConversion into Hengler''s Circus (Peter gives 1904 as date when Hengler took over, 'Buildings of Scotland' 1910, but perhaps alterations date from 1910)
Item 159 of 3231911New Central Dispensary  GlasgowScotland 
Item 160 of 3231911Perth New InfirmaryPerth PerthshireScotlandTaymount Terrace and Western Avenue
Item 161 of 3231911Savoy Music Hall  GlasgowScotlandOriginal building
Item 162 of 3231912House for Robert FullertonBridge of Weir RenfrewshireScotland 
Item 163 of 3231912SS Aquitania, ship interior    Supervised execution of interiors for Mewes & Davis
Item 164 of 3231912Stirling StationStirling StirlingshireScotlandWon competition to secure job. With Paterson as engineer
Item 165 of 323c. December 1912SS Lusitania, ship interior    Extensive refit
Item 166 of 3231913Blanefield HouseKirkoswald AyrshireScotland'Buildings of Scotland' gives 1913-19
Item 167 of 3231913Gleneagles HotelGleneagles PerthshireScotland 
Item 168 of 3231913Public Bar, Buchanan Street and Renfrew Street  GlasgowScotlandConversion to bar
Item 169 of 3231913Seventy workmen's cottagesRosyth FifeScotlandUnclear which James Miller was responsible
Item 170 of 3231913St Cuthbert's Kirk and KirkyardMonkton AyrshireScotlandMausoleum of William Weir of Adamton & Kildonan - perhaps by Miller who worked for Weir elsewhere.
Item 171 of 3231913Tollcross Tube Works  GlasgowScotland 
Item 172 of 3231914Anchor Line Store  GlasgowScotland 
Item 173 of 3231914Atholl Hydropathic EstablishmentPitlochry PerthshireScotlandAlterations and additions. The year before, 1913, James Miller wrote a report about the building for the purposes of valuation prior to sale.
Item 174 of 3231914Cranston's Picture House and Tea Rooms, Renfield Street  GlasgowScotlandWith John Ednie - rebuilding as 13-17 Renfield Street. Also with Richard Gunn as assistant
Item 175 of 3231914Forteviot Model Village and Forteviot Village HallForteviot PerthshireScotlandFirst proposals
Item 176 of 3231914GurphurBallantrae AyrshireScotlandExtension
Item 177 of 3231914RowantreehillKilmacolm/Kilmalcolm RenfrewshireScotlandAdditions
Item 178 of 3231914Southport HydropathicSouthport LancashireEnglandAdditions
Item 179 of 323After 1914Broadway HouseWestminster LondonEnglandAlterations and addtions - date unknown
Item 180 of 3231915Hotel Majestic and Sandy KnollSt Anne's on the Sea LancashireEnglandAddition -with Richard Gunn as chief assistant
Item 181 of 3231915Imperial Hydropathic HotelSt Annes on the Sea LancashireEnglandAlterations and additions?
Item 182 of 3231915Kildonan Mansion House; also garage, stables and two HousesBarrhill AyrshireScotland 
Item 183 of 3231915Pratt & Keith warehouse  AberdeenScotlandAlterations
Item 184 of 3231915Troon Municipal BuildingsTroon AyrshireScotlandFirst proposals, delayed due to war; project completed 1930-1932
Item 185 of 3231916Scottish Filling FactoryHouston RenfrewshireScotland 
Item 186 of 3231919ArdluiHelensburgh DunbartonshireScotlandAlterations
Item 187 of 3231919Benbow HotelDalmuir DunbartonshireScotlandWith Gunn as chief assistant
Item 188 of 3231919Gleneagles Railway StationGleneagles PerthshireScotlandWith Gunn as chief assistant
Item 189 of 3231919Rushcliffe Halt, Hill FarmEast Leake NottinghamshireEngland 
Item 190 of 3231919Rushcliffe Halt, Workmen's HousesRuddington NottinghamshireEnglandWith Gunn as chief assistant
Item 191 of 32319204 St Leonard's Bank, Washhouse, Toolhouse and VerandahPerth PerthshireScotlandWith Gunn as chief assistant
Item 192 of 3231920Hazelwood Hydropathic EstablishmentGrange over Sands LancashireEnglandFurther alterations with Richard Gunn as chief assistant
Item 193 of 3231920RandolphfieldStirling StirlingshireScotlandAlterations and additions for himself - with Richard Gunn as chief assistant
Item 194 of 3231920The Royal HotelBridge of Allan StirlingshireScotlandAlterations - with Gunn as chief assistant
Item 195 of 323c. 1920Layout for 200 steel houses, RobroystonRobroyston GlasgowScotlandWith Richard Gunn as chief assistant
Item 196 of 3231921Bannistre HolmeSt Anne's on the Sea LancashireEnglandWith Richard Gunn as chief assistant
Item 197 of 3231921William Lochhead's Trust  GlasgowScotlandInternal alterations - with Richard Gunn as chief assistant
Item 198 of 3231922Church Hall for Harland & WolffSeafield RenfrewshireScotlandReconstruction
Item 199 of 3231922Dalrymple War MemorialDalrymple AyrshireScotlandWith Richard Gunn as chief assistant
Item 200 of 3231922Dunblane War MemorialDunblane PerthshireScotlandWith Richard Gunn as chief assistant
Item 201 of 3231922Jordanhill Parish ChurchJordanhill GlasgowScotlandWest aisle added
Item 202 of 3231922Jordanhill Parish Church HallJordanhill GlasgowScotlandWith Richard Gunn as chief assistant
Item 203 of 3231922Old West KirkGreenock RenfrewshireScotlandRemoval and reconstruction on new site - with Richard Gunn as chief assistant
Item 204 of 32319238-13 Blythswood Square  GlasgowScotlandPorch and internal remodelling - with Richard Gunn as chief assistant
Item 205 of 3231923Barrhill District War Memorial HallBarrhill AyrshireScotlandWith Richard Gunn as chief assistant
Item 206 of 3231923Forteviot Model Village and Forteviot Village HallForteviot PerthshireScotlandReconstruction including Village Square and Forteviot Hall with Richard Gunn as chief assistant
Item 207 of 3231923Houses for Caledonian RailwayGleneagles PerthshireScotlandWith Richard Gunn as chief assistant
Item 208 of 3231923Lodging HousePerth PerthshireScotlandWith Richard Gunn as chief assistant
Item 209 of 3231923Wm McLaren Sons & Co Warehouse  GlasgowScotlandWith Richard Gunn as chief assistant
Item 210 of 3231924AultwharrieDunblane PerthshireScotlandAlterations - with Richard Gunn as chief assistant
Item 211 of 3231924Dalblair HotelAyr AyrshireScotlandAlterations - with Richard Gunn as chief assistant
Item 212 of 3231924Eastwood Park, GarageGiffnock RenfrewshireScotlandReconstruction - with Richard Gunn as chief assistant
Item 213 of 3231924Union Bank of Scotland Head Office  GlasgowScotlandWon competition to secure commission - with Richard Gunn as chief assistant
Item 214 of 3231925GlenrinnesDufftown BanffshireScotlandAlterations and additions - with Richard Gunn as chief assistant
Item 215 of 3231925House, KildalloigCampbeltown ArgyllScotlandWith Richard Gunn as chief assistant
Item 216 of 3231925Lodging HousePerth PerthshireScotlandPram shed added
Item 217 of 3231925Richmond Memorial hallKirkoswald AyrshireScotlandWith Gunn as chief assistant
Item 218 of 3231925Volunteer Headquarters and Drill HallYorkhill GlasgowScotlandAlterations - with Richard Gunn as chief assistant
Item 219 of 3231926Housing, Robroyston RoadRobroyston GlasgowScotlandLocality and site plans
Item 220 of 3231926Kilmarnock Agricultural HallKilmarnock AyrshireScotlandReconstruction - with Richard Gunn as chief assistant
Item 221 of 3231926Kilmarnock War MemorialKilmarnock AyrshireScotlandWith Richard Gunn as chief assistant
Item 222 of 3231926Perth New InfirmaryPerth PerthshireScotlandMaternity block - now Women's Clinic
Item 223 of 3231926Stirling Royal InfirmaryStirling StirlingshireScotlandWith Richard Gunn as chief assistant
Item 224 of 3231927Dining Halls and Open Air Tea Gardens and Cocoa BlockBournville BirminghamEngland 
Item 225 of 3231927Kilmarnock Corn ExchangeKilmarnock AyrshireScotlandAgricultural Hall remodelled to form Grand Hall
Item 226 of 3231927New West ChurchGreenock RenfrewshireScotlandCentral memorial - uncertain if this is in the New West Kirk or Old Kirk
Item 227 of 3231927Perth AcademyPerth PerthshireScotlandUnsuccessful competition entry - with Richard Gunn as chief assistant
Item 228 of 3231927Wyggeston Grammar School for BoysLeicester LeicestershireEnglandWith Richard Gunn as chief assistant
Item 229 of 323c. 1927House for David Boyle GMG (Wooden House?)Fairlie AyrshireScotland 
Item 230 of 3231928Cherrybank CottagesPerth PerthshireScotlandWith Richard Gunn as chief assistant
Item 231 of 3231928Dupplin CastleForteviot PerthshireScotlandReconstruction and reduction after fire. Also undated recreation and dining hall
Item 232 of 3231928Holm Foundry Administration Building and Amenity BuildingCathcart GlasgowScotlandAlterations and top floor - with Richard Gunn as chief assistant
Item 233 of 3231928Pitheavlis CottagesPerth PerthshireScotlandProbably Miller: similar to Forteviot (with Richard Gunn as chief assistant)
Item 234 of 3231928Woodhouse Warehouse, Renfield Street  GlasgowScotlandWith Richard Gunn as chief assistant
Item 235 of 323c. 1928Dupplin Castle, East Lodge and gateForteviot PerthshireScotlandWith Richard Gunn as chief assistant
Item 236 of 3231929Houses, Silver EndSilver End EssexEnglandWith Richard Gunn as chief assistant
Item 237 of 3231929Shop and Office Premises, Renfield Street  GlasgowScotland 
Item 238 of 3231929Synagogue, Salisbury Road  EdinburghScotlandWith Richard Gunn as chief assistant
Item 239 of 3231929Wylie and Lochhead's FactoryCharing Cross GlasgowScotlandAlterations? - with Richard Gunn as chief assistant
Item 240 of 323After 1929(?)Birmingham Hospital Centre  BirminghamEnglandCompetition design?
Item 241 of 32319308-13 Blythswood Square  GlasgowScotlandAlterations
Item 242 of 3231930Clydebank Municipal BuildingsClydebank DunbartonshireScotlandAdditions and alterations
Item 243 of 3231930Commercial Bank of Scotland  GlasgowScotland 
Item 244 of 3231930Commercial Bank of Scotland, Glasgow Branch  GlasgowScotlandWith Richard Gunn as chief assistant
Item 245 of 3231930CrutherlandEast Kilbride LanarkshireScotlandAdditions and alterations - with Richard Gunn as chief assistant
Item 246 of 3231930Dankeith HouseDundonald (near) AyrshireScotlandAdditions and alterations - with Richard Gunn as chief assistant
Item 247 of 3231930Houses, Craigleith  EdinburghScotland 
Item 248 of 3231930J & P Coats Building, St Vincent Street  GlasgowScotlandWith Richard Gunn as chief assistant
Item 249 of 3231930John Dewar & Son Ltd Bottling and Case making WarehousesPerth PerthshireScotlandAlso additions in 1932 - with Richard Gunn as chief assistant
Item 250 of 3231930Kincardine BridgeKincardine FifeScotlandGave architectural advice.
Item 251 of 3231930Troon Municipal BuildingsTroon AyrshireScotlandProject completed with Richard Gunn as chief assistant
Item 252 of 3231931City and County InfirmaryPerth PerthshireScotlandProposed demolition of Mackenzie building and new Perth County offices: not carried out.
Item 253 of 3231931Norwich Municipal BuildingsNorwich NorfolkEnglandCompetition design
Item 254 of 3231931Perth New InfirmaryPerth PerthshireScotlandNurses' home, cost approx 20,000
Item 255 of 3231931Perth New InfirmaryPerth PerthshireScotlandRobert Douglas Memorial Block
Item 256 of 3231931Stirling Station HotelStirling StirlingshireScotlandAlterations and additions - with Richard Gunn as chief assistant
Item 257 of 3231931Viewforth HouseStirling StirlingshireScotlandAlterations, became Stirling County Buildings
Item 258 of 3231931Weights and Measures OfficeStirling StirlingshireScotland 
Item 259 of 3231932112 houses, Merchiston district  EdinburghScotland 
Item 260 of 3231932166 houses  EdinburghScotland 
Item 261 of 3231932218-220 St Vincent Street  GlasgowScotlandAlterations (uncertain which number?)
Item 262 of 3231932Airthrey Paper MillsBridge of Allan StirlingshireScotlandWith James Carruthers Walker as chief assistant
Item 263 of 3231932Dewar's DistilleriesPerth PerthshireScotlandRoof over railway siding with Richard Gunn as chief assistant
Item 264 of 3231932George Watson's Turnstiles & Grandstand  EdinburghScotland 
Item 265 of 3231932Perth New InfirmaryPerth PerthshireScotlandFurther wards
Item 266 of 3231933Balkissock HouseBallantrae AyrshireScotlandWith Richard Gunn as chief assistant
Item 267 of 3231933Birkhall  AberdeenshireScotlandUnexecuted alterations - with Richard Gunn as chief assistant
Item 268 of 3231933Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, Florence Nightingale Nurses' Home  EdinburghScotland 
Item 269 of 3231933Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, Simpson Memorial Maternity Pavilion  EdinburghScotlandConsultant - with James Carruthers Walker as chief assistant
Item 270 of 3231933Garage and engineering shops  GlasgowScotland 
Item 271 of 3231933Glasgow and West of Scotland Commercial College  GlasgowScotland 
Item 272 of 3231933Leyland Motor Co  GlasgowScotland'Probably' (HS)
Item 273 of 3231933Manufacturing blockBournville BirminghamEnglandDesign exhibited
Item 274 of 3231933Premises for Shanks & Co, 189 West George Street  GlasgowScotlandAlterations for Shanks & Co - with Richard Gunn as chief assistant
Item 275 of 3231933Stirling Royal InfirmaryStirling StirlingshireScotlandExtension
Item 276 of 323Before 1933(?)Achnashellach Lodge  Ross and CromartyScotlandAlterations - with Richard Gunn as chief assistant
Item 277 of 32319348-13 Blythswood Square  GlasgowScotlandReconstruction and additions
Item 278 of 3231934Air Raid SheltersIbrox GlasgowScotlandWith James Carruthers Walker as chief assistant
Item 279 of 3231934Bank of Scotland, Calton districtCalton GlasgowScotlandIn conjunction with James Taylor Thomson.
Item 280 of 3231934City of Glasgow Accountants' Institute  GlasgowScotland 
Item 281 of 3231934House, BarstobrickBarstobrick  ScotlandWith James Carruthers Walker as chief assistant
Item 282 of 3231934Marr College Sports pavilionTroon AyrshireScotlandWith James Carruthers Walker as chief assistant
Item 283 of 3231934Squash Rackets ClubMaryhill GlasgowScotlandWith James Carruthers Walker as chief assistant
Item 284 of 3231934The Royal Scottish National Institution, hospital blockLarbert StirlingshireScotlandWith James Carruthers Walker as chief assistant
Item 285 of 3231934Viewforth HouseStirling StirlingshireScotlandNew block
Item 286 of 3231935Canniesburn Hospital and Convalescent HomeBearsden GlasgowScotlandWith James Carruthers Walker as chief assistant
Item 287 of 3231935Fettes CollegeComely Bank EdinburghScotlandPlans for proposed new chapel - not built
Item 288 of 3231935Michael Nairn & Co Office Block and factoryKirkcaldy FifeScotland 
Item 289 of 3231935Peebles HydropathicPeebles PeeblesshireScotlandExtensions
Item 290 of 3231935Perth New InfirmaryPerth PerthshireScotlandAdditional operating theatres and kitchen block
Item 291 of 3231935St Nicholas ChurchCardonald GlasgowScotland 
Item 292 of 3231935Stow CollegeCowcaddens GlasgowScotlandRole uncertain
Item 293 of 3231936BBC Broadcasting House  BelfastNorthern Ireland 
Item 294 of 3231936Church of the Holy RudeStirling StirlingshireScotlandRestoration, designed by Miller himself; he took no fee
Item 295 of 3231936Cinema  EdinburghScotland 
Item 296 of 3231936Coatbridge Public Baths, swimming pool and clinicCoatbridge LanarkshireScotlandCompetition design - awarded third prize
Item 297 of 3231936House, 30 (or 32) Old Kirk RoadCorstorphine EdinburghScotland 
Item 298 of 3231936Linoleum factory for Michael Nairn & CoKirkcaldy FifeScotlandExtension and reconstruction
Item 299 of 3231936Medical School for WomenKelvinside GlasgowScotlandAdditions
Item 300 of 3231936North Park HouseKelvinside GlasgowScotlandLater embellishments - in association with M T Tudsbery
Item 301 of 3231936Two pairs of Semi Detached Houses, East Craigs  EdinburghScotland 
Item 302 of 3231936Wigtown LodgeGarliestown WigtownshireScotlandAlterations
Item 303 of 3231937AnnandaleBearsden GlasgowScotlandAlterations
Item 304 of 3231937BalnagarrowCramond EdinburghScotland 
Item 305 of 3231937BannochlieBridge of Weir RenfrewshireScotlandAlterations and potting shed
Item 306 of 3231937Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Nurses' Home  GlasgowScotland 
Item 307 of 3231937Greenock Ear, Nose and Throat HospitalGreenock RenfrewshireScotland 
Item 308 of 3231937SMT Garage  GlasgowScotland 
Item 309 of 3231937The New Locarno, Saucheihall Street  GlasgowScotlandAlterations
Item 310 of 3231938Almond Lodge  EdinburghScotland 
Item 311 of 3231938Gilbert Bain HospitalLerwickMainlandShetlandScotland 
Item 312 of 3231938Glasgow Empire Exhibition, RSAC, AA and Messrs Beatties Bakeries Ltd StandsBellahouston GlasgowScotland 
Item 313 of 3231938Glasgow Empire Exhibition, South African PavilionBellahouston GlasgowScotland'Buildings of Scotland' gives James Miller
Item 314 of 3231938Premises for Shanks & Co, 189 West George Street  GlasgowScotlandProposed alterations
Item 315 of 32319397 Calderwood Road for Millers Timber Trust Co LtdNewlands GlasgowScotland 
Item 316 of 3231939Eastwood ParkGiffnock RenfrewshireScotlandAlterations for wine cellar
Item 317 of 3231939House Types A and BWesterglen  Scotland 
Item 318 of 3231939Killearn Emergency HospitalKillearn StirlingshireScotland 
Item 319 of 3231939Killearn HouseKillearn StirlingshireScotland 
Item 320 of 3231940Gleneagles HotelGleneagles PerthshireScotlandConversion to emergency hospital
Item 321 of 3231941Fisher Henderson & Co, Ladyburn Skin WorksGreenock RenfrewshireScotland 
Item 322 of 3231941Lowther TerraceKelvinside GlasgowScotlandAlterations
Item 323 of 3231941Westburn Sugar RefineriesGreenock RenfrewshireScotlandReconstruction


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© All rights reserved. Courtesy of RCAHMS. Licensor www.rcahms.gov.uk (Glasgow Contemporaries at the Dawn of the XXth Century)